I went into my closet and slipped on a nightgown and went to bed. The next morning I awoke to Lucy on top of me who was really happy and excited. "Good morning, may I ask why you are on top of me?" I asked.

"Because Susan and I are going to help you get dressed and do your hair again," she replied. I ended up wearing dark midnight blue dress with a gold panel down the front and gold drapes at my arms. My hair was brushed really well and was pulled back so it fell over my one shoulder instead of both. By the time we were finished Peter came in the door with Caspian and Edmund right behind him. "Are you ever going to come down stairs for breakfast or are we going to have to do the things we planned without you?" he asked.

"Well you should be happy that we just finished." I replied.

"Well than let's all go down stairs." he replied. Just as we got downstairs and into the dining room my first thought was "Where was Makayla?" Then my eyes drifted around the room and saw her sitting down at the table waiting for us.

"Well it's about time you woke-up and came down stairs I can't believe that someone could sleep that long." she replied. I said nothing and sat down next to Lucy instead of where I sat yesterday which was by Peter, now Makayla was sitting there. I could tell she was slightly happy that I didn't say anything because I saw her smirk out of the corner of my eye.

When breakfast was over Peter announced, "We have thought over this a long time and decided that you two," he pointed to us, "are going to get a horse and if you want some battle training then battle training."

"Thanks..." I started to say but I was cut off by Makayla.

"Why get her things too and not just me?" she asked.

Then Edmund said, "Because it would only be fair," Then somewhat annoyed by Edmund's answer she reached over to Peter and kissed him.

That was it, I got up somewhat loudly, which happened to interrupt the kissing, and said, "I'm leaving Peter and Makayla don't try and follow me. I don't care if anyone else does, but don't I am not in the mood." Then I ran out of the room. I could hear Lucy yelling at Peter and Edmund joining in too. I looked for a way out then I saw it, a big door with huge windows on the sides that showed outside. I ran for it and opened the door. Sunlight streamed on my face and I ran across the beach and into the woods. I don't know why I ran into the woods without a weapon knowing that I could be eaten or something, but I did it anyway and didn't have second thoughts about it until later. I heard something, a crack of a twig I looked around, nothing. This is when I regret coming into the woods without anything. I was suddenly surrounded by what I thought was people on horses then I looked closer and realized that they were centaurs. Out of now where a lion came at us, jumping into the circle of centaurs that surrounded me. He gave a mighty rawr and all the centaurs ran away. Knowing that the lion is a wild animal I started to back away a little bit to give it some room so it wouldn't attack me.

Then it turned to me, "I may be a lion," he said (I could tell by the mane he had), "But you don't need to be afraid of me, Bella." I was somewhat startled when he said that because lions can't talk then I remembered I was in Narnia.

"Thank you for saving me; I wasn't thinking when I came out here."

"Yes I could see that, by any chance would you like to accompany me to Cair Paraval."

"Sure, I would love to." I replied "So you know," I started

"Lucy, Edmund, Susan, Peter, and Caspian, yes I do know them."

"Oh, I wasn't sure; do you have a name by any chance?"

"Yes though I have many names here it is Aslan. Here I want you to have this, it might help you through this experience," he said as he handed me the bag in his mouth. I realized the bag was the one I made in Family Con., I opened the bag and saw that a pair of pants and a t-shirt. Also my I-pod and my journal was in there too.

"Oh thank-you so much Aslan," I replied, before I could say anymore Lucy came running towards us. When she saw Aslan a smile spread across her face and she ran up and hugged him.

"Bella are you okay?" she asked.

"Yeah I better, I think I will be much better in a little bit."

"Okay that's good, what's that you're are clutching in your hands?" she asked.

"Some stuff that Aslan brought for me from my house that might help me a bit."

"Oh, so can you tell me what it is?" she asked.

"Yeah, there's a change of clothes in here, something that from my time, my journal, and my I-pod." I replied.

"What's an I-pod?" she asked. Then I remember that she is from the 1940's which makes sense why she doesn't know what an I-pod is.

"It's a handheld device that has earpieces and with those ear pieces you can listen to music without anybody hearing it unless the volume is too high."

"Wow that's cool. So do you guys want to go back to Cair Paraval now?"

