The Lost Prince of Haven

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Jet: Hello, I'm back with a new story, this one is pretty much Jak 2- but rather then it being with the angry teenage Jak being the main guy, we're seeing the story through the eyes of the innocent young Jak's point of view. This story takes place after the Untold Story.

Penny: So it picks up when Kor and the kid go and meet up with Jak after he gets out prison, right?

Jet: No, really it's going to overlap with the end of the Untold Story- meaning that really it's starting the night Erick (a.k.a Praxis) takes over Haven and the night that Damas is thrown out into the wasteland and… why don't I just start the story, just remember this is the kid's point of view, and just as a point out this first few chapter take place about three months before Jak breaks out. One more thing, WARNING if you haven't figured it out by now, THIS HAS SPOLERS. I think it goes without saying but I'm saying it any ways. So enjoy.

Chapter 1: When Everything Changed.

It was late, at the Haven palace the Royal family walked down the hall. King Damas walked with his wife, Queen Molly next to him and in her arms she had their two year old son, prince Mar who was fast asleep, walking next to them was a small croca-dog pup. The small family was walking to Mar's room; it was the perfect end to a perfect day. But this moment was short lived because when the family turned the corner they found two guards waiting for them both with guns. Damas put his arm around Molly, "What's going on?" He asked.

The guards pointed their guns at the royal family, "Baron Praxis has ordered us to take you to him immediately."

"What?" Damas and Molly asked at the same time. The guards didn't say another word; they began to use their guns to get Damas and Molly to move, Mutt growled a little as he was also forced to move. Molly looked at her husband, "What is going on?" She whispered, careful not to let the guards hear her.

"I don't know." Damas said, also being careful not to let the guards hear him. Damas looked at the guards form the corner of his eye; there were only two of them, he looked back at Molly, "Be ready to run." He whispered.

"What?" Molly asked.

But Damas didn't tell her what he meant, instead he turned and grabbed hold of one of the guns and began to force one of the guards back. The other guard was about to aid his friend but a sudden unexpected hit to his middle took him off guard. Mutt had jumped and rammed the guard as hard as he could. All the commotion had woken Mar up and he was now crying. When Damas had forced the guard onto the floor, he looked back at Molly and Mar. He could hear more guards coming; he took Molly's hand and led her down the hall with Mutt following close behind. The family ran into a room and Damas shut and locked the door and for good measure they also hid in the closet. Molly began to try and calm Mar's cries, "It's okay Mar, don't cry. Everything is going to be okay." She looked at Damas once Mar had stopped crying, "What are we going to do?" Mar heard his mother ask. Poor Mar didn't know what was going on. Damas opened the door and then they walked out of the closet, he opened the door and then closed it again then he looked back at his wife and son. He started to talk about something that the two year old didn't understand. The young prince looked up at his mother, she was crying and he didn't know why. Molly put her son down, Mutt put his head under Mar's arm and sat next to him, "What do you mean 'you're not'?" Molly asked.

Mar saw his father take his mother in his arms, "Don't worry," he said, holding her close, "everything with be alright. I'll find you when this is all over, I promise."

She hid her face in his shoulder and clung to his shirt, "You will find us, won't you?"

Damas smiled at her weakly, "Molly you know that I would rather die than break a promise to you."

"That's what I'm afraid of." She said.

Mar didn't know why his mother was so upset, and where was his father going? It scared him; he walked over to his father and tugged on his pant leg, "Dad…" He said sadly.

Damas looked down and picked him up, "Hey, everything's okay, Mar. But listen, I have to go away for a little while. I don't know when I'll be back, but until I get back I need you do something for me." Mar just blinked; where was he going, when would he be back? "I need you to be brave and take care of your mother for me, okay?"

"Okay…" He said.

Damas looked at Mutt, "And I need you to keep both of them safe, alright Mutt?" Mutt barked in understanding. Damas just smiled then he handed Mar to Molly, giving her one last hug, "Don't be scared. No matter what happens, know that I love you and no matter what it takes I'll find you." He kissed her forehead. She looked up at him with tear-filled eyes and pressed her lips to his for just one last kiss. Neither of them wanted to pull away but the sound of guards approaching made them remember how much danger they all were in. They pulled apart then Mar watched his father walk back over to the door, Damas gave one last look at his family, Mar was about to cry, he didn't want his father to go. But then Damas looked away and ran out the door.

