Oct 31, 2011 Monday Mood: Scarred and Scared

So I'm scarred. Ash, Iris, Cilan, and I. We are scarred. We found Dawn and Paul tongue wresting during a serous French kissing session. That is how there was only four of us on Halloween. Dawn and Paul got egged by a random naked guy in van.

Hopefully the candy can give me a sugar rush to get over this painful memory. I'm about to kill myself here! Anyways, I looked super cute in my costume of Little Red Riding Hood. Ash dressed up as a wolf for me. He's the best boy friend ever.

Halloween was quite interesting. Cilan ended up traumatized after a guy jumped out of nowhere and threw candy at us. Cilan forbid us from picking up the candy. We still did it when we shoved him in the porta-potty. We're such great people. Even Iris did it, and she's the one dating him.

Anyways, I think Mom found out Dad is cheating on her. I heard her crying in our library. We got a guest room and turned it into Mom's dream library since she was jealous of the Ketchum library. When Ash comes over, we always go in there. Obviously, TO READ!

Naaattty diary.

Anyways, I don't know if she was crying because of that or because she was reading a Nicolo Fartz story. The Textbook is the best movie/book ever! I forced Ash to watch it with me, and he cried more than I did. I think it's because we finished the chips before it ended.

Or my boyfriend is a whimp.

Awe... I think.

I gotta go finish my candy.


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