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Chapter 5: Training Part II

As Dumbledore explaining, Harry just stood there, gob smacked. He was going to get trained. And was really happy that he could still rely on Albus for his need and can look towards him, to show the right path when he is confused.

"Okay, Harry now I suggest you spend some time with your Godfather and friends. As you won't get to spend much time with him. As from tomorrow onwards your training will be starting, and I want you to give your 100% in it. I'm sure your godfather & friends are waiting for you in the great hall for you to arrive and meet with them." said Albus.

"Yes professor." Harry ran out to meet his godfather and friend.

Watching him leave, Severus asked, Are you sure Headmaster that Harry is ready for these type of responsibility?"

"I'm sure. He should learn a bit more before he knows what responsibilities will be held by him. And I'm sure, he will do great. But in the mean time, he requires training and our help. While he will go through his trails of being the future of Hogwarts, As you and I both can feel the time is coming near and the time is too much dark. So we can't waste any more time than we already have by trying to save him from the future pain. But it seems that he is destined for responsibilities only. And I know that you would like to start with the dark arts and defense, but I want you first to built him into that physical and knowledge sector which is the utmost required for him."

"I understand professor."

"Good. Now, if you will excuse me, I have some other business to attend to." With that, Dumbledore left the great hall, while others went their separate ways.

And so Harry's training began. Harry saw, according to his schedule, he had Transfiguration with McGonagall, Charms with Albus and DADA and Physical with Severus and also other training. Harry was amazed that all his lessons seemed to be coming almost naturally to him now, even the more advanced curses and counter-curses from Snape.

it has been one month since he has started his training and among all the subject Harry liked his training period was with Albus and the Flamel. Not only were they good teacher, but also they would teach the subject in such a way that he could understand it in the first go. They have started teaching him Elemental magic and some ancient scripts. Along with duel and some other specific rare branch of magic. Transfiguration was too much theory and much harder to understand for Harry's liking. He had had to remember different spells, and was learning the theory about becoming an animagus and to transform different object and also to transform own shelve in difficult situations.

It was one week before Harry's birthday when Albus called Harry to his Office where he went with Remus and Sirius. As he sat in front of Dumbledore's desk.

"How's your training going, Harry ? Are you able to understand all the concepts or do you find it difficult"

"Very well thanks, professor, for your concern. But I'm fine. Not really sir. Is there a special reason for the special training that I'm going through?"

"There is actually and now is the time to tell you." Dumbledore paused and gathered his thoughts.

"Harry, How much do you know about Hogwarts? And do you feel any connection with her when you are here in Hogwarts?"

"Yes sir. I know very little about Hogwarts. But I feel very much connected with her, as if she can feel my emotions and can understand me. I also sometimes felt as if she is comforting me when I'm not well. As if a mother does to her child. I feel as if Hogwarts is my second mother within whose ground I'm safe and nothing could harm me here. but why are you asking these now, sir?"

Albus was shocked was the least you could tell with his reaction to his answer .

"Good. As it make these a little bit easier to tell you. Harry, Hogwarts has chosen you as my successor for the School. It has chosen you the next Headmaster after me. And by next year you have to complete your training, as I would like an early retirement."

"Emm….. umm , no, sir. Please tell me that these is some joke. Please I can't be that, I'm only thirteen and about to be fourteen. Sir, you and the other Professor are more experienced than me. I'm just a kid, who is just a average student and want only to be known as Just Harry.

By the time Harry finished his ranting about what Albus has said, he started pacing in the headmasters office.

Albus wasn't the only one who was amazed at what he was hearing. Severus was also gaping, But composed himself just before harry saw him.

"You, Harry, are the descendant of Pendragon, Gryffindor, Perevell from your father's side and Merlin, Ravenclaw from your mothers along with Slytherin heir by magic of conquest. So Hogwarts choose you as you are the heir of the three of the four founders and also the only Blood heir of Merlin and Pendragon. So you see Harry we can't do anything about the situation. Other than accepting it."

"Did you just say that as I'm there heir I have to be the Headmaster of the School?"

"Yes I did Harry."

"How long have you known these?"

"I have known from last year after you were almost kissed by the Dementors. Hogwarts was very upset with the event and summoned the spirit of Founders and with them they ordered me to train you completely by the end of these year. So, that you can take your responsibilities more seriously and can work them out."

"So why are you telling me these now ?"

"Because you will soon be experiencing an extra-ordinary change. As Hogwarts will train you herself for these one week, before it starts to give you direction of what to do in future. Harry from tomorrow until your birthday you will be on sleep in the founders heir chamber."

"Okay sir, Will that be all ?"

"Yes Harry, that is all."

"Harry, Sirius, and Remus stood and left, leaving Severus and Dumbledore alone in the room.

"It will be hard for him professor."

"Yes, that may be true. But he will do well when time comes and present itself." Dumbledore answered with a twinkle in his eye.

Severus breathed a great sigh. "True, but he's only 13 year old boy, Albus."

"And he has seen more than many full-frown wizards, Charlie. He might just have seen more pain in his 13 years than you will see in your whole life."

"That makes it all the more sad, Albus. Such a great burden he has to bare at such a young age."

"Yes, it is. Now, if you will excuse me, I have to go to a meeting at the Ministry for the Triwizard Tournament."

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