The Zafara drummed his fingers on the tabletop while his other hand keeping his head up. His flicking his tail with a different tempo then his fingers. His fingers drumming was fast with a pause in between each set of drumming. His tail, however, lifted from the floor in a patient rhythm. Slowly rising up off the floor til the tip flicked towards himself then down went the tail. His face held a bored expression. His eyes half-shut, his lips relaxed or even in a slight frown, and he stared at a fixed point spaced out with a careless attitude. This Zafara name was Zxx.

Zxx was awaiting for a certain lupe painted Christmas, like himself. She was late, though she always was, especially if she was coming back from her father's. Who lived in the Haunted Woods. And was a scary huge werelupe that lived in a pack with werelupes. Zxx frowned at the thought of her father.

Aira's ,the Christmas lupe, father hated Zxx and Zxx hated him. The only difference is that Zxx had to respect Aira's father because Zxx was scared pant-less of the werelupe. A huge towering and overprotective father who held a scowl, a menacing grin with dangerous glint in his eyes every time he looked at the zafara. Yeah, not really someone one would pick a fight with. Zxx shiver at the thought of him, a scrawny zafara, against her father, a powerful brute with a sinister mind, werelupe. It would be such a FAIR fight, wouldn't it?

Zxx sighed and shook it off. Enough of Aira's father, he was not important. He did not have to face the brute til Halloween or during the winter celebrations, when Aira insists that they join in her family traditions. If you are wondering who they are, well it means the other two who lived in the household.

Besides Aira and Zxx, a golden kougra named Levi and a young cloud bori named Tazulis, Tazu for short, lived in the house. Levi was arrogant, the thought of him made the zafara scrunched up his nose. The kougra always wore a grin, laughed loudly, and teased the zafara often. He was one to play tricks or harmless but aggravating tricks. He was greedy as well. Levi would do anything from some neopoints, it wasn't hard to bribe the kougra into doing what you want. He also came from Mystery Island and always talking about how much he loved it there. But yet, he lived here with them in Shennku. No one knew why, which slightly bugged Zxx's curiosity.

Tazu is a new resident to the house hold. He came from the pound like Zxx had. The bori, like Zxx, was also an orphan, which is why he was so young and living with them in Shennku. The day he came home, he had the Ugga-Ugga. Aira brought the young fragile looking bori into the house with a grin on her face announcing brightly about the new addition to our family. The cloud bori just stood beside Aira with a small smile, clearly happy to be in a home instead of the pound. Zxx knew he was when he got out. When Aira announced the bori's arrival, both Levi and Zxx was in the main living room, lounging about until they had come in. Levi grinned his mischievous arrogant grin at the bori, asking in a happy tone, "Hiya Little guy! What's your name?"

"Ug-Ugga..." He coughed as a hand went to his throat. It was clear by the scratchy sound in his voice and the struggle to talk that his throat was throbbing in pain. It sounded dry, like he hadn't had water in days.

Zxx had looked up from a book he was reading to stare at the child with his uncaring eyes, until he looked at the bori's eyes. A heart string was plucked. His green-blue eyes soften at the child's yellow ones. Tazu's voice made another heart string pluck like a harp in the cold zafara's heart. It was clear that the other was sick, sick with what? With Ugga-ugga, though it seemed Levi was not one to see the obvious as his eyebrows furrowed in confusion.

"...Ugga? That's a weird name... are you from Tyrannia-" Levi was cut off with Zxx smacking him in the back of a head with a book that he was reading as the zafara had made his way to the sick orphan bori. Levi frowned deeply rubbing the back of his head, about to say something when Zxx cut him off once again with a scowl, "He has Ugga-Ugga, idoit. "

Levi pouted, crossing his arms acting childishly. The lupe was already feeling of the bori's head when Zxx made it over to them. Later, Tazu was put into a bed that night. Zxx laid beside him, his right-wing protectively hung around the other as Levi and Aira was rummaging to find the medicine that would cure the other. Levi and Aira wont let it go how caring Zxx was over the boy, he even was accidentally called Momma by the ill bori.

The zafara snorted, his eyes prying off a random spot on the door at the memory, and glanced at a new spot on the floor. The memory will forever plague him, and not in a heart warming way as the others teased him often by it. A blush came to the other's cheeks as he thought about the laughing of his roommates.

The worse thing about that day is, Tazu barely had any memory of it and quickly revealed his sadistic side. Zxx instantly was reminded how he was everyone's play toy it seems. The cloud bori was always finding things to ruin Zxx's life or cause deep physical harm to him, but this was normal for Zxx. He thought he should have expected it. Actually care about something, and that something ends up trying to kill you... yep normal.

He sighed, closing his eyes. The drumming of his fingers stopped, but his tailed still flicked at its calming pace. The zafara was trying to remove himself from his thoughts as he found them pointless. The sound of the front doors sliding open was just the ticket. Zxx looked up and at the front doors, eyes uncaring as they fell on a ,usually, very high-strung and joyful lupe. She always wore a red coat with buckle straps, black pants, and a white shirt.

Zxx expected to see, Aira waltzing in with a grin on her face and a hum in voice as she faked a pout, "Are you my welcoming party? It's not very inviting." She smirking as she joked around. Himself smiling slightly, but keeping his bored expression on his face. This was all the things he was use to, in his home, but this was not the case as something abnormal appeared in the lupe's presence.

Aira had walked in, looking normal it seemed, but she was stumbling. The zafara's eyes widen in worry, a breath was held in shock. He jumped off his seat and hurried over to her. Her eyes were weary, her breath was raspy, and her arms dangled at her side. Closer inspection, the zafara noticed her clothes were torn and shredded, blood clotting on her fur. "...Zxx?" She mumbled in a question, not recognizing the christmas zafara as her sight had blurred. Soon, Aira fell unconscious, falling on top of the worried Zafara.

'No. No. No. AIRA!' His mind yelled, though his voice could not produce the words themself. Zxx held to Aira tightly in his arms, kneeling on the floor. His wings spread out so he could keep himself balance with the lupe's dead weight on him. His green-blue eyes searched Aira's form frighten of what could have happened to his dear friend. Spotting large gashes in her back, he froze gasping. His hands clung tighter to the other, fear raising the fur on his body.

'What happen to you?'