chapter 1

dear family,

I know you probably wont get this letter, but if you do then read it.

I am a vampire slayer and vampires do exist. please believe me. I love you with all my heart, I am not mental.

I have been put in jail because im a slayer. the vampires are coming for you. please protect yourself. warn my brother. he is the only

one that believes me. I know he does. if you are wondering I am well and fine. but I don't think I will be for much longer. all the other

in mates are vampires, I am in danger and for your safety I will not try to escape.

with love,

your dearest and only daughter,

Ebony xxxx

I placed the letter on the bedside table. I got up and went into the bathroom. I stared at myself in the dirty cracked mirror. I had long straight brown hair with a side fringe. my eyes were dark brown. my eyelashes are long and thick. I had pale complexion; I hadn't been eating much lately. I started to cry. the warm tears ran down my face.

pull yourself together. I wiped my face with my cold hands.

" prisoner!" someone called. I walked out of the bathroom and over to the bars to find a prison guard leaning on one of the cold steel bars. " post." he handed me a letter.

" wait here." I grabbed the letter and gave it to him.

" now im going to trust you on this one. but don't let any of the others know." he whispered.

" thanks." I murmured. i put the letter on the table and went back to the guard.

" you're going to be in here for a long time so you better get to know your people." he said. " im Kyle." he smiled. how can he smile im the one in prison for killing my own kind. long story so here it goes...

this is my first chappie yay! i hope you like it and i wont upload til i get at least 2 or 3 reviews