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Chapter 1?

His weight pinned her to the nearest wall and she fought against a whimper as she struggled against the shadowy mass in front of her. Even worse, she appeared to be only fourteen and was still the weak little girl fielding punches meant for both her and her brothers from their father.

Suddenly, the face focused in on the shadow pinning her to the wall, and she gasped in shock and recognition. Dark messy hair that desperately needed a wash. Bloodshot, clouded eyes that glared at her. A cruel mouth that emitted the burning smells of both whiskey and brandy mixed. It was indeed her father.

He leaned to her and growled menacingly into her ear, "I'll see you soon Tess, can't wait to see you again."

Teresa Lisbon shot up in her bed, the covers tangled around her shaking form. She was covered in a fine sheet of sweat and her breathing was heavily laboured. She panted for a few moments before her sleepy brain caught up to the dream and memory that had woken her up. She shuddered. She had very few memories of her father where he was a kind, normal, loving person, and she didn't really like dwelling on the memories she had of him after the death of her mother.

Sighing, she stumbled clumsily out of her bed and into the ensuite bathroom. She knew she wouldn't get any more sleep tonight. She peered into the mirror attached to the cream wall of the spacious room and sighed as her reflection mimicked her. She touched a strand of her dark locks. She had loved looking like her mother as a small child, then hated it once her mum had died. Who wanted a reminder of what you'd lost every time you look into a mirror? Now she was simply indifferent. She wasn't particularly happy with being a spitting image of her mother, but she wasn't about to change it as she did as a teenager. It's not like it worked, anyhow.

A young Teresa Lisbon stared at the short boyish locks surrounding her face then back to the box of black hair dye she held in both hands. Drastic was cutting all of her hair off, as the massive clump of dark locks in the bathroom trash can now proved. Dying it wasn't that much more of a step. She hated it. She hated it when her father would walk in, completely inebriated and begin yelling at her, calling her Talia and asking why she was there at all. She swallowed the forming tears bravely. This was what she had to do and she knew it. Swallowing hard, she opened up the packet of dye.

Lisbon stared at her hair now for a moment. It was long now and back to her natural dark brown colour. She liked it that way, she ahd to admit. She wandered back to her room and glanced at the clock that sat in the centre of her night stand. The luminous display told her it was just past six o'clock in the morning. It was a waste of time attempting sleep now. She flicked the switch on the back of the clock to switch off the alarm set to go off at half past and began to straighten up the covers of her bed. It was going to be a long day, she could feel it.

She had just stepped out of her house with her thermos flask filled with coffee and her black briefcase when she suddenly got the feeling that someone was watching her. Placing one hand on her gun at her hip cautiously, she scanned the area around her. There was nothing. The street was empty, just as it was at that time on every other day. Shrugging it off, she climbed into her black SUV and took a long gulp of her coffee before sighing in bliss. No matter how bad her day had started out, a coffee never failed to cheer her up. Now she just needed to go and face another day at work.

Lisbon had just sat down at her desk with an open file before her waiting to be read and signed when the shrill ringing of her desk phone broke the peaceful quiet of the third floor of the CBI that housed the SCU. Sighing, she picked up the receiver and pressed it to her ear with a short, "Lisbon."

She listened attentively to the other side, the hand that wasn't clutching the phone to her ear making notes of a sticky yellow post-it note.

"Yeah, uh-huh. No, I understand. We'll be there as soon as possible. Bye."

Lisbon put the phone down and placed her head into her hands. Deaths never got any easier, no matter how many times you faced it. Also the fact that Red John had been dead for just under a year, and already all the copycats were coming out in force. They were still the go-to guys for anything to do with Red John, and all the local PDs still called them all the time. Steeling herself, she stepped out of the sanctuary of her office and into the bullpen.

"Gear up everyone, we have a homicide."

The team looked up excitedly. It had been a boring week, and they had been looking forward to being able to work, though it wasn't good that someone had to die for them to be busy. Lisbon held up a hand and they fell silent, waiting for her to continue.

"It's a Red John copycat case."

