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Naruto a Digidestined

In the destroyed hidden Leaf a blond haired big breasted woman was kneeling and breathing hard in the horizon she was watch as the hero of the Leaf Naruto Namikaze was facing the one who destroyed the leaf.

Next to him was his friend Sasuke who betrayed the Leaf but after realizing what his brother died for decided to help his former friend.

Across from then is a man with a half broken mask and with three of the tailed beast in front of him

All three look like they are on their last legs "Naruto you know we can't win even together," said the black haired avenger.

"We can't give up," said Naruto.

Sasuke breaths hard "I am sorry but I will have to fight him alone," said the avenger.

He turns his head "Kamui," he said as he warps Naruto away.

Sasuke sobs "forgive me my friend," said the black haired ninja as he turns his head toward his enemy "I will crush you and blow into the wind," he said.

Sasuke goes through some seal "Kinjutsu: Jigoku no Sekai no Jiko Hakai" (forbidden Art: Self Destruction of the Netherworld) His body glows bright blue as he smirk "this jutsu is forbidden because it send both out body and souls to hell to be tortured for all eternity," said Sasuke a beam shoots out of Sasuke chest and hit Madara in the heart "I guess I won't be with you brother, but I am content with my decision," thought the former Avenger before he succumb to death followed by Madara.


In an alley way Naruto was waking up "damnit Sasuke why did you have to go at it alone," said the blond ninja. "Looks like I still have some injuries but nothing vital," he thought. He walks out of the alley wobbly when he hears the sound of struggling. He grabs a kunai from his pouch and heads to the sound of fighting.

He sees two children one was a teen the other was a smaller child. In front of them was a werewolf with ripped jean and black spiked gloves standing in front of the children protectively while breathing hard.

Across from them was a vampire like monster floating in the air "well I shall take you two out; then your friends are next," said the dark monster as he charged forward.

Konoha senpu," shouted Naruto as he kicks the caped monster sending him back "well an interloper," said the monster.

Naruto stares down the monster "attacking children disgraceful," said Naruto as he eyed his enemy.

The monster scowled "may I ask who you are?" he said.

Naruto smirks "Namikaze Naruto and your death," said the blond as he gets out two kunai.

And you're who; Dracula?" asked Naruto.

"The name is Myotismon and you made your final mistake in opposing me," he said.

Naruto throws a kunai "Kunai Kage Bushin no jutsu," said the blond as the one kunai turns to twenty.

The monster laugh "Grisly wing," he said as dozens of bats swarm the kunai and intercept them.

"Now where is my foe?" asked the monster.

Naruto jumps off and punches Myotismon in the face "right here ugly," he shouts as he send Myotismon in the alley.

Naruto jumps down from the two walls and lands next to the werewolf like monster.

"Are you alright?" asked Naruto.

The monster nods his head "we have got to stop him," said the wolf monster.

Myotismon gets up "I wasn't expecting a human with your skills," said the dark monster.

Just then an Angle like being with a staff appears "damn now I got to fight Angemon now," you should be thankful I will fall back for now," said Myotismon as he flies away.

Naruto falls to one knee and blood appear on his wound "damn still hurt," he said.

The angle monster flies to him "you fought an ultimate while injured?" he asked.

They werewolf monster picks him up and to their apartment. They get to the apartment and the older boy has him put on the couch.


Naruto wakes and sees a blond haired elementary school kid. The boy walks over to Naruto "thank you for saving me and my brother; my name Matt and my brother is TK," he said.

"Naruto Namikaze," said the ninja.

"Wait why is my voice higher?" asked Naruto

Matt looks at Naruto "aren't you twelve," he asked.

Naruto looks at him "mirror," he said.

Matt gets a Mirror and Naruto gasp "why am I short again," he shouted.

"What are you talking about?" asked Matt.

"This isn't what I look like before I meet you," said Naruto.

"I will explain; I am not from this universe," said Naruto.

"What do you mean?" asked TK.

Naruto sighed "I was sent here by my friend so I wouldn't die in a battle," he said.

Matt looked at Naruto "so what are you?" asked the blond.

Naruto glanced at the corner "first," said Naruto as he flicks his kunai in the corner.

"I know you are there," said Naruto.

A wizard looking Digimon floats "you are good," said the creature.

Wizardmon," shouts Matt.

"Enough," said Naruto.

"What do you want?" asked Matt.

"I just want to talk to the young man who forced back Myotismon; I sense you are much older then you appear," said the Wizard Digimon.

"Myotismon is entering his end game; you must be ready. I will keep spying on him till it is time," said the Wizard.

"Naruto eyes narrow "if what you say is true then things have gotten complicated," said Naruto.

"I will help you as much as possible," said Wizardmon as he rushes forward and places his finger on Naruto head "I gave you the knowledge of what is going on," said the Digimon.

"Peace," he said as he vanished.

Naruto "if I am to help you then I should tell your comrades who I am," said Naruto.

"I will call them to come over," said Matt.

Five more kids entered the apartment after waiting for a few hours.

One had brown spike hair with a blue shirt and goggles

The next one was a red haired girl with a yellow shirt and jeans.

The third one was a short brown haired kid with an orange shirt

"The fourth one is a brown haired girl with pink clothing and the last one had blue hair and looked

"Welcome Digidestined," said Naruto as everyone looked up and saw Naruto on the roof.

"Who are you and how are you doing that?" asked the brown haired boy.

"My names I Naruto Namikaze and that is a secret; your turn Goggle Head," said Naruto

Tai growled "my Name is Tai Kamiya," he said

I already know Matt so the next one is Tomboy," said Naruto

Girl growled "Sora Takenouchi," she said

Next Nerd," said Naruto

"Izzy Izumi," said the brown haired boy.

Next will be little princess," said Naruto

Mimi Tachikawa," she said with a scowl

Final Mr. Serious," said Naruto

Joe Kido," he said

"Enough fooling around," said Naruto.

"So what do you want," asked Joe

"Simple; your Digimon won't stand a chance against Myotismon," said Naruto

"Right now you need a plan; to fight this Ultimate," said Naruto.

"I will explain about myself first; close your eyes," said Naruto as the kids closed their eyes and Naruto did hand seal.

After few second they open there eyes "was that real," asked Tai.

The rest were shaken "how could survive all that?" asked Sora.

"That is my Nindo; my ninja way," said Naruto as a light appeared in Naruto hand and a small object appears "that's a digivice," said Sora.

"Interesting," said Naruto.

"Are you the eighth child," asked Tai.

"Maybe," said Naruto.

End chapter

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