Scarlet Blossoms

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Chapter 7-Rosa

7- ローズ

I could feel beat faster then Oshitari's speed. This feeling, the words that Shiraishi just said was repeating itself over and over again in my brain and in my heart.


"If you do like someone else, like Oshitari, Chitose since his your science partner or anyone…" He began in a soft voice "Just let me know and I'll go away."

The last part pained me greatly and I suddenly felt like going up to him and spilling all my crazy feelings to him at once. Sadly, my head was in so much confusion that my mouth couldn't even move.

I heard Shiraishi sigh "I knew you liked someone else, I am sorry, I'll just go away now."

Turning around, he started heading further away from me. I started to worry, I started to feel rejected when all of a sudden, my mouth finally moved.

"Wait Shiraishi!" I shouted out and started to run closer to him

Hearing his name, Shiraishi turned back around and I threw myself into his arms.

"Hanamaru-san.." he said in shock

I dug myself deeper into his chest and closed my eyes, inhaling his lavender smell.

"Don't go…" I murmured into his chest "Don't leave me when I just found you."

His arms tensed around me when I mumbled out the last sentence

"But I thought you liked someone else." He whispered

I frantically started shaking my head "No, the only person I love is you."


"I'd love to go out with you Shiraishi." I stated

Without looking, I knew that Shiraishi had a grin on his face "It's Kuranosuke now, Kagami."

I grinned into his bright green and yellow tennis shirt. Man, I wished that this could happen everyday…

~10 minutes later~

After an lovey-dovey walk home, I energetically bounced into the house and into the kitchen where mum was preparing afternoon tea with my brother.

"Mum!" I yelled out

Covering his delicate ears, my older brother growled "Keep it down would you. My ear drums almost bursted!"

I ignored my brother and ran straight to my mum "Mum, mum!" I squealed

She laughed at my loud entrance and remarked "Well you sure sounded excited today…what's the big news?"

"A guy asked me out!" I spilled out whiles jumping up and down like Toyama Kintaro

My mum's eyes shown like stars in the night sky "Oh my gosh! My little girl is growing up!" she squawked like a little girl

My brother, on the hand, was boring as watching paint dry…

"Ah really." He said in a stupefy tone

"But firstly," mum said in a sudden serious tone "Who is this guy."

I grinned "It's Shiraishi-kun of course."

My mum sighed in relief "Well at least I know that my daughter is in good hands."

I continued to smile and jump a little in excitement

"But really, when am I going to see this Shiraishi?" she added on

I stopped jumping for a moment and sweat dropped a little

"About that…"

My mum raised a brow "How about tomorrow night?"


"Look honey, we have to see this Shiraishi first before we can let you two date." She explained

"Mum…" I pouted

"Tomorrow night it is!" she announced

~10 minutes later~

Slumping onto my bed, I pulled out my red cell phone and clicked to Shiraishi's number. I debated whether to call him or text him about my mum's unforeseen plans.

Soon, my mind decided onto texting as calling might be a little awkward

Me: Hey, I told my mum. She wants to meet you, come over for dinner tomorrow night?

A few moments later…

Shiraishi Kuranosuke: Well actually my mum wants you over for lunch, but sure, dinner sounds like ecstasy to me.

Lunch….LUNCH! I wasn't much of a eating person, especially through a day that was already planned with meals. But I felt bad so I replied

Me: That sounds fair. Lunch with you and then dinner over at my place.

Shiraishi Kuranosuke: Yep, did you want me to pick you up so you don't get lost?

Ah yes, how could I forget my useless sense of direction

Me: Sure, Maybe we could do something in the morning. Then head to your place for lunch?

Shiraishi Kuranosuke: Well, we could go see a movie or something in the morning.

Movie? Sounds like a date to me…Oh wait, we are dating….

Me: You know any good movies?

And so went on the tale of texts…

~1 hour later ~

We finally decided on the latest Korean movie, which Shiraishi has being dying to see, but was too busy due to tennis schedules.

Climbing into bed, I opened my phone and re-read through the text Shiraishi and I had sent each other. The last one ended with a sweet 'I love you' from Shiraishi, which made me blush like mad.

