First Day Of School:

Carlos quietly enters his five year old daughter, Aubrey's bedroom.

Today is hers and Zander's first day of school, and Zander seems really excited about it. He woke up earlier than he should have, running into Carlos and Allie's bedroom and jumping on the bed shouting about how excited he is about his first day of school. Aubrey on the other hand, didn't seem to excited about it last night. Carlos and Allie tried telling her about how great school is, and that she's gonna have lots of fun and make a lot of new friends, but she didn't buy it at all. And on top of that, Aubrey is not a morning person and she hates getting woken up, so this is not gonna be easy.

"Aubrey, princess wake up," Carlos says softly, kneeling down on her bedside and stroking her cheek with his hands. Aubrey turns around, her back facing Carlos. He sighs. "Wake up sweetheart, mommy and Zander are waiting downstairs for you to eat breakfast."

"But daddy I'm tired," Aubrey says tiredly, pulling the blanket over her head.

"You can go to sleep when you get home from school," he tells his little girl. "You only have half a day today, please get up."

She doesn't budge.

Hmm, how can he get her to get up? She's not being cooperative at all. He suddenly thinks of an idea. He's gonna tickle her! Aubrey is the most ticklish little girl ever.

He slides his hand under the blanket, tickling her sides. He chuckles as she begins giggling, trying to push his hand away.

"Daddy, stop it!" She says, giggling.

"Are you gonna get up?" he questions, as he stops tickling her. She shakes her head, so Carlos goes to tickle her again.

"Okay, I'll get up!" she finally says, sitting up on her bed.

Carlos smiles, taking her little hand and helping her jump off the bed as they walk downstairs, hand in hand. They enter the dining room, where Allie and Zander are setting the table.

"Good morning," Allie smiles, leaning down and giving her daughter a kiss on the top of her head.

"Good morning, Mommy," Aubrey says, climbing onto a chair.

"Mommy, we're all done!" Zander exclaims happily, climbing onto the chair next to his sister.

"Good job babe," Allie tells him. Her and Carlos take a seat next to each other across from Aubrey and Zander. "Are you guys excited for your first day of school?"

"Yeah!" Zander exclaims. "Isaac telled me that it's lots of fun!"

Allie giggles at her sons excitement. Zander has always been a little hyper one. "That's great!"

"What about you princess?" Carlos asks his daughter.

"I don't wanna go," she says softly, looking down.

"Why not baby girl?" Allie questions.

"I don't want you guys to leave me," Aubrey replies sadly. "I don't wanna be there alone by myself."

Oh, they get it. She's maybe afraid that if Carlos and Allie drop her off, they won't be back to pick her up, right? Isn't that what most kids are afraid of on their first day of school? Their parents leaving them? Yeah, they think so. So, this is completely normal.

"Honey, we're not gonna leave you," Carlos tells his daughter. "We're gonna drop you off, but we're gonna go pick you up a few hours later, okay? Plus, you won't be alone, Zander is gonna be there with you."

"Yeah Aubrey, we can play with blocks and stuff!" Zander exclaims. "Isaac saided that uncle Kendall and Aunt Chelsea picked him up!"

Aubrey just nods slowly, but she looks like she's still not too sure about school.

"Okay guys, finish eating so you can get dressed."

Carlos and Allie make their way into the school, with Aubrey and Zander. Zander is holding Allie's hand, and he's practically dragging her to the classroom. He's really excited for school. Carlos is holding Aubrey in his arms, and her head is rested on his shoulder. He hopes she doesn't make this difficult.

They finally arrive at the correct classroom, and there's already a few kids in there just playing. As they enter the classroom, the teacher Mrs. Harte walks towards them.

"Hello Mr. and Mrs. Garcia!" She exclaims. "This must be Aubrey and Alexander?"

Allie nods. "Alexander goes by Zander, though."

"Oh, alright, I'll be sure to remember that," Mrs. Harte says, smiling down at Zander. "Don't you look excited? Why don't you go play?"

Allie kneels down infront of him, kissing his cheek. "Be good, okay sweetie? I love you."

"Okay mommy, I love you!" Zander exclaims, before running over to where the blocks are.

"Aubrey, why don't you go play with Zander?" Carlos questions, putting Aubrey down but she immediately clings onto his leg. Yeah, he knew this wasn't gonna be easy.

"I don't want to," she says softly. "I don't want you and mommy to go."

"Princess, we're gonna be right back to pick you up in a couple of hours," Allie tells her daughter. "Look, if you go play with the blocks with your brother, and patiently wait for me and daddy to come back, we will take you out for ice cream, okay?"

It takes a moment, but Aubrey finally nods in agreement. Allie kisses her daughter cheek, then Carlos kneels down, giving her a hug and a kiss as well.

"Come on Aubrey!" Zander says, walking up and grabbing his sisters hand, dragging her over to the blocks.. "These blocks are fun!"

Carlos and Allie smile, watching as their kids play together.

"We'll be back later to pick them up," Carlos tells Mrs. Harte, as him and Allie walk toward the door.

"Alright, I'll see you later!"

"How was school guys?" Carlos questions, as he drives out of the school parking lot. The just picked the twins up from school, and they both were playing and looked like they were having fun when they entered the classroom to get them. Which is a good thing. Carlos wouldn't want Aubrey to be difficult every single morning, since he's gonna be the one dropping them off, and Allie is gonna pick them up.

"I had super fun!" Zander exclaims. "We gots to play with blocks, and then the teacher readed us some books and then we even got to eat a snack!"

"That sounds so fun!" Allie smiles. "What about you Aubrey, did you like school?"

"Yes!" Aubrey smiles widely. "Me and Zander haded fun with all the other kids mommy! I can't wait to go tomorrow!"

Carlos sighs in relief. Good thing she liked it.

"That's amazing princess," Carlos grins. "Now how about that ice cream?"

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