Limping down the damp tunnel, Illya seemed to be stronger, picking up his pace, going ahead of his partner as if he needed the light.

Kuryakin had no reservations about killing Astarte Lovely, yet Napoleon knew it troubled the Russian. Taking a life, though sometimes necessary, was always difficult.

He let him continue on ahead, leaving Illya to his thoughts for a bit, but finally spoke up.

"You okay tovarisch?"


That answer told Solo he was not, but there was nothing he could offer to give solace, deciding it best to leave him be.

"I understand."

"I know." Illya whispered.


Note: Eric Lerhner debuted in the "East Berlin Affair" and was a rival from Illya's training days at Survival Survival School, mentioned briefly in "The Last Goodbye." He has prominent parts in "The East Berlin Affair" and "The Summit Affair." Astarte Lovely was introduced in "The Atlantean Affair"