Mar reached after him wanting him to come back, Molly let Mar cling to her shoulder as she ran out the door and started to run the opposition direction that Damas had gone with Mutt following her. Mar got one last look at his father as he ran down the hall, "DAD!" He cried. Damas didn't turn around he just kept running, Mar began to cry.

Molly ran out of the palace and through Haven's streets, the city was in so much chaos that no one took notice that the Queen was running from her home with her son and pet or that the King was nowhere to be seen. But that fact was good for the one man in the city that didn't seem to be effected by the chaos that the Baron's coup had created; Count Veger, the head man of Haven's counsel was following the Queen to the slums, her son had been crying the whole way there so she stopped to try to calm him, and their pet stopped with them.

"It's okay Mar, don't be scared. Everything's going to be alright." Mar calmed down a little bit and looked at his mother with tear-filled eyes. "We have to hide right now, your father will come and find us later but you have to be brave now." She wiped the tears from his face, "And you have to be quiet, don't say anything, can you do that for me?" She asked.

Mar nodded and smiled at his mother, who smiled back at him. She was about to get moving again when Mutt began to bark. She looked to see what he was barking at and saw Veger walking up to her. She breathed a sigh of relief. "Oh, Count Veger, thank the Precursors, what is going on? Is Damas alright?" She asked, putting her son down.

An evil smile stretched across Veger's face, "He's gone."

Molly looked like her whole world was falling apart, "Gone? No… -NO! He can't be gone. He can't be…" Mar looked up at his mother, what was going on? Why was she so upset, he knew they were talking about his father so why was she upset?

"I heard the Baron give the order myself." Veger said, taking pleasure in Molly's misery.

Mar held onto his mother's dress as he and Mutt hid behind her, "NO!" Molly screamed in agony.

Veger pulled out his gun from inside of his coat, "Now you have a few options, Queen Molly. You can give me your brat and live to suffer you're loss or I can kill you and take him from you."

"Wha- what do you want with Mar?"

Veger laughed, "I have plans for him."

Molly kept her son behind her and glared at Veger; if her husband was gone then she wasn't going to lose her son as well. "You'll never get him." She practically snarled. Mutt stood next to Mar growling at the ugly old man. Veger's grin intensified, his gun went off and Molly fell to the ground.

"MOM!" Mar cried as his mother fell to the ground, he ran to her and shook her shoulder as tears ran down his face again. Mutt also pawed at her, wanting her to get up as much as Mar did. Veger came and grabbed Mar's arms and began to pull him away from his mother. Mar tried to fight back but what chance did a two year old have? Molly couldn't do anything but lay there and watch as her blood spilled onto the city streets. Mutt was not about to just let this man take Mar away, the croca-dog jumped and bit Veger's hand forcing him to let go of the boy. Mutt looked at Mar and started to tug on his overalls, he knew that they had to get away; Mutt had been born on the streets and knew when to run. Veger held his bloody hand and looked at the boy and dog, he tried to grab the boy again but Mutt growled at him when he tried. Mar understood what Mutt was trying telling him; with one last look at his mother he followed Mutt down the street. He followed Mutt into a passing crowd. Mar didn't know it but at that same moment his father was being lead to an air train that would take him far way and the people in the crowd that the young prince had ran into would be joining him out in the wasteland, Mar would not see his father again for a long time and when they finally did meet again Mar would not even know who his father was.

