It was 8:30am and Jill & Gordon arrived at work together. At this point Jill was heavily pregnant and the strain was clear on her face. She looked tired but had still insisted on working. Gordon couldn't change her mind but had made it clear she was to take it easy, something which Jill was happy to agree to. Her whole body ached and the pregnancy was starting to take its toll. She took pleasure in knowing that the arrival of their baby was imminent. And soon her and Gordon would finally meet their child.

The day was busy which was nothing unusual. They were lucky if it was anything but hectic at The Royal but that's why Jill & Gordon loved their jobs. They both loved being able to help people and save people's lives.
Gordon had spent the morning in the rain trying to save a young boy from a collapsed wedding venue in the sea. In the end they had had to amputate the boy's leg in order to save him. To him this was saddening but also a huge success. Although the boy had lost a limb they had been able to save his life which Gordon always relished, it was why he became a Doctor in the first place. Jill on the other hand had stayed in the safety of the hospital. She treated several patients, one that was also involved with the collapse of the wedding venue. Both Sister and Matron had said they thought she was still doing too much, to which she replied 'No rest for the wicked!' Typical of Jill, putting her work before herself even when all she wanted to do was go home.

By 7pm all the patients were bedded down and there was a small party to say goodbye to Dr Goodwin. Jill finished her paperwork on the ward with Matron and Sister. Then it all started. It was obvious Jill was in a considerable amount of pain and discomfort.

'Are you alright Doctor?' Asked Sister Bridget
Jill let out a sigh whilst clutching her back and leaning forwards 'its three weeks early'
'I'm afraid it's not your decision Doctor' Replied Matron

Sister Bridget rushed off to get Dr Ormerod whilst Matron & a nurse eased Dr Weatherill into a seat. The time had finally arrived, albeit early, for Jill & Gordon to welcome their child into the world.

Gordon rushed to Jill, happy but nervous. He stood by her side, encouraging her & kissing her head whilst she tried to cope with the pain that each contraction bought. He honestly couldn't love her anymore and he was certain he'd never loved anybody the same as he loved this fantastic woman. And before they both knew it, about months of anticipation and planning, they were parents to a beautiful baby boy. Jill was overwhelmed with love for this new creature that she'd made & Gordon couldn't have been prouder of her. Jonathon Ormerod couldn't have been welcomed into a more loving relationship. Gordon was ecstatic about the new addition to their family and pride was etched over his face. For both of them it felt as if all the bad stuff that had happened since Gordon's car accident was now well and truly behind them and this was a new chapter in their lives.