Nov 10, 2011 Thursday Mood: Lazy

So the cold finally decided to kick in. It started kicking in last month actually, but it went hardcore this time.

So now, I'm here, blocking every vitch I know on Facepage. They send me mean messages. Honestly, I've just gotten like two, but this is to be safe. I know the police gets involved and so does the district if something happens to us online.

Don't question it.

I question myself sometimes.

I hate answering things.

My head hurts.

I want food.

But the kitchen is soooo far away! Wait... I'm rich. I have maids.

Huh? I almost forgot about that.


I have a bowl of chips right next to me right now. I blocking Misty follower number 36.

I'm done blocking vitches! Yay!

Now... to eat.