Hey! So now I'm starting Fruba Fan fiction. Well a few weeks ago I was bored and read some of the manga and fell in love with it again like I did the first time. Then out of the blue I thought of this and yes its beauty and the beast, I know it's been done before but not like this so I'd like to make one thing clear…THIS IS DEFINITLY NOT LIKE THE MOVIE! Okay it's a little like it but there's no Gaston character or like Tohru taking someone's place. You just have to wait and see ;)

Disclaimer: I do not own Fruits Basket

Summary: Fruba in a Beauty and the Beast fashion but not quite like the childhood story you're used to. A curse has been placed upon the Sohma family, that all of them are turned into animals, and one into a gruesome beast. They have until his seventeenth birthday to make a girl fall in love with him, but of course in a Fruba manner, there's comedy, drama, and of course romance.

The sun rose above the land to become morning, while a chill fall breeze wafted by and blew through a thin orange tent. Inside, the occupier shook from the sudden chill and bolted awake, shuddering, she wrapped a jacket around her slim body.

"It was warm yesterday, but I guess it's turning its turning into fall." She said to herself but wore a smile. "But fall's still a pretty season."

Tohru Honda, a recently turned orphan after her mother's recent death and was now staying off in the woods.

In the tent, Tohru managed to dress I her uniform and nibbled on a piece of bread for breakfast o her way to school.

I can't believe I'm already in my third year already. She thought with that same smile never leaving her face. I'm sure Mom's proud of it though, she always told me it was her dream to see me live a good life even though she's in heaven I still want to fulfill her dream.

As Tohru reached the edge of the forest, she could see the town. It was small but still was quaint with shops and the small schools. Of course the high school was very small; a few students continued their education and just started working in the business their parents set them in. Even the students, who went through high school, never went on with their education after. Tohru looked to the sunny sky in her own wonder of what she would do after high school.

For the most part, she wanted to continue her education, but she had a feeling. She stopped walking and looked around. It felt like she had a connection to do something else. Hearing the chimes from the school signaling another ten minutes before class would begin, she became flustered.

"I'm going to be late!" She cried running off. "There's no time to think I'm becoming more like Hanna!" Tohru broke into a light run as she ran by the other edge of the forest by the school; there she noticed a black dog looking directly at her. She looked back at it, trying to think if she saw him before around town.

School! She remembered and sprinted towards the school doors.

"There you are Tohru!" Her friend, Uo greeted. The tall sandy haired girl said, lounging in her desk next to Tohru's vacant one. Tohru scurried in, sliding in her seat with a sigh of relief of being on time.

"Is it really that long a walk from your grandpa's house?" Uo asked with a raised brow.

"Oh, no!" I just over slept." Tohru smiled reassuringly.

"That's not too surprising." A shadowy voice said. The tow turned around in their seats to the black haired psychic who was currently reading a novel.

"I guess you're right Hanna." Uo agreed placing a hand on Tohru's head. "But that' our Tohru for us."

Tohru only smiled feeling a twinge of guilt for not telling her friends the truth. Her grandpa was having the house renovated after a large storm that took out part of the roof and was visiting his daughter in the meantime. Tohru wanted to stay around and continue her studies, but didn't want to cause anyone trouble so lived on her own.

"Alright, time for class!" Sensei said walking into the room. Class proceeded through the morning and quickly lunch hour came around and with the temperature picked up, the three girls ate outside.

"So how's the job Tohru?" Hanna asked taking a bite of rice.

"Oh, it's going fine. Just working hard." She smiled.

"Man, I wish I could have persistence like you." Uo sighed. "I'm sick of this town and can't wait 'til I get outta here."

"So you're not happy with your life?" Both friends looked shockingly at Tohru for what she just asked. Hesitating, her hair became frazzled as she looked down at the tie of her uniform she was playing with. "I mean, I understand you want chance and want to work for something, but I feel so happy in the life I have. I had a mom that loved me and my friends to. I don't think I'd want to change that now."

Uo pulled Tohru in a close and tight embrace that Hanna joined into.

