Oct 26, 2011 Wednesday Mood: Bored. (Hiding from Max)

Dear board of school,


It took me a while to get that joke... haha... I'm funny. So yup. Today, in art class, our teacher asked us to draw a farm animal. I thought maybe I could get points for creativity if I handed in the canvas blank. (Fuck you proper dialogue c:)

Me: Here's my painting. -hands over blank canvas- I drew a cow eating pasture.

Teacher: Where's the pasture?

Me: The cow ate it.

Teacher: Where's the cow?

Me: It left since there was no more pasture.

I got a -D. See, I got points for creativity. She said I could go do another one, but I chose not to. Since when does painting a farm animal help you in life? Seriously, that won't get me anywhere unless... never mind. I have nothing.

So I finally got back in contact with my old BFFs, Erika and Whitney. It's been more than a month since I last saw them. I missed them so much! We were Sunsking online for the whole night. Maybe that's why I fell asleep in class. I told them almost EVERYTHING that has happened. I just yet haven't told them about the maid thing. They would have told their moms, and then their moms would tell my mom. Get me?

Gosh, they started freaking when I told them I went to school with Drew. Mental sigh, fangirls. Gary Oak is waaaaay cuter. He's like the best actor, evaaaa! Anyways, I told them I was going out with Ash. They made me tell them every single detail. Remember our make out session in the library? Yeah... that too. OMM! EMBARRASSING!

I was talking a bit too loud, and Max came into the room. He started talking to them about his love life. Maybe I sort of mentioned it... so yeah. That's why I'm hiding from Max. Mom and Dad aren't home tonight. Night shifts I guess. I think they were performing some surgery tonight. I dunno. I don't care.

I think Max is still mad he had to talk about girls with Erika and Whitney... I heard a girly scream. Yep. He's still looking. But I can't hide forever. What about food?! Oh wait... I think I have some snacks under my bed. THANK YOU IMPORTED SNACK PRODUCTS!