Interview 9, 12:03 pm

Ben Kale, 16, Centerscore Police Precinct

Interrogation Room 4, Detective Cook

DC: Ben, are you aware that everything you say is being recorded and can be used to prosecute you in a court of law?

BK: Yes.

DC: Okay, so what's your take on what happened that night, last Saturday?

BK: Look, I don't even know, okay? I'm not even really good friends with Amanda, I went because Jessica begged me to. I would have preferred to keep my interactions with Colt to a minimum.

DC: Why's that?

BK: Uh, because he hates my guts? Have you not gotten the memo?

DC: No, I have, I just wasn't aware that you knew it too.

BK: How could I not? He makes it obvious all the time. But at least Saturday night he was civil.

DC: How so?

BK: Like he didn't confront me or anything or make snarky comments. He was just…normal I guess. Maybe Sam talked to him about it.

DC: Okay, and did Colt do anything else out of the ordinary, besides being normal to you?

BK: Not really. Oh wait, actually now that I think about it, he was sneaking glances at Taylor all night. And she was too.

DC: What kinds of glances?

BK: Worried, like they knew a bad secret no one else did.

DC: Interesting. So back to you, Ben. You went to the sleepover because Jessica "begged" you to?

BK: Yeah, she really wanted me there.

DC: And you went, and had fun?

BK: Yeah, despite not really wanting to go because of Colt, I did have fun.

DC: Great, great. So let me ask you this. Can you describe how you found out about Amanda? And the other guys as well, if you can?

BK: Yeah, sure. I didn't find out until the next day, Jessica called me early, like 8. She told me that Amanda had gone missing last night and there were cops all around her house. So I drove a few blocks to her house and the yellow tape was up and cops were everywhere. Lots of people were crowding around and I saw Jessica standing by the other girls, except Taylor, who were with their boyfriends too. I'm sure the other guys found out the same way I did, from their girlfriends. Hector was with Amanda's mom and his sister, standing somewhere else.

DC: And how did everyone look?

BK: Mostly grim. I thought Zoe or Maria or someone would be crying, but everyone was just standing there looking shocked. Actually, correction. The guys looked shocked. The girls looked like they hadn't slept in days, and sick. Like throwing up, fever sick.

DC: Why do you think that is?

BK: Well, if I was one of the last people to see my best friend alive, I'd feel sick too.

DC: I see. So I understand why Hector wasn't there with your friends, but where was Taylor? Did you see her there at all?

BK: Yeah, actually. And this is the weird part. I guess her family is close to Amanda's family, so she was there with her mom, and brother. That's not weird. What's weird is that later, I saw her and Colt standing off to the side, arguing. Like really heated yelling at each other. And Sam was nowhere to be found.

DC: Very interesting. Well thanks Ben, that's all we'll be needing from you. Could you send in Zoe Davis, and tell your friends that her interview will be the last one we need for our investigation?

BK: Sure.

End of Interview 9, 12:25

Ben Kale, 16, Centerscore Police Precinct

Interrogation Room 4, Detective Cook