Thanks to the crowd, Veger lost sight of the boy and the dog and they got away. Mar ran as fast as he could wiping his own tears off his face; he had to be brave because that was what his father had told him and he had to be quiet because that was what his mother had told him. But how was he going to be brave- what did that even mean? All the two year old wanted was his mother and father back; he wanted to be home in his warm bed. But he kept fallowing Mutt who led him into an ally; the small dog ran into a small hole. Mar didn't want to go into it; it was dark and after everything that happened the young boy was scared. Mutt crawled out of the hole and grabbed Mar's pant leg and pulled on it. Mar got the message and followed the dog in, it was dark inside the hole, Mar couldn't see anything the only light was from the small opening that they had just crawled though. Mar sat down with his back against the wall and cried. Mutt crawled onto his lap with his ears folded down and rubbed his head against the crying boy, Mar wrapped his arms around the dog's neck and buried his face in the fur of the only family he had left now. Strange sounds that Mar had never heard before filled the air; the sounds of people being taken from their homes and the sound of gun shots.

After a bit Mar fell asleep, Mutt stayed next to him letting the small boy use him as a pillow. His master had told him to keep Mar safe and that was what this loyal croca-dog was going to do, no matter what. The next morning Mar woke to a much quieter city. He was about to crawl out into the streets but Mutt grabbed his pant leg and wouldn't let him go, Mar looked at him and was about to tell the dog to let him go but for some reason he just didn't… he felt no urge to say anything. Mar just sat down with his back to the wall again and Mutt walked out of the hole. Mar looked at him and tried to follow but Mutt turned around and growled at him; Mar crawled back into the hole as Mutt walked away. Mar just sat there quietly, he wanted to go home, he wanted his father and mother. What had happened? Why was Mutt keeping him in here; it was cold and he was hungry. Yesterday his life was good but what had happened to change that? Where were his parents? There was nothing Mar could do but cry.

Mutt walked around the city looking for food, he found a small discarded bag and grabbed it. Mutt pulled it until he found a unguarded fruit stand; he began to put fruit into the bag. Croca-dogs could eat just about anything that elves could eat- so Mutt just grabbed anything he could and put it in the bag. Then he went looking for water; he found some bottles of the stuff, they were a little dented but aside from that that they were okay, Mutt put them into the bag and headed back to where he had left Mar.

Mar looked up when he heard the dog come in and got up. Mutt let go of the bag and Mar looked into it. Mar picked up an apple, but he just looked at it: usually his mother would cut it up into small pieces but she wasn't here. He looked at Mutt who was biting into another apple. Mar looked back at the red fruit in his hand and bit into it, it was hard but he did get a small piece off and ate it. Mar only ate about half of it before putting it down. He picked up a water bottle and looked at it, he shook it but the water wouldn't come out. Mutt looked at him and got up, he took the bottom of the bottle in his mouth and bit; he broke the bottle and let go. Mar put the end of the bottle that had water falling out to his mouth and drank, then he put the bottle down- Mutt pushed it over a little so the water wouldn't come out anymore. The prince pulled his knees up to his chest and just sat quietly, Mutt laid down next to him and looked up at him. Mar looked at him, and sadly smiled at him and scratched him behind the ears.

A week later Mutt was still keeping Mar in the room with the only door being the small hole in the wall. He left to go get food again but Mar was getting bored with just hiding there, he wanted to get out. Mutt had left again so Mar was alone; he crawled out of the hole- the sun light blinding him for a bit- he rubbed his eyes trying to get used to it. Then he started to walk around the city. He didn't know why but he just felt that something was wrong, he saw people walk past him. It was like he wasn't even there; he had never been ignored before. He just walked in the streets not knowing what to do, but then he heard a voice that he knew. He found where it was coming from but he didn't find what he thought he would, it was just a speaker. The recorded voice belonged to the Baron, Mar had no way of knowing that that man was the reason that he was alone- all he knew was the voice he was hearing belonged to someone that he knew. Mar sat next the speaker just listening to it, not understanding what it was saying and he didn't care… it was a voice he knew. Mar pulled his knees to his chest and put his head to his knees and just sat there.