Snuggling deep into my blankets, I curled into a ball before shutting my phone and drifting into wholehearted dream…

~Next Morning~

Once again, my alarm dinged and I grumbled, not wishing to scramble out of my bed. Nonetheless, I checked the time on the alarm before immediately shooting up straight like a rocket.

No….Only 15 minutes left to get dressed and have breakfast?

I zoomed out of bed faster then Oshitari's running speed and rushed down stairs for breakfast. Gobbling down all by bacon and eggs along with my glass of juice, I hastily ran back up stairs to get dressed and gather my belongings before Shiraishi came to pick me up.

I chucked on a pair of black jeans and a light green top with sequins dotting around. Soon, I was down the stairs and putting my boots on just before the doorbell rang and was greeted by a beaming Shiraishi

"Morning" he grinned

I flashed a small snicker at him "Good morning to you too, Kura-chan."

He smiled at the endearing nickname.

"Oh! You must be Shiraishi-kun that my daughter always talks about!" my mum suddenly appeared next to me

"Mum.." I pulled a face

Shiraishi smiled sweetly at my mum "Nice to meet you too Hanamaru-san.' He said before bowing. "And please just call me Kuranosuke."

"Kuranosuke…" my mum repeated "What a adorable name! Meaning gracious flower in Japanese!"

I sweat dropped "Mum please!"

She laughed and backed off, "Alright, I'll leave you two now. Have fun at the movies!" she announced before walking back up the stairs.

Sighing, I closed the door behind me before joining Shiraishi on the streets.

"I am so sorry about that." I muttered

Shiraishi chuckled "I actually really like your mum, she sounds like a caring person."

I exhaled "A little too caring sometimes."

"Isn't that what a mother should be?" he asked

Nodding, I gave a small weak smile "Yes but if I was a mother, I certainly wouldn't comment on my own daughter's boyfriend's name."

Shiraishi laughed "We're not even married yet, and you're already thinking to be a mother?"

I blushed on what he said and turned away from his handsome face.

Sadly, that made my joyful boyfriend crack up even more.

~10 minutes later~

We arrived at the nearest bus station just in time for the bus to pull up and take us the district shopping centre. Surprisingly, we met Oshitari on the bus.

"Ah!" He said in shock and pointed a finger at us "What on earth are you guys doing on a bus?"

Both Shiraishi and I looked at each other before replying "Um… going shopping…" I answered back

Oshitari smirked and raised an eyebrow "Could it be a date?"

"Kenya, say that again and I am assigning you 50 laps around the whole of JAPAN, including Hokkaido" Shiraishi threatened

Oshitari sank back in his seat "Man, play nice won't you Shiraishi…"

~15 minutes later~

"Man, this place is stuffed today." I commented as I glanced at the sea of people swarming around the centre.

Shiraishi nodded in agreement, "Why don't we get going then."

I smiled at him "Sure."

He starting leading the way before remembering something and stopping to turn around and face me.

"Just incase I lose you." He winked at me and grabbed hold onto my hand

Turning all shades of pink, I let him guide the way through the sea of people while I trailed after him like a cute puppy.

After nearly stepping on everyone's foot, we arrived at the cinemas where we could enter without buying any tickets. All thanks to Shiraishi's VIP card…

~1 hour and 15 minutes later~

Following a hour and fifteen minutes of Korean movie which I hardly get, I must say that Shiraishi had a strange taste in movies.

"I never thought you liked movies, especially Korean ones." I remarked

Shiraishi grinned, "Well, I find them better filmed and acted then the Japanese ones, and besides, the storyline is written much more romantic. Ah Ecstasy"

I frowned at him "Are you on drugs?"

That made his grin wider "No, just a little phrase I like."

I sighed, people can be so strange sometimes…

Suddenly, we stopped in front of tennis equipment shop "Mind if I get a few things here?" Shirashi asked me

I shook my head "Go on."

He flashed a smile at me before grabbing my hand and dragging me in along with him.

The shop was filled with different tennis equipment, from rackets, various colored tennis balls, grip tapes to the latest tennis clothing and shoes.

"Ara, Shiraishi-kun." The shop manager greeted when he saw us walk in "How did the last grip tape work out for you?"

Shiraishi grimaced at the manager "Very well thank you." He started "I was surprised that the tape helped me control my power."

The manager looked pleased "Well that certainly good news." He announced "Now what can I get you today?"