All eyes turned to Jane, who had sat up at Lisbon's word with a thoughtful expression on his face. The rest of the team held their breath until he finally smiled and got up to stand beside Lisbon.

"Okay, everyone. Let's go."

The house was a nice looking house with a neatly trimmed lawn and nicely painted front door that was a brilliant green colour, contrasting to the plain doors of the rest of the street. Now it also had yellow crime scene tape and several uniformed visitors to differentiate it from its neighbours too. Jane placed a hand on Lisbon's forearm, a worried expression on his face.

"Lisbon, you okay?" He murmured into her ear so that her team couldn't hear them. Lisbon opened her mouth to deny everything before she shut it again. Eventually she shrugged.

"I don't know Jane, I really don't. We'll just have to wait and see. Right now we have to focus on the dead person in the house and the stupid copycat smiley face. Are you okay with this?"

Jane nodded sullenly and let his grip of her arm go slack, though he kept a close distance as she made her way into the house and upstairs to where the latest corpse was waiting for them. It was a woman in her late twenties, long blonde hair pulled into a ponytail and the usual Red John cutting style, obviously how she died with a smiley face adorning the wall above the body. Jane looked at the body, making his own unique observations as Lisbon snapped on some latex gloves and began going through the night stand of the simple and tasteful bedroom the victim had been found in. Peering into the bottom draw only revealed a photograph alone in it. She was about to look at it when she heard two sets of heavy footsteps heading towards them and a familiar voice that made her blood run cold and years' worth of painful memories threatened to overtake her.

"I can show you where it is, I know where she kept that kind of thing. I just can't believe she's dead."

Jane glanced up and noticed the ashen complexion of the petite brunette who was shaking on the spot in the corner of the room. Within an instant he was by her side, waving a hand before her face quickly.

"Lisbon?" He asked worriedly when she didn't respond. "Lisbon? Are you okay? Come on, speak to me woman, please. You're starting to worry me now." Just then, two men entered the room, one wearing a uniform of Sac PD, the other one wearing a button down shirt and a pair of jeans that were both spattered with blood. He was obviously the one who found this particular body. The officer grinned at Jane cheekily.

"What's wrong psychic boy?"

Jane frowned at the officer. "There's no such thing as psychics, as I've already explained to you before now, and I'm not quite sure. Lisbon's not responding to me."

The officer looked concerned immediately and rushed to Lisbon's other side. "Agent Lisbon, are you okay?" He asked, and the man wearing the shirt and jeans turned slowly to face the three in the corner of the room, his gaze focusing on the brunette woman between the two men.

"Talia?" He whispered in shock, and Lisbon seemed to wake from her trance, enough to answer anyway.

"No, I'm not Talia. Never have been as you well know," She answered shortly, refusing to even look at the man as she turned to face Jane. He knew her mother's name and in a moment of vulnerability, she had even told her that she looked like her mother. He knew enough to keep quiet about it all, and she was grateful. "Jane, I'm fine, honest." Jane didn't look convinced, but he nodded anyway and gave her some room.

"Okay, let's go tell Cho the CSU can start processing the scene," He told her kindly and she nodded, looking shaky. She reached the door with Jane following her when the man's voice stopped them once more.

"Tess, please-"

"No, you already had your chance, dad."

The man flinched at the pure ice in her tone and reached out to touch her arm as she walked past, but Jane got in his way, a cold glare on his face as he took hold of Lisbon's hand and lead her quickly away from the room. She didn't even put up resistance as he pulled her straight past Cho and the rest of her team until they were stood outside. He put his hands on her shoulders and made her look into his eyes.

"Lisbon, are you okay?"

Lisbon looked like she was about to lie, but sighed instead. "I don't know Jane." She whispered, looking vulnerable. Jane enfolded her in his arms as she whispered into his ear. "I thought he was dead Jane. I really hoped he was. I don't know if I can take this."

"You can, and you will. You do have a choice, you know. Not much of one, but a choice nonetheless. It might make you feel slightly better about all this."

Lisbon pulled away enough to look up at him with a small kind of hope shining through the fear in her eyes. "What?"

