{I'm sorry for the boring first chapters but I promise to try to make the rest sound interesting}

The golden kougra laid the limp christmas lupe on the bed gently. Levi and Tazu came in after Zxx started shouting at Aira to stay awake. Zxx leaned against a wall in the room, watching her with worried eyes. Tazu just looked over at the end of the bed, tears swelling in his amber eyes clinging to a red skeith plushie. His claws wrung the plushie in anxiety. Aira's breathing was raspy, her body was sweating, and she shook in her sleep.

Levi sit down next to the lupe. His golden hand laid on her forehead searching for a fever. Pulling his hand away with a sigh, his answer was clear by the warm touch his hand had receive. He turned his head away not being able to look at the lupe in her condition. They were all clueless for her sudden illness and injury.

The bori, sniffing back his tears, frowned deeply before turning to glare at Zxx accusing him. "..What did you do?! She was fine before she left-" Levi had cover the bori's mouth with a hush.

"Zxx wouldn't, or couldn't..." He smirked while glancing up at Zxx trying to pull it off as a joke to Zxx's strength, but the response of the zafara made the smirk disappear. " Harm Aira... whatever happen to her... it was something big..."
Tazu wiped the tears that came from his eyes and nodded. Soon the cloud bori climbed into Levi's arms sobbing quietly in fear. It was too much for the recent orphan to take, especially since Aira was like a mother to him.

Zxx watched them all from his spot. He snorted off Levi's comment with no sign of being bothered by the comment. The zafara was too caught up in his thoughts, relaying the events. Everything was so confusing. All he could dome up with is that something horrible must have happened in the Haunted Woods... or at least coming from there.

With an irritated sigh, he slipped out of the room, hands in his pockets, heading towards outside to see if there was any clues. Zxx's mind focused on figuring out what happened to his dear friend, and nothing else at the moment. All thoughts of food or how to rid himself of boredom gone... Walking through the room he even kicked aside some of his favorite books.

Reaching the front doors, he slammed then open and stomped out. His green-blue eyes searching for anyone or anything. He didn't know what he was trying to look for, but he knew it had to be something unusual. The lawn appeared normal though, bare of anything, but shennku's grass and beautiful views. Eyes venturing to the ground around the house, his eyes scanned. All he found was a broken piece of glass from Levi playing gormball inside the house last week... The steps were blank, the lawn was bare, and clues were non-existant.

A growl escaped the zafara , his fists bawled up, his teeth clench, soon it was all let out with a punch at the wall of the house. His knuckles bled, though he did not care. Closing his eyes, he took in deep breaths. Patients Zxx... patients...everything will make sense... hopefully...
Zxx push at the wall to get away from it. Running fingers through his hair, his eyes glanced to the sky before looking at the ground. The male zafara sighed, blowing off steam. Slowly, he went back inside... hoping that everything will be alright...

Three days past by, with no change of the lupe. Her breathing was still raspy and heavy, her body continued to shake, and she still had a fever. Soon, the three called in a doctor, only to have him say he doesn't know what to do for the lupe. With that disappointment, the three carried on taking care of their ill friend, as well as each other.

Tazu rarely left Aira side, always fixing and wetting the rag that was placed on her forehead. He slept right next to her, read stories to her sleeping form, and made sure she was not getting any worse. Levi and Zxx felt bad for Tazu, knowing that it must have been like a stab to a healing wound, but they still made sure the boy ate, showered, and used the toilet, not wanting the bori to get ill as well.
The Golden kougra did most of the housework that Aira had done, only agreeing to do it for two reasons. He claimed that Zxx couldn't cook anything worth eating, and two, to keep his mind off of how deathly ill Aira seemed. Levi also took up caring mainly for the bori and the lupe, but this was more out of Tazulis not trusting Zxx, even if they were separated by a forty foot pole.

Zxx being left out, more forcibly than willingly from helping, ended up suffering from his thoughts. He would sit on a stool and stare out the window, lost in thought. His tail would thump the floor lightly, several times the awkward Levi would coming asking Zxx if he was alright. Zxx's response at most was a "Meh..." with a slight shrug. He wouldn't even look away from his spot, when given food or drink.
With much reluctance, the golden kougra would have to give up on Zxx, saying something like, "He's old enough to take care of himself..." To himself, but it didn't make his worry over his friends any better. For all of them, it was an intense waiting game, one was trying to continue life, another was clinging to the past, and the other was lost in thought. And for the first time in a long time in the house, it was swallowed by silence.

That is... until soft mumbling, amplified by the house unusual silence, echoed through the house. Zxx furrowed his brows, wondering what the was, blinking several times before shaking his head and glancing away. His eyes searched the view of the house from his spot, not seeing much but the main living area... The mumbling continued. Hopping off his stool carefully, he headed towards the direction of the mumbling. Stepping into the main area, he glanced about the big space then towards the doors. His eyes narrowing at them.

Silence had come back, but Zxx was still on his toes. His tail raised off the floor, the fur on his body stuck up, and his eyes searching the empty views. The mumbling came back after thirty minutes of silence, turning to look around the corner as he was standing in the doorway his face collides with a muscular golden chest. The zafara flew backwards on to the floor with a grunt, hitting his head and his nose from the sudden crash.

Rubbing his head as he snorted several times to clear the weird tingling in his nose, his eyes glanced at the excited kougra. Levi was bouncing in glee. His huge hand grabbed Zxx's arm, yanking the zafara to his feet. Zxx yelped in surprised before literally being dragged in mid-air behind the kougra as Levi rushed down the maze of halls. Sliding on the hardwood floor, the kourgra burst into Aira's room throwing Zxx into the middle of the room.

Zxx tumbled from the toss of his body, and landed with several front rolls ending up on his face. A growl came from him, picking his face up to glare at Levi. The kougra crossed his arms and grinned, his tail pointed to something in front of Zxx. The zafara pushed himself off the ground, dusting his clothes off to stop dead in his tracks seeing Aira, hugging Tazu. She was awake, and giggling at Zxx. After the shower of relief, came a blush of embarrassment as he realized that she was giggling at him.

Aira adjusted in her seat, as Tazu snuggled up to her. "...How long was I out?" She asked with a scratchy voice.

"...Three days..." Zxx stated taking a seat on the edge of the bed, far away from Tazu's reach if the boy wanted to kick the zafara off. "How ya feeling?" He asked with a smile as Levi ran off to get everyone hot chocolate.

"I don't know... how do I look?" She chuckled in her hoarse voice. Once she was done laughing, she continued speaking, "Feels like I was hit by three hundred tons of rocks..."

The zafara smiled sympathetically at her. Levi walked back in carrying a tray of hot chocolate for everyone. Him and his muscular and always shirtless torso, it looked like a humorous sight. Zxx cracked a joke, the golden kougra just snorted with a smirk, "Whatever momma, I make this look fabulous~"

They all chuckled, even Zxx more out a relief that they were not losing a friend. Or... That's what they thought before Aira's face grew a grim expression. It was like her mind was absorbing the information now of how she had gotten into this condition. Silence had consumed them once again. Aira's hands wrung at the mug, as she prepared to tell them her tale.