Chapter 1

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Brady's eyes shot open suddenly, his pounding heart echoing throughout the room. Covered in sweat, Brady sat straight up in his comfortable bed and breathed in and out in an attempt to calm himself down. He looked around the room to make sure everything was all right. Once he was sure, Brady breathed out deeply. He turned his head to the clock and saw that it was only two thirty in the morning. Brady knew why he was awake. And there was only one cure for this…

He pushed back the covers on his bed, quietly hopped out, knelt down next to his bed, and pulled out a box from underneath. Brady froze for a second when he heard Boomer moan quietly. The raven-haired king stayed in place until he heard his brother's steady breathing once more. Once he heard another small snore, the king pushed himself off the ground and held the box firmly in his arms as if it were his own precious baby. Brady tiptoed past the pool table and sat on the couch near the king's main TV. He placed the box on the table and opened up the lid. Inside the box were some videos and picture frames. They were his most prized possessions of a relationship that could have been.

Brady pulled out one of the many tapes and walked over to the TV. After popping the tape in, he climbed up on the couch and grabbed the remote to turn it on.

Once he hit the 'play' button, Brady grabbed a blanket and draped it over his body, knowing that he might as well get comfortable. The tape started up and Brady's voice could be heard on it. A beautiful girl with short chocolate hair was standing next to a very young boy with the same color hair. The girl was in a high chair and a small cupcake with a candle stickling out of it sat right in front of her.

The girl looked up at whoever was holding the camera, "Daddy, you had better be filming this! I don't want you to skip out on anything."

A man's laugh could be heard off screen. "I wouldn't dream of it!"

The video zoomed up to the girl's face and the man spoke again, "Caitlin! Caitlin! Look up at Daddy…"

The young girl looked up happily and smiled somewhat of a toothy grin, earning "aww's" from the parents.

The woman, Caitlin's mother, rubbed the young girl's hair playfully. "Happy first birthday, Caitlin. Oh, Nick, look at Brady hugging her. Why I've never seen them like this before?"

Little Brady let out a happy squeal and started wriggling his hands at Caitlin, causing the parents to chuckle.

Brady watched this all from the couch and he couldn't help but smile at this forgotten childhood memory. As the tape went on, Brady jumped slightly when he felt something tap his shoulder. He looked up to see his long-lost triplet, Boz, looking curiously down at him from up on the ceiling.

"Hey, Boz," Brady whispered, having regained his calmness. "What's up?"

"What are you watching?" he asked, flipping downwards and landing on his feet.

"Videos of my ex-girlfriend," Brady answered. "It's the anniversary of the day we met."

Boz nodded and settled down to watch with Brady.

Brady looked back up at the TV and saw that the scene had now changed. This time, he and his ex-girlfriend were at each other's house. Caitlin's mom was shelving groceries.

"She's gorgeous!" Boz declared, pointing to Caitlin. "Who is she?"

"My ex-girlfriend, Caitlin."

"Oh." Boz fell silent, suddenly uncomfortable to ask anything else.

When the clip was over, Boz looked to his brother, Brady, and asked who the woman was.

Brady wiped his now damp eyes and smiled slightly. "That's Bethany. That woman isn't my mom, she's Caitlin's mom, but she feels like a mom to me. She always welcomed me over, and she loved me as if I was her own. She probably wanted me in her family, but now, I don't' know if that's going to happen."

Boz looked back at the TV and watched the different videos that appeared. Most of them included Brady, Caitlin, and Bethany. Sometimes Caitlin's dad would make an appearance. All of them was enjoying each other's company and smiling. Boz continued to watch with curious eyes, while Brady reached over to the box and grabbed one of the albums. Boz looked at the album in Brady's hand and saw that the album held older pictures, pictures that couldn't have been more than two or three years old. The two friends were always standing side by side wherever they were and smiling. Towards the end of the album, a picture of Brady and Caitlin attending a dance showed up with a picture of the two holding hands shortly afterwards.

Brady closed up the album and wiped his eyes again, feeling more emotional than he had in a while. He placed it aside, got even more comfortable on the couch, and laid his head down and watched more of the video. Boz watched with piqued interest as video after video came up. Soon he heard a small sniff coming from Brady. He looked behind him and saw that Brady had a couple of tears running down his face.

"Brady…" was all Boz could say.

Brady wiped his eyes again. "Oh Boz… today will be the anniversary of our breakup. It's been three years..."

The video stopped playing, so Brady stood up. After popping out the tape, he popped another one in and hit 'play'. It was nearing five in the morning, but neither king seemed to care at that moment. As Brady sat back down he said to Boz, "Watching these videos helps me remember Caitlin's face and her voice. I never want to forget what she looks like. She was beautiful, kind, pleasant… the perfect girlfriend. Now, don't get me wrong though, I love Mikayla and consider her my fantasy girlfriend as well, it's just that…" Brady bit his lip and tried to hold back more tears.

"I understand," Boz said.

Brady finally sighed and leaned back on the couch. The two of them watched the next video until they fell asleep on the couch together.

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