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Summary: What the hell? How did this happen? She had already planned it out. Quit devil hunting, meet a guy, marry said guy, move out of the country, settle down, and then this was supposed to happen, not before! But of course, fate hated her. Fate was a bitch


What the hell? How did this happen, and to her of all people. It wasn't supposed to happen like this! She had already planned it out. Quit devil hunting, meet a guy, marry said guy, move out of the country, settle down, and then this was supposed to happen, not before! But of course, fate hated her. Fate was a bitch.

The huntress took two deep breaths to calm herself down. It was a trick her mother had taught her as a child, 'when your emotions break out of hand, stop what you doing and take two deep breaths to calm down and think rationally.'

Closing her eyes to take her second breath, Lady shifted to the sink to splash her face in cold water. Maybe her thoughts would cool down.

After drying her dripping face, Lady felt slight calmness take over her anxiety. Maybe things would work out fine, she's a tough woman, and she can handle it. If only she believed it.

Feeling slightly better about her current situation, Lady leaned over to pick up the discarded test forgotten on the tiled floor. The brunette had dropped it in shock after reading the little word that was written across the screen, positive.

Taking two more deep calming breaths Lady released the worry that struck her in the gut. Looking at the box Lady read the label, 97.7% accurate. Lady felt her complexion drain as dread took over her body. She would have to verify the little stick. There was a 2.3% chance that her anxiety was caused over nothing, a malfunction in the one test she purchased at a drug store, Lady wanted confirmation.

The huntress felt her complexion return while thinking of the small chance of mistake. Lady held the stick in her hand once again as she thought of the clinic nearby. It was only a few blocks away, and if she remembered correctly, the doctor allowed walk-ins.

Confirming the plans she formed, Lady walked out of the comfort of her bathroom with newfound determination. She needed to know the truth and she needed it now.

Grabbing her jacket, Lady walked out of her apartment, locking the door behind her. Walking towards her bike with fake confidence, Lady quickly started the bike, the loud roar causing Lady a little sense of peace. Lady took two more breaths before hopping onto her bike.

Glancing around her neighborhood she took in the sight. If she really was pregnant then she would have to consider moving. Her rundown neighborhood was full of junkies and hookers, not the best place to raise her child.

Glancing down to her stomach caused Lady to pause in her movement. Would she need to buy the kid a car seat? A car seat would mean a car, something that Lady can't afford. Lady felt her breath hitch, would she have to sell her bike? A terrifying thought to Lady. The red bike was practically her child, her first born, what would she do without it?

With thoughts forming in her mind, the huntress got off of her bike and turned it off. It might be safer to walk. The anxiety that she was feeling could cause and accident. Lady didn't want to injure the unborn child.

Lady released a deep breath in another attempt to calm herself and turned towards the clinic.

What would she do if she really was pregnant? Babies had needs, and needs cost money. She might have to get a part time job. Shaking her head at the thought, Lady dismissed it. Lady wouldn't exactly call herself a 'team player' or a 'good listener,' it just wasn't her thing. If she needed help in the financial department she could always ask the father.

Lady paused misstep, she was half way to the clinic. The father, a person Lady had forgotten about until now. How would he react? Would he be calm and collected? Would he deny her? Call her a liar and cut all connection with her? Lady paled at the thought and felt her anxiety build back up. There was one thing Lady feared more than her own pregnancy.

Telling the father.