I stood in the corner and watched as Shiraishi explained to the manger what he needed for the upcoming tournaments.

After yesterday's events, I wondered if Shirashi liked be just because I wasn't one of his irritating fan girls, or was it because I used to play tennis or was just that we're simply alike.

I couldn't tell…

"Ne, Shiraishi-kun, who's this young lady you bought along?' I heard the manger ask and give me a small snicker

I looked away shyly

Shiraishi gently smiled at my reaction "She's my girlfriend."

The store manger looked surprised "Eh really! I never knew you had a girlfriend Shiraishi-kun." He gasped

Turning as red as a ripened tomato, I glanced down at my feet, trying to hide my shyness.

"But young lady." The manager spoke, making me look up and pay attention "Your lucky to have Shiraishi-kun, he'll take care of you well."

Flushing, I nodded "I-I know."

"Shiraishi isn't one of those reckless types, nor is he a player." Continued the store manger "So I must say, you've got yourself a stable boyfriend."

Shiraishi cleared his throat and I could see that he was a little embarrassed by all details the manger was giving me

Laughing, the manger handed a bag filled with tennis goodies to Shiraishi before saying "Ok well you two have fun" and muttered something to Shiraishi which made him blush

"Thank you again." Shiraishi expressed before grabbing my hand and pulling me out the door

Momentarily, we arrived back at the bus station and hopped onto the bus that would take us back home, thankfully, we didn't see any known faces.

~15 minutes later~

Yawning, I stretched and relaxed my muscles after cavorting of the bus. It might sound strange but I fell asleep on the bus during the trip home and woke up on Shiraishi's shoulder only a few minutes away from our stop.

"You sure enjoy your beauty sleep." Shiraishi commented as we started to head to his house for lunch

I inclined, "I didn't get enough sleep last night."

He laughed "That would explain a lot of things."

Sighing, I pouted which made Shiraishi laugh harder.

A short walk destined us straight to Shiraishi's house as the apple blossom tree came into view and I exhaled at the magnificent sight.

I must have gazed at the blossom tree for too long as Shiraishi had to come back out of the house and usher me in.

But before I could even take my shoes off, I was tackled into a bear hug by Yuki-chan.

"Kyaaaa!" she squealed in excitement "You came back Kaga-chan!"


Yuki-chan let go of me "Ne, can I ask you a question?"

I nodded "Sure, go ahead."

Eyes sparkling like diamonds, the over excited Yuki-chan half screeched half said "Can you be my sister in law?"

I was caught dumbfounded "Eh.."

"Please?" she begged

I stuttered "I- I don't know.."

Yuki-chan turned to her brother "Ne, Nii-san, can you please make Kaga-chan my sister in law?"

Shiraishi stared at his younger sister if a startled expression "Y-yuki-chan."

Suddenly, a soft giggle interrupted Yuki's next few words "Yuki-chan, you know that if you want Kagami to be your sister in law, she has to marry Kuranosuke right?" Eri-san popped in

Yuki-chan blushed "I know that mum…"

Eri-san smiled in response "Good, then Kagami still has around 10 years to date Kuranosuke."

"Mum!" Shiraishi whined

Eri-san laughed "Well, lunch will be ready in about 15 minutes."

All three of us nodded before Shiraishi pulled me upstairs and into his room. Yuki-chan on the other hand, stopped bothering us and left to watch the TV.

From the site of the neat and tidy bedroom, I could easily tell that Shiraishi must have cleaned his room before I came over.

"Looks like you cleaned your room." I grinned

Shiraishi, who was fetching something that was hidden underneath a towel smirked back at me "Yeah, both my mum and my sister made me."

I beamed and glanced outside the window where the apple blossom tree stood. Every time I looked at that tree, I would fall in love with it again and again. And that's when I notice Shiraishi's bandaged hand make its way around my waist and pull me close into his chest.

He suddenly brought out a single flashing red rose with his other hand and placed it near my hand

"Cette rosa représente mon coeur, mon amour pour vous et vous seul" he whispered softly in my ear

I didn't know what to say, I didn't even know what he said to me

"Um, what does that mean Kura-chan?" I mumbled

I heard him chuckle

"This rose represents my heart, my love for you and only you."

End of chapter 7


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