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"Scotland?" What is he doing here? Where's England?

"Oh, Uncle Scotland, there you are. Andrew and I thought you were already here." Australia turned to the Scottish man.

"Well laddie, you just left me behind to find the meeting room all by me self." Scotland replied.

"Well then, since everybody is already here, shall we begin?" America broke out of his thoughts by Germany's voice.

"Oh yeah! Dude, Scotland, where's Iggy? Isn't he, like, the UK representative or something?" Don't tell me he's going to skip a three day meeting just so he can't attend my party.

Scotland looked tensed just like Australia and New Zealand when they were asked where the Island nation was.

"Er, me little brother is a bit busy with Parliament and other things these days, so he asked me to attend." In Scotland's thoughts, he didn't technically lie, the UK is busy with Parliament but England's workload was given to Wales, and Ireland, even though she's not part of the UK anymore, asked him to attend for England, since Wales was doing England's work and that North was helping Wales.

Scotland, Australia and New Zealand begins to walk towards their seats.

"Oh…" America looks disappointed for a second. He noticed his frown and returned to his hero smile. "Okay then, let's start! Again, I'm reminding you of the Hero's – my - party on the fourth." he turns to the three Kirklands, "You guys would be coming, right?"

Australia and New Zealand look at each other, then turns to Scotland. Scotland looks back at his two nephews. New Zealand breaks the eye contact, "Uncle Scotland would be attending. I'm sorry America, but Dylan and I can't, we have to return as soon as possible to our homes." Scotland and America look at the two Pacific nations one with shock and the other with disappointment. New Zealand glances at Scotland with an apologetic smile. 'Sorry Uncle Alistair' New Zealand mouths to Scotland.

"Aw, too bad. Oh well, let's begin the meeting then. Let's start with how every country is doing now. Do you wanna start Germany?" America sits down again while Germany continues the meeting.

The meeting continued normally, meaning, fights broke out, starting with Turkey and Greece while the rest followed. Russia was scaring the Baltics while Belarus was sitting with Ukraine who was in a distance from Russia. Prussia interrupted the meeting with annoying nations like Poland and Austria until Hungary hit him multiple times with her frying pan until he decides to sit with Spain and France before he passes out.

As utter chaos ensues, Germany is losing his patience at a faster rate, he then slams his hand on the table and shouts to make every nation stop what they were doing. Ludwig gives every nation eight minutes to speak of the topic. Italy (Veneziano, mind you) raised his hands and Germany lets him speak, only to say 'Pastaaa~' after that, the chaos continues with Germany and a few other serious nations slowly having a headache.

America did not notice all of these happening before him. He was busy sulking about how England managed to avoid his birthday party again. Is he still bitter about my Independence? I was just one of his Colonies during that time, but I wasn't that much of an important colony, so he shouldn't have been bitter about that.

He was never like this to his other colonies when they got independent. You're just getting back at me, is that it England? Is it that bad that I just want you to see how I can be on my own, without anybody looking after me? To not just be your little brother and be an equal is what I wanted. My people were fed up with the taxes, so I had to be free from you. I was lucky that France and Prussia were helping me, but I didn't know that France was doing it to get back at you.

I'm not sorry that I became independent from you Arthur, but I'm sorry for what happened between us after that. You built a wall between us. We never got to speak to one another until the World Wars. During those times, you would get angry at me, but still keep your distance. Without my help, you would have been done for, you know. But you just have to be stubborn. Yeah, your people thanked my people, but you never thanked me, or even tried to break the wall between us.

After a few years, me and you got closer. I thought that the wall between us was gone. I started inviting you to birthday parties, at first, you awkwardly declined, saying you were busy and you were sorry you can't come. I tried year after year to invite you, from declining, you began to actually say that you'll attend. I was so happy then, finally, you'll attend my party! But my hopes just got shattered when in the last minute, I'll receive a call from you saying that you can't attend and that you'll try next year, you always sound tired those times.

After that, you began to ignore my invitations, my calls, and me in general when July fourth was near. I even tried going to your house to get you to come to my party, but your brothers would be there saying you had to go to Parliament that day to discuss something with your boss. They would shove me away saying that you'll be busy for the rest of the week and that you'll be home the week after the next.

At first, I thought that you were really busy, but as time passed, I became sceptical. You were just avoiding me. I feel hurt. Why are you avoiding me? But after a week or so after my birthday, you'll return. You'll be acting the same as you always do, just like nothing happened. Is my birthday that much of a sore topic to you that you'll avoid it at all costs?

