Written for the kinkmeme; request was for a Vocaloid's "Story of Evil" fusion, done as Humanstuck with Eridan and Feferi. The songs in order, if you want to look them up; "Daughter of Evil", "Servant of Evil", "Regret Message", "Re_birthday", "Daughter of White", "Twiright Prank", "The Wooden Girl", "Handbeat Clocktower", "Kept Waiting For A Response". Pairings will be Eridan/Nepeta, Feferi/Equius, Equius/Aradia, EquiusNepeta, and implications of incestuous Eridan/Feferi.

The Green Sun Inn was crowded as usual, filled with the sounds and smells of merrymaking. Savoury smoke drifted from the fire, over which turned a fat joint of meat, and laughter mingled with the sounds of a violin. The scullery boy, a slender lad of fourteen with dark hair and sad eyes, watched the crowd as he mopped the floor.

"Oh, fiddlesticks - Eric, can you come over here?" the barman called, picking up a dropped tankard.

"Yessir, Mr English," Eric mumbled, scurrying over and turning his mop to the spilled ale. Mr English gave him a buck-toothed grin and returned to chatting with the regulars.

The violinist finished with a flourish, and bowed as the crowd cheered. His dark glasses flashed as he nodded calmly, accepting his due. The cook, a plump young lady with a winning smile, stepped onto the stage beside him, clapping politely.

"Well done, Mr Strider! That was beautiful!"

Mr Strider nodded, swinging his violin back into position. "Willing to sing for the encore, Miss Crocker?"

"Oh!" Miss Crocker blushed. "Well, there is a ballad doing the rounds that I've been practicing. Do you know 'Prince of Evil'?"

Eric blanched, and backed into the corner. No, please not that one ...

Far away in another time, the strongest kingdom in the world was the Land of Amethyst, ruled over by a vile and wicked queen. This queen gave birth to twins, and had her sweet firstborn, the daughter, taken the throne, the kingdom could have been ruled wisely and well, and the land would have healed. But the princess was sickly and weak, and worse, her brother was born with the mark of the gods upon him; a streak of purple in his golden hair. So the prince was raised to take the throne, given all he could want and he still demanded more, while his sister was dressed in servant's rags and made to fulfil his every whim. And soon enough the queen and her consort were slain in the same battle, and the prince became the king, and ruled as cruelly as his mother.