Author's Note: So, day 2 of Jilly Week!


Birthday's were always Jane's favorite. Today was her twelfth birthday. And, I wanted to make it special for her. I guess she wanted it to be special too, she actually invited our entire grade. I'm pretty sure it's gonna be great. More like crazy. But, I did get her an awesome present, bought it with my own money in fact. It was a silver charm bracelet. The charms were things to remind her of her best friend, me of course. A B for Billy. A pair of lips smiling. A jacket. An ice-cream cone. A golf ball. And, lastly a heart. I'd written a little something so she would understand what they meant.

B for Billy

A smile since I always bring one to your face

A jacket just like my leather one

An ice-cream cone, which is my favorite food

A golf ball because you know how much I love golf

And, a heart cuz I'll always be in yours

"Thanks Tommy!" I shouted over my shoulder as I swung the car door shut with a loud bang. Tommy had given me a ride to Jane's.

I heard him say something back but I didn't hear what, I was already bounding up the steps to the front door.

I glanced at my watch before I opened the door, it said, 10:45. An hour before everyone would start showing up. I'd come early to help set up. According to Ben, it was one of the 'Quimby Rules'.

"Hey, Nutter!" Ben called, giving me a good slap on the back as I walked in.

"Hi Ben."

I looked around the living room. Ben and Kate, she insisted I called her by her first name, were putting stacks of cups on the kitchen counter. Balloons and streamers littered the whole room. They were seriously over-doing it...The next thing I noticed was that I didn't see Jane anywhere.

"Where's Janey?" was the first thing out of my mouth.

Kate for some odd reason giggled at my question and Ben said,

"She's in her room. Still getting ready."

I gently set Jane's present on the coffee table and jogged to her bedroom.

"Billy, she's probably still-" Ben says but just stops and sighs. And, so I open the door.

As I enter the room Jane comes trotting out of her open closet. I can't breathe. I can't speak. All I can do is stare.

Her black hair fell to her shoulders in perfectly messy ringlets. Thick lashes made frames for her big doe eyes. Her face was as clear as ever. My eyes traveled down to her dress and I swear I stopped breathing for a second. She'd never looked more beautiful. Her tiny hands held the top of it so it wouldn't fall, the zipper was still undone. Red and orange, her two favorite colors, rained across the dress in polka dots.

"Billy! You're here!" she squealed with glee.

Speaking was hard. It felt like I'd had a wad of cotten balls in my mouth. I finally managed the courage to say,

" look...amazing."

She giggled shyly and mumbled a soft thanks, her cheeks were about as red as my shirt, possibly even redder. Amazing didn't even begin to describe how she looked.

"Zip me up?"

"Sure thing."

She took a couple of steps forward and turned around, so that her back was to me. I pressed the palm of my hand to the small of her back, and in one swift movement, zipped up the dress.

I sucked in a quick breath. It was getting harder to breathe. What's going on? I...I'm...this isn't me. I can't breathe. My stomach is in knots. My hands are sweaty. I think I'm sick. But, whatever. I can handle it. I think...

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Jane carefully pick up my gift, almost like she was afraid she would break it. She'd saved mine for last, because I knew it was the most important one. Even more carefully she undid the small ribbon and drew the top off.

"Billy." she breathed.

Her fingers slid over the bracelet in awe.

"Do you like it?" I asked with a grin, but I already knew the answer.

"'s..." she took her fingers off the silver jewelry and met my gaze, and I could see tears forming in those doe eyes.

"It's beautiful. Thanks Billy."

"You're welcome Janey. Happy Birthday."

The smile etched across my face grew even wider as she wrapped me in a hug.

"What is it?" asked Ben eagerly.

To my disappointment, she untangled herself from me, and held up the bracelet for everyone to see. And, she read the note aloud. A hot blush covered my face. She wasn't supposed to read it aloud. This was so embarrasing.

"B for Billy. A smile since I always bring one to your face. A jacket just like my leather one. An ice-cream cone, which is my favorite food. A golf ball because you know how much I love golf. And, a heart cuz I'll always be in yours."

A round of oooh's and awww's erupted in the room like a volcano. After everyone quieted down I heard Kate mutter under her breath,

"When are those two getting together? Would make such a darn cute couple. Bound to happen sometime though..."

I glanced at everyone else but apprantly I'd been the only one who had heard her.

As the party procressed I found myself oddly wondering the same exact thing Kate had said...