This shall be the Garcia's going to Disneyworld! Btw, Bella isn't born in this yet, but Allie is pregnant so the twins are about five.

"How long are we gonna be on this plane, daddy?" Aubrey asks.

"For about six hours." Carlos replies to his daughter.

"Is that a lot?" Zander questions.

"Kind of." he says.

Right now, him, Aubrey, Zander, and Allie are on a plane on their way to Orlando. They're gonna be going to Disney World for about a week, and they're really excited. Even though Allie is about seven months pregnant and can't get on the rides, she doesn't mind. She just felt the need to go on vacation for a while. Plus, she also loves Disney World because it's not all about rides, there's other activites to do. While they're over there, they're going to be staying at Disney's Gran Floridian Resort & Spa.

"I'm so huge." Allie pouts, setting both hands on her stomach. She's happy she's gonna have another little baby, she just hates how big she is. She looks like she swallowed a beach ball, and Carlos probably doesn't find that attractive at all. He says she's beautiful reguardless, but Allie knows he doesn't mean it. He's just saying that because he's her husband. Husbands are suppose to make their wifes feel good about themselves, right?

"Shut up," Carlos tells her. "You're pregnant, what do you expect?"

Allie shrugs. "I just don't like how I look when I'm this big."

"I've told you this so many times before, but I'm gonna tell you again, you're beautiful reguardless." he tells her. Everytime she's pregnant (this is only her second time), she has crazy mood swings and she always feels insecure. The mood swings drive him crazy. And he hates when she feels insecure. He can kind of understand why, though. Because she's really small.

"You're just saying that." she mutters. "I look like a whale."

"A beautiful whale." he replies, earning a glare from Allie. He just chuckles, wrapping an arm around her shoulder and kissing her temple. "Babe, I'm just playing. You don't look like a whale."

Allie just sighs, resting her head on his shoulder. "I'm so ready to pop this baby out."

"Me too." Carlos mumbles.

After six hours of being on that plane, they've finally arrived in Orlando Florida. They just arrived at their hotel, and since they're going to be there for a week, they're staying at the Suite. The limo just dropped them off, and now Carlos is getting the luggage on the luggage carts, while Allie along with the twins went to go get their key, then go up to their room.

"I like this hotel!" Aubrey exclaims, as they walk through the lobby to head to the elevator, since they're room is on one of the top floors, because it's a suite, they're on the higher floors since they're bigger.

"It's nice, huh?" Allie agrees. She always loves coming to Disneyworld. The last time they were here, the twins were still babies, so they really didn't get to enjoy their time here since they were small. But now they're old enough to ride the little kid rides. She knows they're gonna love it.

"When are we gonna go to Disneyworld?" Zander questions. He's been so excited for this vacation for the longest time, ever since he found out they were coming. So he's really impatient to get there and ride all the rides. Allie doesn't blame him, she remembers the first time she went to Disneyworld, she was really excited as well.

"In a little bit, we're gonna wait for daddy to get up there, then we're all gonna get ready, then we're going out for breakfast then we'll go, okay?" Allie tells her son.

He nods happily, as they exit the elevator and walk down to their suite.

Allie uses the key to open the door, and they all enter the big nice suite. This is gonna be perfect for them for the next week that they're going to be here. It has a kitchen, a living room with a flat screen, three bedrooms and they each have their own bathroom and flat screen as well, a hot tub, and a really nice balcony. Yeah, she already knows she's gonna love it here. She probably isn't even gonna wanna leave.

While the twins begin to explore, Allie just sits on the comfortable couch. Her back is starting to hurt, considering she's seven months pregnant, her stomach is pretty big and it hurts her back when she walks a lot or stands up for a long period of time. Hopefully she still can enjoy her time here, because it's going to involve a lot of walking.

She sighs as she hears a knock on the door. It's Carlos with the luggage. With a bit of difficulties, she gets up and walks over to the door, her hand on her back since it's still hurting. She hates the last few months of pregnancy, she just wants to have her baby girl already. After this baby, she's definitely having no more kids. She already has a daughter and a son, and she's going to have another daughter, she thinks that two girls and a boy is good enough.

"Does your back hurt?" Carlos asks, rolling in the luggage cart, then shutting the door behind him. He didn't really wanna take the vacation right now that she's pregnant, but she insisted so they just came. He just hates how she's always in pain, and he wants her to enjoy the time here. She probably won't be able to, though.

"Yeah," she nods, slowly sitting back down on the couch, leaning back on it.

"Let me give you a back massage," Carlos offers, sitting on the couch next to her. He always gives her back massages when her back hurts, and they always seem to work. He signals for her to sit up, since she can't lay on her stomach she was to be sitting down when he does it. When she sits up, Carlos starts soothingly massaging her back. "You think you're gonna be alright going out today? We can stay in, and we'll just go out tomorrow...we have a week, it's not really a big deal."

"No, I'll be fine." she tells him. "Zander and Aubrey are really excited about going today, I don't wanna let them down just because I don't feel good."

"But if you don't feel good we shouldn't go."

"I'm fine." she insists.

"Whatever you say." he mumbles, continuing to massage her back.

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