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Dumbledore checked the forms once again. He already had some certain favorites. It was a pity that only a few students could join this year. It has always been like this- if the students are above first year, then they have some trouble getting in. Luckily those turned away from Hogwarts may be accepted into another wizarding school. So far the Headmaster chose Taylor Retay, who he was positive would turn out an amazing wizard and most likely a Gryffindor. Shay Evens looked like a fine young man. Claire Flint seemed to be interesting enough to count in. Kalli Caulder would be a perfect fit for a Ravenclaw, but Dumbledore wasn't quite sure yet. Eliza Ponce had an interesting childhood, the one that Albus hated. She was thought of as an outsider to the Muggles. That usually happens to wizards and witches, but Albus always felt a little sorry for them. Liam Bonafaire's family was quite unusual- a Hufflepuff and a Slytherin. Liam seemed like he could possibly be in a complete different house!

The Headmaster smiled back to the happy children. Within a week they would be entering Hogwarts' vast doors and into the dining hall to be sorted into a house. Then they would look aghast at the enormous feast in front of them, eyes filled with life. Then the students would be escorted into their dormitories. Albus could almost smell the fest already.