A man saw the boy sitting there, this man was different from everyone in the city, he was a very short man, his hair (if it was hair- it looked more like a bush) had twigs though it and a good size log though the middle, the man also had on log shoes that made him look just a bit taller than he really was, but the most strange thing about the man was that his skin was green. The man walked up to the boy who heard him coming. Mar looked up at the man, got up and backed away from him a bit. The man held up his hands, "It's okay," he said, "I'm not going the hurt you. Can you tell me your name?" Mar hadn't said a word since the night that he had lost his parents. Really, he didn't think that he could speak any more. He just pointed to the amulet around his neck. The amulet was the seal of Mar, the symbol of Haven's royal family, the man looked at it and realized who this scared little boy was. He smiled at him and held out his hand, "Why don't you come with me, kid, I want to help you." Mar looked up at him and then took the man's hand and walked with him.

As they walked, Mar saw that every time a guard walked close the man would hide Mar behind him, hiding him from the guard. The two came to a dead end ally near the wall and the man led the boy down through a door that led to a flight of stairs that lead down to another door. The two of them walked through the door at the bottom of the stairs and it opened into what looked like a small room; there were four bunk beds near the door and a small table at the back of the room. There was a tall thin man, with think brown hair in dreadlocks, standing behind it talking with a very pretty blond woman. They looked up from the papers that covered the table, "Samos," The man with brown hair said, "where have you been? You know that you're one of the most wanted men in the city. The underground can't afford to lose you."

Samos smiled, "Oh Torn, I think I've found someone that the Baron wants to get his hands on more than me."

"Really?" The blond woman asked, "Who?"

Samos looked at Mar who was standing behind him, "Come on." He said taking the boy's hand and leading him over to the two taller elves.

Torn looked at the boy and then at Samos, "A kid?" He asked, starting to think that his leader was a bit crazy, "You think that the Baron would be more obsessed with finding a random kid over the finding the Shadow?" He looked back at the kid who was just looking up at him with big innocent blue eyes, "Are you sure that you weren't just looking for a playmate for your daughter?"

The blond woman just also looked at the boy but she saw something that Torn didn't, she saw the amulet around his neck, "Torn look," she pointed to the amulet, "this isn't a regular kid, it's the prince!"

Torn looked at the amulet and his eyes widened, he looked back at Samos, "Are you out of your mind?! This kids nothing but trouble!"

"He's just a toddler." The blond woman said.

Torn looked at her, "Tess think about it, if it wasn't for this kid then maybe our so called King would have been able to do his job and would have stopped the Baron before any of this happened." Torn walked to the side of the room and opened an old looking door and walked through it.

Samos and Tess just let him go; he would come around in time. They both knew that he had quit being a guard because he had seen what the Baron was doing to the prisoners in the fortress and they both knew that he blamed the young prince for taking up the King's time when the King should have been stopping the Baron. But no one else shared Torn's feeling for the prince, after all the boy was only two- it shouldn't have been a shock that the King had wanted to just be with him. But there just wasn't any point in trying to make Torn see that, he would get it in time. Samos looked at Tess, "Speaking of my daughter, did you take her to day care?" He asked Tess.

"Yes, you know she really wants you to be the one that takes her."

"I know but I just can't. If anyone found out that she's the daughter of the Shadow then she would be in just too much danger. She's barely a year old after all."

"I know but…" Mar had been listening to them but now he was bored and a bit tired so he walked over to the beds and climbed up onto on it and lied down and fell asleep.

Mutt walked back to the place he had left Mar but when he walked in he didn't see the boy, he barked which echoed a bit in the empty room. When Mar didn't come out he started to look for him in the room but there wasn't many places for him to hide. After he had looked everywhere that Mar could have hid a few times he ran back out into the streets and started to look for Mar. He ran down the streets and would growl and nearly bite anyone who tried to stop him. The poor dog was worried what could have happened, why would he just leave? He had to find him; it was his job to keep him safe.

Mar slept all day, Tess had left a little while ago to get Samos' daughter from day care and when she got back Mar was still asleep. Tess walked into the hideout with a very young girl with short blue-green hair and bright green eyes in her arms. Samos was at the table and once the small girl saw him she immediately wanted out of Tess' arms. Tess put her down and she ran to her father, "Daddy!" She yelled.