"Yes that would be a great idea." replied Aslan. When we finally got out of the forest my face lit up. Not for any special reason but because we are finally at the beach and it seems so peaceful. I ran out into the open not caring if anyone thought I was crazy. I was smiling a wide smile until we got to Cair Paraval. Then reality hit me in the face. I took a deep breath and put on a straight face and opened the door. First my eyes had to adjust a little bit before I could see clearly. When my eyesight straightened out I noticed that Edmund, Caspian, and Susan were waiting for us. I saw relief flood into their faces. They got up to greet us. There was a lot of hugging. Just as we finished up with all the greeting, Peter and Makayla came in holding hands. I shot him my best death glare. He flinched as a result. Internally, I smiled.

Then Lucy interrupted the silence by saying, "So why don't we go look at horses."

"Okay then let's go," Edmund replied.

"Aslan, do you want to come with us?" I asked.

"No thank-you Bella, thanks for asking though, I am a little tired." he replied back. Makayla seemed a little shocked by Aslan since he was a lion and could talk. I ran upstairs to my room to get a cloak. It wasn't that fancy, it was hoodless, brown, and had a golden latch that kept it on me.

When I got back down stairs Makayla said, "That is the worst color I have seen." I ignored it knowing doing nothing is the best thing to do. I said a quick goodbye to Aslan just before we left and grabbed my I-pod and stashed it into a pocket in my dress that is hidden by the folds of the dress. We walked out of the castle, once we got outside again the sun made me smile. I was walking next to Lucy, we were in the back. Then Susan and Caspian were walking together just in front of us with Edmund beside them, soon enough he figured they wanted some space so he started walking with me and Lucy. Makayla and Peter were in front of them. I pulled my I-pod out and told Lucy to put an ear bud in and started to play White Horse by: Taylor Swift song. I could tell that she enjoyed the song. Just as we stopped I put my I-pod away when Makayla grabbed it and threw it to the ground and stomped on it, it broke into a million pieces. I was about to cry when I stopped myself for two reasons, 1. it will only give her the satisfaction and 2. I heard horses running by, then suddenly they all stopped at the white picket fence and stood in a huge blob. The horses were in a huge range of colors, brown, black, speckled, and one white. I noticed the white horse first, it was pure white with a light blond mane. It was absolutely beautiful. My thought was interrupted by Makayla who said, "The white one is the one I want." My heart sunk at that. When she climbed the gate to approach the horse, he wouldn't let her. He reared up and ran a few feet away from her. She eventually gave up. Then I very meekly said, "I also wanted the white one let me try." I think only Lucy heard me since she was so close. I walked over to the fence getting some looks read like 'what are you doing?' from everyone except Lucy and Edmund. I climbed the fence and all the horse seemed interested in me, I started to approach the white horse. Just as I was a few feet away it reared up and nearly crashed down on me. Luckily, it didn't and when it landed it was three feet away from me. I approached it with one hand trying to reach for the nose. Before I knew it I reached him and started to pet him. I was able to get on him somehow and rode him back to the fence. When I got there Makayla said, "Good you got me my horse."

"No I didn't, I got this horse fair and square and if you think I am taking it because you want it that's wrong because before I even got the horse I said that I had wanted it before you even said that and that I wanted to try and get it, if you don't believe me just ask Lucy."

"She did say that I heard her, it was very quiet but she did say that," she replied.

"Please Bella can you just give her the horse?" asked Peter.

"No," I replied.

"Can you please stop being so unreasonable and annoying," he replied back.

"I am not being unreasonable and annoying," I replied. I couldn't believe that he just called me that, I felt tears build up in my eyes. I ran. I couldn't take it just seeing and feeling how he treated me before Makayla came then him calling me unreasonable and always siding with her, I felt so overwhelmed. I had been running for what felt like a few minutes when I heard hooves. I froze. Not sure what I could do I waited for whatever it is to approach me, soon enough I realized it was the white horse from the field.

"I am sorry about what had happened there are you okay?" it asked.

I rubbed my eye then said, "Yeah I fine."

"Do you want to ride me?" he asked.

"Bareback?" I asked.

"Yeah why not," he replied.

"Okay, do you have a name?" I asked.

"Nope I don't, but I know I am a boy." he replied.

"Oh, then let's go back to the others." Again, somehow but I am not sure how, I got up on his back and rode to them. When I got back everyone was staring at me, except Lucy and Peter. Lucy looked like she was about to explode and Peter looked very angry too but mostly shocked. I noticed Makayla had another horse by her.

"I have decided that you can have the mangy white horse, I am going to have this beautiful elegant one, who I have decided to name Prince. "

"Oh thanks, I think," I replied, "Since you backed down I am going to have this one and his name is going to be Taylor."

"Taylor?" asked Peter.

"Yes Taylor." I replied.

