September 8, 2011 Thursday Mood: Mad/Tricked/happy

OK listen here diary, you are NOT gonna get written in so don't expect me to… who am I kidding I need a person to talk to and you are the person… or book. Well woke up at 3 AM thanks to my brother Max that said it was 7:45 and we were going to be late. I TOTALLY fell for it. After that I almost killed him but my mom stopped me from doing it and told me to get to bed. I got a mean eye on Max's. I asked my mom if I could get revenge and she said yes that he deserved it but if I went to harsh I'm grounded. I was happy so when I could hear Max snore (he snores like a pig) I got permanent maker and went to his room and wrote "STUPID" I sneaked out happy and went to bed.

In the morning all I heard was, "MAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYY YOU OVER DID IT" Max yelled with black on his forehead.

I was eating like nothing happened.

At school it was a normal my best friends, Whitney and Erika, kept talking about the celebrity Drew a super hot singer that is single. I personally don't like him because he's just a singer that thinks he's the best. The lunch lady said "Eat you vegetables." When there wasn't even any (HOORAY). The PE teacher kept making us play basketball which I suck in so the teacher just makes me be her assistant in making sure the towels and water are perfect or helping out with injuries (there are like 3 each week) they call me Dr. Maple for that. The truth is that I don't want to be a doctor I want to be a singer. Well also I slept during math class because we were reviewing things I knew. About my dream my dad is a doctor and my mom a nurse so I have to be one too which makes me sad but I'm going to make them understand one day.

Got to go to sleep for Thursday tomorrow, Bye for now