Samos looked at her as she hugged him, "Hello Keira." He said, running his hand though her hair, "Did you have a good day?" Keira just nodded then she looked over to the bed where Mar was sleeping. She walked over to him and was about to poke him when Samos stopped her, "Keira, let him sleep." She looked back at her father and walked back over to him, he took her out of the room and through the door as the young prince slept on.

Mar woke up a little later. He got out of bed, and walked to the door. He came to a long hallway that had several doors all leading to different rooms. He opened a door and found Torn sitting on a bed with his back to the door. Mar walked in and Torn didn't even look to see who was coming in, he just kept looking at something in his hands. Mar climbed up onto the bed and looked over Torn's shoulder and looked at the thing in his hand, it was a long dagger. Torn looked at Mar and then back at the dagger, "Hey kid…" He said sadly, "Look, I'm sorry that I've been blaming you for everything, it's not really your fault." He looked back at Mar who didn't really get what he was talking about, "You don't understand a word I'm saying, do you?" Mar just shook his head. Torn smiled a little at the innocent look in the boy's eyes. Mar reached for the dagger in Torn's hand. Torn held it out of the young boy's reaches, "Oh no, you don't. You're too young to play with this and this is just too important to me. He looked back at the dagger, "This was my father's and I just got it back." Mar sat down and looked up at him. "Years ago there was an attack on the city from these monsters called Metal-heads, they're horrible monsters. Your grandparents were lost in that attack, everyone knows that but they weren't the only ones that's died that day, my parents died that day too. I was very young when that happened, I was a bit older then you, but still… anyway, I went back into that part of the city recently and found my old house, what was left of it away, I went in and found some of the toys my brother and I use to play with but then I found where my parents' old room was and I found my dad's old knife." Torn laughed a little, "I remember he used to tell me that one day he would give me this, my mother would have a small heart attack every time he said that…" He looked back at Mar, "I guess that maybe I'm a bit luckier then you, at least I can remember my parents- you most likely won't remember what you did with your parents. But at least being that they were the King and Queen you probably won't forget them all together." Mar just looked up at him, not really getting what Torn was talking about, Torn just laughed, "I don't know why I'm telling you all this- but whatever, you're not going to remember it anyways." Torn put the knife back into the holder on his back and got up, you're probably hungry, come on let's see what we can get you." Mar followed Torn out of the room to find something to eat.

Later Mar was walking around the underground hide out, he was bored again and everyone was so busy that they couldn't play with him. He had never been so alone in his life; his father would put down everything to play with him and his mother was always with him. He remembered hearing his father tell him that he was only going away for a little while but how long was that? How long would it be until his father came to get him and take him home; where was his mother and now he didn't even have Mutt to play with, he was alone. He walked into another room, the room looked a lot like Torn's room; nothing in it but a bed but the difference was rather then there being a grown man sitting on the bed, there was a little girl fast asleep in the bed. Mar walked in to get a closer look at the girl; he crawled up on the bed to get a better look at her but she had the blanket pulled up to her nose so all he could see was the top of her hair. He poked the sleeping girl and she moaned a little, he was about to poke her again but then someone picked him up off the bed- he caught a glimpse long blond hair and for a moment he thought that the she-elf that had picked him up was his mother but he soon found that it wasn't his mother it was just Tess. He looked at her and his eyes began to fill with tears and he started to cry. Tess took him out of the room before he could wake up Keira and tried to calm him but it did no good, he was just too upset. At a point he cried himself to sleep. All that he wanted was to go home and be with his mother and father again, he also missed Ashelin and his Uncle Erick- not that Mar knew that Erick was the reason for him feeling this way. No, Mar didn't know that his father's best friend had betrayed him and threw him out of the city. And even though he had seen what happened to his mother he didn't know that she was never coming for him. Mar really didn't know that his parents were never going to come and take him home.

Jet: I know, short chapter, but that's because I have something that I really wanted to be the main point of the next chapter otherwise it would be in this chapter.


Jet: Yes Penny, Baby Keira is in this story. Okay, I get why some people think that she is adopted but especially after TLF where she's learning to be a sage I think it's safe to say that she's Samos' biological daughter.

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