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In the meantime, please enjoy this little story of mine. It's still part of the Chronicles of the Rose, but it isn't connected to Lili's story whatsoever. This happens in the same world as Lili's, though. There'll be a lot of OCs here, since I just love my OC!Philippines. I hope you won't be bothered by them and would just read this fic. And, oh yeah! Thanks a lot for taking time to read this note! *bows* Ja ne!

The HUMAN names of the OCs and others are as follows:
Australia – Kyle Kirkland
New Zealand – Jason Kirkland
Philippines – Maria Ana dela Cruz
Seychelles – Sesel Creole

Warning: Shota-con, scandals, BOYxBOY, yaoi, drama, OOCness

Disclaimer: Axis Powers Hetalia and its characters do not belong to me. Hidekaz Himaruya created them to save this world from utter boredom.

The full moon cast a bright and hypnotic glow over the sleeping citizens of Ciel. The few merchants left by the city streets were packing up, pushing their tiny carts towards their homes. Silence was the only thing that can be heard in the kingdom, as all other sounds seemed to be asleep. All the lights were out as a cloak of darkness hung around the kingdom. The only room which remained lit was the Queen's room in the castle. The Queen had a guest for the night, a guest that who was oddly nervous…

"Is there a reason why you brought me here, François?" a man clad in pheasant's clothes asked. He was seated across from the Queen's bed in a large velvet chair.

The Queen took a deep breath, her hand placed protectively over her stomach. "I have… Rather amusing news for you…" she tried to joke, an awkward smile spread across her face.

The man raised an eyebrow. "I'm intrigued. Do tell what it is…" he replied, clasping his hands on his thighs.

The Queen shuffled uneasily on the edge of her bed, her eyes never moving from her lover. The King and young Prince Francis were out training in the woods. She now had time to meet with her lover without their knowledge.

"You would not believe this…" she began, "But I'm pregnant… With your child…"

The man visibly stiffened, but his violet eyes remained emotionless. He ran a hand nervously through his curly blonde locks and looked at the Queen. She felt herself tense under his scrutinizing gaze.

"When… How… Who else knows about this?" he asked, fidgeting with the hem of his shirt.

The Queen shook her head. "No one knows anything…"

"Good" was the last word the man uttered before he stood up, walked to the door and left. The Queen remained calmly seated on her bed, thoughts on how to hide the truth running through her mind. When she could think no more, she rested her head in her hands and cried.

The sun was just beginning to rise above the high mountains that protected the valley of Ciel, its light tainting the sky with a light blue hue. As the light fell on one of the high towers of the castle it was immediately greeted by a smiling blonde baby.

"Good morning, my dear Matthew…" Queen François greeted the child. She took him from the Nurse's arms and kissed his smooth forehead.

The baby responded to the touch by giggling. The Queen began to stroke the baby's blonde locks, making the latter lean in to her hand.

"You may leave us, Amelia…" she said to the Nurse.

The young woman curtseyed, hurriedly leaving the room. François sat on a chair found on the far side of the room. She lifted the baby up, letting the sunlight shine on its beautiful face.

She sighed and brought the baby to her bosom. "You look exactly like your father, mon cher…" she whispered, "Which is why I will not let anyone see you..."

The baby looked up, violet eyes filled with curiosity. He tilted his head, as if to say he did not understand. François smiled and kissed him again.

"Do not worry, Matthew…" she said. She placed him back on the crib at the center of the large room.

"I'll keep you safe in this tower. No one will find you, no one will harm you, and no one will know you exist…" she whispered to the innocent child, "As long as Amelia Jones does not utter a word, we are safe. Our secret will be left buried. You do not need to worry, mon ami, everything will be fine…"

She strode to the rather small wooden door and opened it. Once she was out, she put a heavy padlock on the door. Amelia, who did not walk away from the room, stood waiting by the door. The Queen looked at her and gave her the key.

"I trust you, Amelia…" she said, "I want you to take care of mon petite Mathieu… And make sure he will never be able to leave this tower…"

All the poor woman could do was to nod her head, secretly opposing the idea of locking a child barely a week old in a high tower. She worried about the condition of Matthew, thinking that he may grow up deformed or disabled.

She had no idea that Matthew would grow up to be such a beautiful and feminine little boy. And that her son, Alfred, would be the one to set him free.