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"Wow, this place really is a mess." Tohru grunted after pushing open the sliding doors that were stuck by the surrounding junk. Yuki was perched on her shoulder and could only nod in agreement.

"Well, we weren't ever really neat before…this happened." He said lifting up his paws. "And it's kind of hard to clean as animals."

"Wait so you used to be humans?!" Tohru gasped. She is a little clueless. Yuki thought to himself with a sweat drop.

"Yes Miss Honda, at one point we were human even Kyo."

"You mean…he…" Tohru paused pointing upstairs.

"Yes, that's Kyo, the one who had the hardest end of this predicament."

"Well luckily you have me here to help." Tohru said with determination. "I'm pretty good at cleaning and I can help with doing some cooking so leave it to me."

"Is there any way I can help?"

"Well if you happen to know where any cleaning materials are, that would help. But no matter! Nothing's better than your own two hands." With that said Tohru began picking up items and moving them into separate piles outside for trash, recycling, and reusable things. By the time it was near noon the once overstuffed room she came into earlier that morning seemed a part of a different house. Though it still looked like a gloomy kitchen, it was still primped and polished with Tohru washing some dishes.

"I'm surprised you could do all this." Yuki said with a large impression, picking up a towel with his little paw and was working on drying, the only thing he could probably do.

"Well I'm very good at housework." She giggled.

"That's her! That's her!" An excited voice whispered anxiously. Tohru perked up and looked around to see no one else, or no other rats like Yuki about.

"She's the one who's going to break the curse?! I told you guys I could do it!" Another whispered harshly.

"She can do it, I have strong belief." The voice she heard earlier said.

"Yuki, you said there were others right?" Tohru swallowed feeling nervous about being watched. Something Yuki could sense.

"Just come out you guys." He huffed. A sudden ball of yellow fur attacked Tohru who yelped when she crashed down onto the floor and saw a rabbit.

"She's so cute! Hi, hi, you're Tohru Honda and I'm Momiji Sohma." It said in a very excited and girly voice.

"Uh… H-hello." She said in a shaky voice. Momiji only snuggled in the crook of her neck with his large ears tickling her nose.

"No need to be nervous, I'm a good guy. We're going to be best friends."

"Momiji, no matter what you say, she's going to be nervous with how a strange animal attacking her." Yuki defended.

"I'm not attacking her, I'm hugging her."

"It's all the same Momiji." The calm voice from earlier said.

"Get out!" Yuki hissed standing on all fours with his fur on end. Tohru leaned up and saw the dog that led her here, in the doorway acting as if nothing was threatening him.

"Now Yuki-"

"I said get out! You shouldn't go anywhere near Miss Honda, after all you did to her."

"Yuki, he didn't do anything." Tohru objected trying to stop an argument.

"Oh he did, he knows it to, and he got you involved with us and led you here. You can blame your imprisonment on him."

"But I don't blame anyone. I mean if I didn't come here, than I wouldn't have gotten to meet you."

The fur on Yuki's face began turning red somehow as if he were blushing but still he hoped down off the counter and went over to Shigure.

"Don't think that you still won't be punished for this." He hissed to Shigure.

"Are you really happy to be here Tohru?" Momiji asked. Tohru smiled tenderly.

"Well it's a chance to have met you guys, I really want to get to know you and see if there's anything I can do to help."

"Yea! Tohru, you're so nice. It's a shame Kyo's being so mean to you."

"Well maybe if I just took the chance to know him."

"I don't think that would do much good Miss Honda." Yuki said, walking back over and crawled up to Tohru's shoulder. "Kyo is too much of an aggressive idiot to have the patience to see something so nice in front of him."

"Don't insult my darling Kyo!" A voice shouted when there was a crash through the door. A hole was ripped through the paper of the door by a huffing and puffing boar. "My darling Kyo has a lot to suffer!"

"Calm down Kagura." Yuki huffed.

"I WILL NOT CALM DOWN! HOW CAN I BE CALM WITH ANOTHER WOMAN HERE!?" Tohru sweat dropped and began to shake with anxiety this boar, Kagura, was beginning to cause.

"Don't worry about Kagura, Tohru." Momiji comforted, nuzzling her. "She just gets jealous with any girl who gets close to Kyo."

"So I'm…not the first?"

"No you're the first human girl in this house for a long time Miss Honda. Kagura just doesn't like girls around Kyo other than herself." Yuki explained. "And Kagura, there are other woman here to."

"I mean someone whose going to try and break the curse! I told you I could do it!"

"Curse?" Tohru repeated while the rat, bunny, and dog grew stiff. "You guys are under a curse?"

"Well yes, but that's all we can tell you, anything else would be too much of a giveaway." Shigure said, lying down.

"See! She won't be much help not knowing about this curse!"

"Well Kagura, you know too much. The only way to break it is for someone to not know about it do, you know what." Shigure pointed out.

"A curse huh?" Tohru pondered when she recalled something Yuki mentioned earlier. "So Kagura's a girl?!"

"Yes, she's one of the girl's who is under our 'curse'. There are two others that I'm sure you'll meet later."

"Really?!" She exclaimed in starry eyes and leaned over to face Kagura. "That means we should be friends!"

Kagura's nose sniffled with small little tears budding from her eyes. "You want to…be friends with me?"

"Uh huh." Tohru nodded with a wide heartwarming smile.

"Really?! No one wanted to be my friend before. The only one close is Rin, oh thank you!"

"You see, it's working out alright." Shigure nodded when Yuki started crawling back over to him.

"You're not going to redeem yourself by thinking what you did was for the best for everyone."

"She was living in a tent Yuki, and getting sick."

"That's better off than living in this hell hole."

"So, when do I get to meet the rest of the Sohmas? I would like to know what to make for dinner." Tohru said, hugging both Momiji and Kagura in a hug after becoming fast friends with them.

"Dinner?" The dog and rat repeated in unison as thus began the first night in the Sohma house.

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