And I thought that because there's a World Meeting today until the third, you'll be forced to go, but you surprise me by sending Scotland. This is so unfair Arthur. I feel cheated. Why don't you tell me face to face that you never want to attend my birthday, better yet, why don't you just say that after my independence, I was nothing to you. I might have been your ally during the World Wars, but that doesn't change anything, does it? England, I…

A tear falls from Alfred's eye. He tales notice and wipes it off before anybody sees it. He looks at his watch – quarter to one – he should really be announcing lunch break now. But he doesn't want to continue the meeting for today.

America looks at the nations in front of him, some of the nations are still arguing, Greece and his cats were sleeping, the commie bastard Russia was staring at China intently, Prussia being smacked on the head by Hungary's frying pan, Japan looking aloof, New Zealand, Australia and Scotland with their blank stares like England's, France staring at him with a sad face, Cuba – wait, France staring at him with a sad face? America stares at France, noticing that he was found staring, France gives a seductive wink, which America shrugged off. He noticed Germany in the brink of shouting again, so he had to interfere now. He stood out and spoke.

"Yo! Dudes! It's already past quarter to one, we should be talking a lunch break now, but since I think we don't have that much to talk about for today and I think we covered most of the stuff we want to talk about today, we can continue tomorrow. We can do that, right Germany?" America looks at Germany.

"Uh, yes, we have covered most of what must be covered. We can continue this meeting tomorrow then. Adjourned!" Everybody except America stood up. When only a few more nations were on the meeting room, America stood up to leave, but he saw Scotland, Australia and New Zealand with Cana- Canda – Mattie. He was curious why England's brother and two former colonies were with his brother, well, Mattie was also a former colony of Arthur, and part of the Commonwealth for that matter, but still, why?

Alfred left the meeting room but stood behind the slightly opened door.

"Matthew." Scotland was talking with his brother now.

"Eh?" 'Scotland's talking to me? Why?' Canada looked at Alistair, Dylan and Andrew. 'Oh… I forgot, is it that time again? This year seems a little bit early.' "Yes, Scotland?"

"Happy Birthday Matthew. Arthur wanted to give you this." Scotland handed red wrapped box with a white ribbon to Canada. "He was supposed to come today, but it started yesterday. He did say he was going to try to give it earlier but he was busy with Parliament so he didn't have time. He hopes you like it."

Shit! I forgot Mattie's birthday! What present to give? What present to give?

Why do I feel jealous that Mattie got a present from Iggy?

Canada took the gift. "Uh, can I open it now?"

Scotland nodded.

Canada untied the ribbon and gently took off the paper, careful not to tear it. As Canada opened the box, he took out a jar of what looks like maple leaf-shaped cookies and a red and white striped scarf.

America was now peeking at the door. Good thing Scotland, Australia and New Zealand has their back on him, and Canada was busy staring at his present. Wait… Are those cookies?

"England baked these Maple cookies, eh?" Canada smiled such a beautiful smile.

Iggy can actually bake something without burning them? This is a joke right?

"Aye, he did bake them. But it did take a while for him to get it 'perfect'." Scotland smiled at Canada.

Contrary to popular belief, England can cook. He's just easily distracted when in the kitchen so whatever he cooks usually burn unless he's really concentrating. Plus, he bakes one of the best pastries that can rival France's, but he only serves them to his brothers, New Zealand and Australia. Now, Canada would also have the taste of England's heavenly baking.

Canada opened the jar and took a cookie. He took a bite and he let the maple and vanilla caress his taste buds. "Wow! These cookies are delicious. England did get the taste of perfect Maple cookies, but it has its distinct taste. This is better than what France and I can do. Please have some." Canada offered the three nations with him some of the cookies. They all took one and ate it.

"I always knew me little brother can cook and bake if he puts his mind to it."

"I wish mum can bake for us again, right Andrew?" Australia smiled as his brother nodded his head.

The four nations began random conversations until Canada spoke again. "Scotland, again, please thank Arthur for the heavenly cookies and the beautiful scarf."

"Matthew, you know you can call me Uncle Alistair, right? And wee little Arthur likes to make scarfs during summer, but he finished this one early, so he gave it to you already."

Canada smiled, "okay then Sco- Uncle Alistair." He then frowned. "Arthur… It's a little bit early this year, right?"

Alistair, Dylan and Andrew also frowned as Alistair spoke, "Sad to say, yes, and it is quite frightening. Arthur… He…" Scotland shook his head. "He's worse."

As he heard of Arthur's condition, America hastily opened the door to say, "What happened to Arthur?!"

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