"Why?" he asked.

"My favorite singer is Taylor Swift and she has a song named White Horse so I think it goes very well, and don't say anything that is close to 'but you are naming it after a girl' when Taylor can be both a girl and boy's name." I replied back which basically made him shut up.

"Well I really like that name," replied Susan.

"I like it too," said Lucy.

"Me too," replied Edmund.

"I like the name a lot too," replied Caspian. Peter didn't say anything after that, we stood in silence for a while.

Susan was the one to break the silence, "So do you guys want to stay here for a while longer or go do some training?"

"I think I want to stay here," I replied. Everyone started looking at me with weird looks, I guess it might be because I am not the one to talk first.

"I want to stay here to so that way I can show Bella my horse, Luna." Lucy said.

"I haven't ridden Philip in a while so I would like to stay here," Edmund replied.

"I'll would like to stay here too," replied Caspian.

"I would too," replied Peter.

"What about you Makayla?" asked Susan.

"Fine I guess we could stay here," Makayla replied.

"Okay then I guess we are staying here for a bit." Susan said. Lucy then grabbed my hand and had me follow her into the stables. Taylor was right behind us. She first showed me where I could put Taylor so he wouldn't have to follow me around forever. Then she had me come to the stall next to his and she showed me Luna. She was a beautiful beige horse with a really light blond mane. Then she showed me Susan's, Caspian's, and Edmund's horses. Susan's horse was brown with a black mane and her name was Scarlet. Caspian's horse looked very similar to Makayla's horse, except he seemed nicer, he was all black and his name was Century. Edmund's horse had a light brown coat and a blondish mane and his name is Philip. Then she showed me to her favorite place that only Susan knows about. It is the loft of the barn, you can see the loft when you come in, but you can never find the latter because once Lucy had found it she had hid the entrance. When we got up there we found Susan Caspian and Edmund. Apparently, they were waiting for us to see if we could all go riding together. I said of course and we climbed down from the loft. I walked past some horses to get to Taylor. I turned the corner and leaning against the big barn door was Makayla and Peter sucking each other's face off (a.k.a intense kissing). I turned quickly and not let it get a hold of me (though most of what I was thinking was "Disgusting,") When I got back to the stall I realized I had no clue how to put a saddle on or anything else so I start to look for Susan, Caspian, Lucy or Edmund. I was looking around and suddenly bumped into someone, it was Edmund.

"Oh my gosh I am so sorry, here let me help you." I said getting to my feet.

"Thanks I was just looking for you to see if you needed any help." he said.

"Yeah I realized though I can ride a horse I have never put a saddle or bridle on one." I replied.

"Okay then let's get going," he said. He showed me where the saddles and other equipment is kept and helped me saddle up. I opened the door and lead my horse outside to a pole where I can tie the reins to so I can help Edmund. It was pretty quiet, but he made me laugh a few times. Overall, I enjoyed being with him more than I did with Peter. When we got outside we couldn't find Susan and Lucy or Caspian. I searched the horizon to see three figures coming toward us, sure enough it was Susan and Lucy and Caspian. They looked very happy. It seemed like Susan and Lucy were chasing Caspian for some reason. I then gave a quick squeeze and Taylor started galloping toward them. Edmund was right behind me. We didn't even have to say anything before we dashed into the forest. I was in the lead with Lucy right behind me. Edmund tried to go around me and get in front, but I wouldn't let him. Eventually, we found a meadow with a river running through the middle. We sat down for a little bit when we heard something or someone else. Then Peter and Makayla came through the trees. Makayla was smiling wide but her smile faded when she saw me.

"Well to make you to happy or at least Makayla happy I am going to go climb or try to climb a tree. So, adiĆ³s amigos y enemigos, " then I left. I mainly left because if they start kissing I don't want to see it, the time I saw it in the barn (like I said before) was just gross. I started looking around for a tree to climb. I didn't have an exact direction that I wanted to go in so I just wandered around for a little bit. Then I found the perfect tree, it was very tall and had a thick trunk. The lowest branch was low enough for me to reach and it also had many other branches that were close to the lowest branch that would lead up the tree. When I got there I noticed a figure at the trunk of the tree. I quietly walked toward it ready to run away or scream for help at a moment's notice. As I got closer I realized it was a boy and he look familiar. I finally got close enough to see his face when I recognized him, it was my friend, Jacob, he is one of the few people I can trust at school.

So hoped you enjoyed the chapter more will be up soon. Let me know if you see any mistakes or have suggestions or just what you think of the story. Keep reading

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