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She never really thought about how it would all play out – just that she could never let it happen. She was different, of course and yet… she never really thought it would all come down to this.

She stared into the eyes of her former friends; their teeth bared back, their claws extended. She wasn't afraid, oh no. She could handle herself. She knew what was happening and yet… she didn't really know why this was happening.

Why had she been chosen for the all ridicule, all the sneers, and all the glares? Why had she been chosen for all this? She knew why they hated her, of course, and yet… she didn't know why it was her standing here now.

She closed her ruby red eyes for possibly the last time before snapping them open. She wouldn't go down without a struggle. She had to stand up, if no one else would. She wanted to lay down, for it all to end and yet… she didn't want to die.

Rosalie was going to fight for her life, even though there was a good chance she would die at the claws of her friends.

She had to fight.

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