By magic of the moon



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The shadowed figure flew over the city of Tomoeda, jet black angel wings slicing through the air like knife blades. He came to a graceful landing upon the Tokyo tower, glancing down hatefully at the life below him, the lives of humans.

Humans. How he hated that word. The wretched humans, who had no regard for anything but themselves. The selfish, arrogant fools. They would pay for what happened to him. All of the human race would pay.

The very thought of humans enraged the being even more. He would get his revenge upon all of mankind, and they'll be sorry. They would beg his mercy. They would quiver and quake at the very mention of him. He would make them regret their very existence. He would, if it was the last thing he ever did.

The figure took off again, to a house this time. Landing quietly on the roof, he could sense magical activity coming from inside. There were two guardians in this household. Two guardians—one of the sun, and one of the moon.

Just then, the front door opened and a young man with grey hair and amber eyes stepped out. "I'll see you tomorrow then, To-ya." He said, smiling at his friend.

"Are you going to be alright out there, Yuki? It's pretty dark out." another voice, coming from inside, replied.

"I'll be fine; it's a full moon tonight. Yue has me backed up." Yukito chuckled. "Oyasumi nasai, To-ya."

"Good night." Touya said, then closed the door.

As Yukito set out into the night, the figure focused his power on sensing the magic coming from within the snow rabbit. There was indeed a powerful aura coming from within the boy. A moon-based power, to be more specific.

"He won't be a problem," the figure muttered to himself. Moon-based beings were the moody type. This once especially could be swayed. Once again reaching out with his magic sense, the being found the second guardian.

It was a sun guardian, a loyal and fierce creature. But the being focused further on his senses, and pinpointed his weakness—sweets. This one was an easy bet. A guardian beast, easily bribed. Didn't their Master know any better? But then again, all humans were idiots.

The figure flew off for the third time, soaring over the city. He would come back later. Later, when he had recruited some other creations, who agreed with him, to be in his army. He flapped his magnificent black wings, silently vowing revenge on humans. They will be sorry, he promised himself.

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