Chapter 3: Like a Family

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Mar woke the next morning, wondering if what happened yesterday was a dream. It had to be, he had been happy yesterday and the only other times in his life when he had been happy was with his parents. The little girl he had met yesterday couldn't have been real… she was too nice. But maybe he was wrong, he remembered someone else that he had met yesterday; a woman that made him laugh. Mar remembered her going onto the top bunk the night before. He got out of bed, grabbed his cap and tried to climb the ladder; it took him a little bit to climb up but when he got up there was no one there. He sat on the bed; it had all been a dream. He wanted to cry but then the door that led to the hallway flew open and Torn rushed into the room. He ran past Mar, "Hi kid." Torn said heading for the exit, "If anyone asked, I'm at the Pumping Station." And he fled out.

Mar just sat there, not really knowing what was going on. Then the door opened again and Mar's face lit up; Aida walked into the room, so yesterday hadn't been a complete dream. Even with Aida looking very mad Mar was still glad to see her. Her top lip and her chin looked like the skin had been rubbed raw and there was black marker smudged on her face, "TORN!" She yelled, "When I get my hands on him I'm going to kill him!" She didn't see Mar on the top bunk. "How immature can he be?" Mar started laughing and Aida looked at him, "What are you doing up there?" She grabbed him with her good arm and put him back on the bottom bunk, "Don't go up there, you could fall. Now do you know where Torn went?" Mar pointed to the door that Torn had run out of. Aida sighed and stood up, "Well he'll be back. I'll get him then." Aida smiled at Mar, "So do you want to play?" Mar smiled and nodded. He got off the bed and took Aida's hand and they walked to the play room, maybe Keira had been a dream but Aida wasn't and as long as she was there he was happy.

Torn walked through the security gate in the water slums and walked out into the Pumping station. He walked over and leaned against a tree that was near the water and looked at the ruins that was Dead Town just a little way aways from where he was. He didn't move until he heard the doors open again. He looked to see a she-elf with shoulder length red hair walk up to him; she smiled as she started to walk faster and faster until she was running to him. He took her into his arms and held her close, "I've really missed you." She said, rubbing her head against his neck, "It's been a long time since the last time we've seen each other. I was beginning to think you were dead." A few tears ran down her face.

Torn held her as tight as he could, "It's okay Ashelin, I'm right here."

She pulled away from him a little bit so she could look into his eyes, "All this time, why didn't you call me? I really thought that something had happened to you."

"I couldn't call, it was just too dangerous. I'm a part of the Underground; I work for the Shadow and…" He let go of her and looked away, "And I guess you're like a princess now… being that your father took over the city."

Ashelin looked at her feet and clenched her fist, "I don't even know who he is anymore. The father I knew wouldn't betray his friends the way he did. I don't even know why he did what he did. I can't talk to him anymore- I can't even stand to be in the same room with him. Maybe I should have just gone with Damas out into the wasteland, dying out there would be better then living in this hell hole."

Torn looked at her and took her hand in his, "Well I'm glad you didn't go, if you had then I would never have gotten to see you again."

She smiled at Torn, "I want be a part of the underground, I want to do anything I can to help stop my father." Torn was shocked. "I don't think he has a clue what he's doing. He keeps saying that the city has enough eco but it doesn't. He's obsessed with finding Mar's tomb. Why? I don't know. The only thing he's more obsessed with is finding the prince- probably just so he can kill him- and he probably starved to death or was killed the same night as his mother." Tears were running down her face now, Torn wanted to tell her that the prince was with the underground and that he was fine but he remembered that he had told Samos that he would keep that fact from Ashelin. "After all the problems my father has made, I want to do what I can to set things right."

Torn smiled, "That's great." Ashelin looked at him, confused; what was 'great' about anything she had said? "This works out perfectly."

"Torn, I have no idea what you're talking about."

"The Shadow wanted your help, he wants to use you to… well… spy on your father."

Ashelin looked, at first, like she didn't know what to think- but then she smiled and put her hands on her hips, "I think I can do that." Torn was just a bit surprised that she was so willing to this. Ashelin just smiled even bigger, "I told you I want to do everything I can to make this right."

"Anything you can tell me would be great."

"I kinda already did, I told you everything I know. I don't know why my father's trying to find Mar's tomb, there must be something locked in there, something important or powerful. I remember my father and Damas looking for it before everything happened. But I don't know what they were looking for or why it was so important that they found it."

"It has to be something really, really powerful if your father is trying so hard to find it."

"I don't know. I'll try to find out more but really the only one my father tells anything to any more is Errol, and I think that's because he follows him like puppy."

"Just try to find out, we need to know what he's planning if we're going to have a chance to stop him."