"Are you going to tell your brothers?" He asked as the man from earlier came outside. He heard all of what Jane had said, though he stayed in the shadows. Lisbon answered him immediately.

"No. No, Jane, I can't do that to them. They were finally free from all of it when I was raising them alone. I can't tell them that everything they thought was true was actually a lie."

"Maybe Tommy night want to know. You know, for Annie's sake maybe," Jane suggested but felt Lisbon shiver in his arms as she shook her head vehemently.

"No. Tommy wouldn't let him within a million miles of his only daughter Jane, and I wouldn't blame him for that. James and David wouldn't even speak to him, so don't even mention them in this either. Hell, I don't even want to acknowledge him Jane."

Jane nodded and hugged the brunette woman to him once more, a gesture that she gladly reciprocated. "You're strong, Lisbon. You'll make it through this."

Lisbon nodded and awkwardly pulled away from him, her business-like tone returning almost immediately, though there was a hint of compassion behind it as she spoke to him. "You sure you can handle this case Jane? I can always fob it off to the local PD if that's what you want."

Jane nodded and swallowed. "Yeah, I'll be fine, but it's no big deal, honest. Lisbon, he's dead, we know that. There'll always be another crazy out there, and I have to deal with it. There's no need to become the mother bear on me. I'm fine. Save the protective instincts for your brothers, though it's nice to see you care."

Lisbon smiled gratefully as his response instilled a sense of normality for her. Cho came out of the house at that moment and walked straight up to the pair. "Hey, boss-"

The man couldn't stay in the shadows any longer. "Boss?" He asked incredulously, walking towards the trio, who all stared at him. "Since when have you been a boss, Tess?"

"I've been a boss for the past twelve years, and it's Agent Lisbon to you, sir." Lisbon said stiffly, and Cho turned to watch her intently, before looking at Jane. One look to the blonde man's hostile face, and Cho understood enough to know he had to protect his boss at all costs.

The man looked apologetic. "Tess, don't be like this."

"You can't tell me what to do."

"Who can't? I'm your father Tess."

"Yeah, and what a crap one you were too."

"How dare you?" Her father was clearly angry, and tried to take a step towards her, only to find his path blocked by the two men, both glaring at him.

"How dare I? How dare you beat the crap out of me and my brothers for years before faking your own death and disappearing on us?" Teresa said angrily, about to launch herself at her father, when an older car appeared at the house, and Virgil Minelli got out and headed towards them all. Lisbon looked surprised before staring at Jane. He shrugged then nodded.

Virgil reached them and immediately pulled Lisbon into a tight hug. "It's good to see you Lisbon." He told her firmly.

"It's good to see you too, Virgil." She assured him, reciprocating the hug just a firmly. Virgil pulled away, but kept his hold on the petite brunette as he turned to face the stranger in the group.

"Hi, I'm Virgil Minelli," He told the other man, holding one hand out respectfully, whilst holding Teresa round the waist with the other one. The man gritted his teeth, but shook hands with Minelli anyway.

"I'm Mark Lisbon, Tess' father."

Minelli looked shocked and turned to Teresa. She nodded, looking grim and uptight at the same time.

"It's true, Virgil, no matter how much I wish it was different." As soon as he had Lisbon's confirmation, Virgil's entire posture changed from casual and relaxed to protective and angry. His grip tightened on Teresa, and she took a large intake of breath at the unexpected tightening of his grasp around her waist. Mark looked angry, but the demeanour of the older man before him stopped him from losing it. He knew that if he so much as took a step towards Tess whilst angry, then he'd get most likely killed by the three men surrounding her.

"You look good Tess." He tried in a soft voice, but Lisbon tensed anyway. Cho took a step away from Lisbon and towards Mark.

"Excuse me sir, but you need to step back into the house. You are a witness and a potential suspect."


"Go away," She finally said, looking up. Mark flinched at the pure hate and ice mixed into her green eyes. "Fuck off sir back inside until we have some questions for you to answer."

"What did you just say?"

"I said, fuck off!"

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