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Chapter 4: Training Part I

As Sunday morning dawned in Hogwarts ground, down in the Headmasters office five people were waiting for Harry and discussing the previous day's events. While upstairs in a guest bedroom of headmaster Harry was getting ready for the day. After getting ready he went to the headmasters office.

Albus smiled at Harry. "How are you both feeling now?"


"You always say that!" said Prof. McGonagall looking at Harry with a look of concern.

Harry smiled at his Professor for it filed like someone cared for him as a family. As he looked around he saw the other occupant in the Headmasters Office. there in the far corner was sitting his potion professor Snape and then there was the legendary couple who created the Philosopher Stone Master Nicholas Flamel and his wife, Perenella Flamel, sitting and drinking tea. Harry was lost in his thought when Dumbledore called his attention.

"Harry do you remember yesterday we talked about giving you extra training from now onwards." asked Albus.

When Harry nodded. Albus continued to explain to harry about his training.

Albus started " Harry from now onwards Minerva will be teaching you advanced Transfigurations, Severus will be teaching you dark arts, Swords and potions, Master Nicholas Flamel and his wife, Perenella Flamel, will teach you elemental magic and other rare branches of magic. I'll be teaching you dueling along with Severus Moody and Nicholas and also you will be studying ancient language scripts, runes and wards. You Harry will be trained from now on with the Masters of different magic branches as we all thing it is write time to train you as Voldemort is targeting you and he won't stop until one of you dies. And I don't want it to be you as you are a grandson to me that I didn't have and I used to babysit you when you were young, and if you don't mind I would talk to you about your living arrangements in private after lunch. I hope you would like the solution that I have thought or else the situation would be a little difficult for both of us. Okay."

Harry nodded.

Harry was a bit overwhelmed with all the information that were given to him and also about the amount of interest the headmaster was taking towards training him. He thought about his earlier feelings about the Headmaster and saw that he was wrong. And he was grateful for that as he wouldn't have been able to live with the thought of betrayal from the Headmaster, As he saw him as a grandfather figure who can shows him the right path and with whom he can easily talk too.

Harry discussed his schedule with all his trainers and set it up as his training would be started from today onwards.

Monday- Morning (Severus)

Afternoon ( Minerva)

Evening (Albus Dumbledore)

Tuesday- Morning (Severus)

Afternoon (Nicolas)

Evening (Severus)

Wednesday- Morning (Severus )

Afternoon (Perenella)

Evening ( Moody)

Thursday- Morning (Severus)

Afternoon (Albus)

Evening (Minerva)

Friday- Morning (Severus)

Afternoon (Nicolas)

Evening (Perenella)

Saturday- Morning (Wizarding Custom Tradition training by Perenella and Nicolas)

Afternoon (Muggle world Science Studies from Selected professors)

Sunday- Morning(Dueling & sword fighting)

Evening( Research Work)

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