Ashelin nodded, "I will." She looked at the sky. "I need to head back before people start wondering where I am, I'll call you when I find out more." She started to walk away from him but then she turned back to him and kissed his cheek and then she walked away. Torn just stood there for a little while his hand on his cheek. He eventually came back to his senses and headed back to the hide out.

Tess and Keira walked into the hideout later that afternoon. The little girl ran to her father and hugged him and then she looked around the room, "Where kid?" She asked him.

Samos smiled, "Aida's with him in the play room." Keira ran to the door and Tess opened it and she ran down the hall and up the stairs. Samos shook his head a little, "Well, I'm glad that she has a friend her own age now to play with." He said to no one, "But what's going to happen after all this is over?"

Tess opened the door to the play room and Keira saw her friend playing with Aida. Mar looked at her and smiled; nothing that had happened yesterday had been a dream. Mar picked up a teddy bear and handed it to Keira, it was his way to say 'play'; Keira somehow seemed to understand and took the bear and the two went to play. Aida stood next to Tess who smiled at her, "How's your arm?" She asked.

Aida smiled, "It's fine."

"You've just been playing with the kid all day?" Tess asked as Keira threw a stuffed animal at Mar. Rather than crying Mar picked up another stuffed animal and threw it at Keira who laughed, the two of them started to throw stuffed animals at each other.

"Well I can't do much else can I?" Aida asked, smiling as Keira ran over to Mar and started to hit him with a bear.

Tess looked at her and smiled, "The boy seems to really like you." Aida looked at the blond she-elf, "You know what I think? I think you should find a nice guy and have your own kid; you'd be a good mother."

Aida shook her head, "Nah, if anyone here would be a good mother it's you. I would be more like the fun aunt that everyone likes." She looked back at the two toddlers, "Besides, what guy would be willing to put up with me?"

"Well I don't see myself being a mom any time soon."

"Why not?"

"I guess I'm still waiting for mister right."

"And who would that be?"

Tess thought about it, "Well… he has to be nice and loyal, someone I can trust. He has to be brave and strong- you know so I can feel safe- and he had to be someone who loves to have fun, someone that can make me laugh that's the most important part even if he can't do all the other things I want, as long as he can make me smile I won't care."

Aida shook her head, "You're living in a fantasy." Tess glared at her, "Tess look, you live in Haven city: 'nice' doesn't really exist here anymore. You're part of the underground, you can take care of yourself- why do you want to have to rely on someone else all the time? And not to mention look around you, look at the way the city is, 'fun loving'… there's no such thing anymore. Tess, I'm not trying to kill your fantasy but maybe you should look for someone real then this perfect guy you've come with."

Tess looked at the floor sadly, "Maybe your right, maybe I should grow up."

"I didn't say that."

"I know, but still, I am just waiting for this perfect guy and he's never going to show up." Tess looked at Mar and Keira who had stopped throwing stuffed animals at each other and were just lying in a pile, starting to fall asleep.

A little later Mar woke up; he looked at Keira and smiled, she was the only good thing in his life, she made him happy. He couldn't remember ever playing with kids his own age ever, but really he was having a hard time remembering anything that happened before he lost his parents. Mar started to poke her and she woke up. She rubbed her eyes and smiled at him, "Hi." She said, Mar just smiled.

Keira and Mar got up and looked around; Aida was sitting in the corner, sleeping, the kids walked over to her and Mar climbed onto her lap. Aida woke up and looked down at the toddlers, "Well hello." She said, she looked at Mar, "You know what, let's go see what everyone else is doing." She got up and the two followed her. They walked downstairs and found Tess, Samos and- "TORN!" Aida yelled, Torn jumped and looked at her.

"Hi." He said.

Aida walked up to him, "You are a dead man."

"What did I do?" He played off innocent.

Aida was about to answer when Samos cut her off, "You two can argue later. Right now we have a few more important things to do."

Mar and Keira just stood by the door as the adults talked, Keira and Mar looked at each other and then back at the adults, they didn't know what was going on, Keira walked over to her father and started tugging on his arm, "Daddy." She said.

Samos looked down at her, "Keira, not now." He looked back to Torn; this did not make the young girl happy.

She started tugging harder on her father's arm, "Daddy!"

Samos looked down at her again and saw that she was reaching up to him- telling him that she just wanted to be held. Samos picked her up and held her in one arm; this at least got her to be quiet long enough for him to send Torn and another underground member to the forest to deal with a small Metal-head problem. Then he looked at his daughter, "Now what am I going to do with you?"