"Damn Tohru, you make it so hard to be a good friend! We want you to rely on us but it feels like the other way around."

Hanna nodded in agreement when she perked up and looked around.

"There's a rat."

"What?" Uo and Tohru said at once looking at Hanna oddly.

"What's so special of a rat?"

"It's a rat's electric signals, but there's something special that I can't depict." Hanna said as the wind blew her braid up and down. "An interesting thing to figure out."

"Oh Hanna," Uo chuckled. "You and 'depicting' things that don't matter, it's just a rat."

"Maybe so, but I find it interesting."

Tohru smiled, looking at her friends. Sure things were rough, but she accepted the good with the bad. That was her way of life.


School ended, as Tohru said goodbye to her friends for the day and began heading for her part time job. She worked at the bookshop, just straightening up and working at the counter.

"Good evening!" She greeted cheerfully as the bell sounded another customer. The manager smiled approvingly at he watched his young part time worker. Even though she was a young girl she was a hard worker and got the job done. He was just upset he couldn't give her much pay.

"You've done enough today Ms. Honda, you should go home now. I think I'm going to close early today." He said approaching her behind the counter.

"Oh no, sir! My shift hasn't ended yet! I want to stay honest and not take advantage of you!"

"Ms. Honda, it's no trouble. I'm letting you leave early, you work so hard in school and out it looks like you need some rest." The smile he gave her made Tohru believe her boss knew she wasn't staying with a 'roof' over her head.

"Thank you," She smiled warmly as she went to the back to retrieve her school bag. "Goodnight!"

Leaving the shop, she felt a sudden cold breeze blow right through her as she shuddered and wrapped her jacket around her tighter.

"I'm sure Grandpa will be back before it become too cold." She assured herself walking through the empty streets.

"Hey! Tohru!" A voice hollered making her head turn. It was a familiar face of a boy from her class, someone she never really noticed before. "What are you doing out this late?"

"I just left work." Tohru said with a smile.

"You really work long hours than to leave this late."

"Usually I stay later." He looked at her confusingly over the fact she still acted so happy for needing to stay late hours for her job, but still smiled back.

"Look Honda, I was wanting to talk to you earlier, but was kind of freaked 'cause you were with that Yankee and psychic chick, they're like your body guards."

"Oh! Uo and Hanna aren't mean; they're really nice people if you take the chance to know them like I have."

"Yeeeeah, but I was thinking you would like to go out with me sometime."

"Aren't we out now?"

"I kinda meant more like a date."

"A DATE!" Tohru shouted very alarmed. "I'm sorry! It's just no one ever asked me out on a date before! I'm not really a girlfriend type! Besides, I don't even know if I would have the time! I have work and I promised Mom I would do my best in school!"

"OKAY!" He shouted just to get her to stop rambling. "Just forget I asked then. See you Honda!" He waved, running off. Tohru watched him and sighed.

"I hope I didn't offend him." She said to herself reaching the outskirts of town and into the forest.

"It's not that I don't want to date, I just hold my promises."

Arriving at her tent she turned on the lantern and began working on her homework that once was complete she went to bed. Outside, a few feet away in the bushes, a black dog looked at the tent.

"Well Shigure?" A voice asked as the dog changed his view and looked down at the gray rat that began crawling up to his hand.

"I think she's the one." The dog somehow said. "For one, she'd be easy to lead away from here and she seems very accepting."

"She is very accepting. Her friends aren't really accepted by anyone else, but her. I found out she's been through a lot recently, and atop that she's selfless." The rat remarked.

"Those are good qualities for someone to help us."

"That's why we'll leave her alone Shigure. She doesn't need to be dragged into our mess." The rat scowled.

"She might be our only hope Yuki, unless you rather have the curse to be fulfilled."

"That's better than dragging her into this and she possibly losing her mind."

"Be that as it may, she's our only chance."

"I'm telling you Shigure, leave her alone. Now, let's go back."

The dog turned around and began walking deeper into the woods, not saying anything that he would listen to the rat.

Well there's chapter one! Please tell me if I should continue!