Mar just stood there, looking at Keira and Samos… he wanted his dad too. He sat down on the floor and started to play with the dirt. Aida saw the sad little boy and went to sit next to him, "Hey little guy, you okay?" Mar looked up at her and held up his arms to her. Aida smiled and picked him up with her good arm. Mar put his small arms around her neck and started to cry a bit. Aida could tell that he missed his parents but there was nothing she could do about it. So she just held him tight trying to comfort him.

Tess looked at Keira and tickled her under the chin, "I think it's bath time." She took Keira out of Samos' arms and looked at Aida, "mind helping me? It would be a bit difficult to deal with both of them at the same time."

Aida smiled, "Yeah, I can help." Aida and Tess took the two toddlers to the bathroom. Tess filled the tub and Aida undressed the two. When there was a good amount of water in the tub they put the two toddlers in. Mar instantly started splashing around which Keira also joined in. By the time the two were clean there was good amount of water on Aida, Tess and the bathroom floor. The two adults wrapped towels around the two toddlers and picked them up out of the water; Tess took Keira to get her clean clothes but Aida was having a small problem, there wasn't any other clothes for the kid. Mar did see this problem he was wrapped up in a nice warm towel; he yawned and started to fall asleep in Aida's arms. Aida looked down and smiled at him, he was just so cute. After Keira was dressed and put in bed for the night Tess came back and found Aida. She picked up the small overalls and shirt that was still on the ground and took them to get washed. When she came back she gave the clean clothes to Aida who dressed the small boy without waking him and put him to bed. She put his cap and amulet next to him then she climbed up onto the top bunk and also fell asleep.

On the other side of the slums, Mutt was lying on the ground waiting for the guard that was taking care of him to come home and let him into the house. Mutt had spent the whole day looking for Mar but he didn't fine even a trace of him, being that he was going to have to come back to this house every night that meant that he couldn't get too far away which limited his search. Mutt laid on the ground, whining a little, missing the boy. He had one job: to keep Molly and Mar safe and he couldn't even do that. The guard came over to him and patted him on the head, "Hey pup." He said, Mutt looked at him as he opened the door. Mutt ran inside and started to scratch at the cupboard, "Your hungry, huh?" The guard opened the cupboard and found something for the two of them to eat. As they ate the guard looked at Mutt, "You know pup, I envy you, you don't have a care in the world. You could sleep all day and no one would complain, you don't have to have a job or worry about anything. You're lucky." The guard just sat in his chair and sighed. Mutt came over and licked his hand; getting the message, the guard scratched Mutt behind the ears as he fell asleep.

The next day, at the hideout Mar woke and got out of bed, he looked up at the top bunk and saw Aida still asleep. He smiled and grabbed his cap. Then he went to the old looking door and opened it, he walked down the hall and found Keira's room. He opened the door and walked in; Keira was still fast asleep, well that was no good; Mar walked over to the bed and climbed up onto it and looked at her, smiled and then started to poke her. She woke up and looked at him, at first she looked tired but then she smiled at him and got out of bed. Mar grabbed her hand and the two of them walked to the door. They walked back into the main room of the hideout, the two walked over to the table and Mar helped Keira get up on it then he tried climbing up onto it but he just couldn't do it. Keira sat on the table and picked up some of the maps; she looked at them and then she threw them up into the air, laughing. Mar also started to laugh, he picked up some of the papers that had fallen onto the floor and also started to throw them into the air. This was a lot of fun, but then something caught Mar's eye, it was a poster of the Baron, there was something written at the bottom of it but Mar couldn't read yet so he didn't know what it said, also there was a big red X over it. Mar didn't know why there was a random picture of his Uncle but really he thought it was a bit nice to see a familiar face.

From all the laughing Aida woke up and she was not to happy with what she saw, "What are you two doing?!" She asked them, trying not the yell. Mar looked away from the poster and looked at her; Keira stopped throwing paper around and also looked at her. Aida got out of bed, picked Keira up off the table and started to pick up the papers. The two toddlers just stood there watching her then once she was done she lead the two up to their play room. The two toddlers just stayed in the play room, Keira was happy to play with her toys but Mar was getting bored with this; to him it was the same thing every day. Not that he didn't like playing with Keira, it was nice having someone his own age to play with, but still it was the same thing every day. At one point he just sat in the corner of the room, Keira tried to get him to play but he just didn't want to so she just went to play by herself. Aida looked at him and went to sit next to him. He looked up at her, "What's wrong kid?" She asked. Mar just looked at the floor. "You miss your family, don't you?" Mar looked at her and then he hugged her. Aida hugged him back, "Don't worry, you have all of us now, we're like your family now, we'll take care of you." Keira walked over to them and feeling a bit left out she hugged Aida as well.

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