Chapter 1: Where Am I?

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"Normal Talking"

'Normal thinking'



"Demon talking"

'Demon thinking'


(Unknown Forest)


"*Ugh* my head" Naruto put a hand to his head and started rubbing, trying to sooth the massive headache he is having right now. "I haven't had a headache this bad since that one time I had a drinking contest with Anko-nee-chan". Which that particular incident ended him waking up half naked (And I'm not talking about clothes here) with a half naked, beautiful, hot and sexy Kunoichi in a BED, in HER apartment. After both of them blushing, sputtering about how both of them were sorry to one another and a few castrating threats. They never mentioned that incident again. But occasionally Anko would cling on to him more now then how she would back then, much to Naruto's confusion, but did he ever regret it? No, no he did not.

We find Naruto in the middle of a clearing in an unknown forest laying on his back with one hand rubbing his head to try to calm down the drums drumming off in his head with his eyes closed shut in pain. He opened his eyes slowly and immediately regrets it the moment the sunlight entered his eyes and shuts his eyelids in a pained grimace.

He's about 5'10, with gold bright yellow spiky hair. His skin color looked a bit tan, along with three fox like whisker marks on each of his cheeks. He appears to be around the age of 18, wearing a long sleeve black t-shirt, black shinobi cargo pants with multiple pockets at the sides filled with scrolls, two ninja pouches strap on his belt behind each of his hips, orange tape wrapped around his ankles, his right thigh, along with a shuriken holster strapped to his right thigh, and his wrists. His hands were wearing fingerless fighting gloves that appears to be the color orange with metal guards on the back of each glove with a Konoha symbol. He's also wearing a necklace in the middle of his chest, the pendant appears to be a green color. A pair of black shinobi sandals strapped to his feet, and last but not least a orange cloth headband wrapped around his neck also with a Konoha symbol.

Naruto used one of his hands to slowly pick himself up, and the other was still holding his head trying to be careful not to make the headache worse than it already is. Once he finally stood up to his feet, he lost balance for a moment, but quickly steadied himself before he falls over. After a few minutes waiting for the headache to subside, he slowly opened his eyelids, which are azure colored after he opened them, and try's to adjust to the sunlight. Once it's bearable to see through the sunlight, he noticed he is in a forest in the middle of a clearing in a crater.

"How did I get here?," He asked mostly to himself, already knowing no one is going to answer him. He used the hand that's rubbing his head to place it too his chin and looked up to the sky in a thoughtful manner. "I remember I was on a mission with Neji, Hinata-chan, and Sakura-chan to gather information on one of Tobi's bases, then" a sharp pain crossed through his head. He hunched over holding his head with both of his hands and bit his bottom lip to keep the yelp that's been threatening from coming out of his mouth. It felt like someone just picked up the Hokage mountain and decided to play 'Whack the Naruto' with it. After awhile the pain left, and he used a few breathing exercises to calm down. He opened his eyes when he closed them from the sharp pain he just had to look around for some kind of clue to where he might could be, and if possible to find his teammates.

The first thing he noticed is the trees. He could without a doubt know he's never been in this forest before. When you're in the academy they teach you to know your surroundings and memorize them for future missions. The reason to memorize your surroundings was to take advantage things like ambush spots to take down future enemy's, streams to replenish water, shortcuts to quickly get to a destination, and a lot more. But being Naruto didn't really help when he was in the academy. The reason was because nobody didn't really like him a lot back then. The teachers would usually sabotage him, or kick him out of classes for no good reason. Other than he had a giant big furry animal sealed inside of him that's cable of destroying mountains, and raising tsunamis with one swipe of its tails. Lucky for him though, (if you call it lucky) on rare occasions when there was no 'research' to study, Ero-sennin would stay with him when he was on his training trip for two and a half years to study one of the most important lessons for a Ninja to have, which it's called Geography. If you're a ninja and didn't know anything about Geography, than you were basicly screwed.

'I don't recognize these trees at all,' he thought. Now that he took a more careful look around his surroundings, and sees something or he should say doesn't see, 'and where the hell is Neji, Hinata-chan and Sakura-chan,' he took a deep breath and shouted,





Nothing but silence, except a few insects singing and a few birds flapping away after his loud yell. He didn't get a single response. After a while not getting a response, he decided to use one of his favorite Ninjutsus in order to gain information. He put his fingers together in a familiar cross sign and shouts,

"Kage Bunshin no Jutsu! (Shadow Clone Technique)."

There was quite amount of pops that could be heard and large amount of smoke covering him where he stood. When a breeze came through that suddenly came out of nowhere that blew away the smoke. We could see instead of one spiky blond haired ninja there was over fifty in front of him.

"Alright guys, I want you spread out and look for any clues that you could find in order to know where we are and if you find either one of our teammates lead them back to me the moment you find them. And if you find anything dispel the moment you find something, and try to stay hidden we don't know if were in enemy territory, you got that?" He shouted out with a commanding voice, that you could tell he's not taking a no for an answer.

"BOSS!" His brother in arms shouted out. After a mock salute, they crouched low and jumped out of the crater they were in and disappeared into the forest. Each one taking a different route in order to accomplish the task they have given by their creator.

While his clones are out looking for any of his teammates, or any clues. He decided to ask a particular someone that's been stuck with him since the day he was born to see if he had any ideas how he got there. It might be a long shot, but desperate times call for desperate measures. He crossed his arms over his chest, then after that he sat on his behind, crossed his legs, and closed his eyes in order to concentrate to meet a giant fox with nine tails in his mind.



The moment he arrived at his mindscape his feet got covered in ankle deep of water, "ah" he nodded. He definitely remembers this place, the darkness he could barely see through, the multiple pipes blowing out steam every now and then, the two big pipes on the ceiling one particular larger than the other one. The large one glowing a crimson color, and the other one glowing a light-blue color. But for some reason the crimson one is not glowing how he remembered. He just shrugged it off. If it didn't affect him, or anyone, he didn't need to interfere. And last but not least the long hallways which reminded him of the sewers he use to hide in the Konoha village from angry drunken villagers that would occasionally try to beat him up when he was younger.

Naruto started walking in the ankle deep water in order to ask his 'friend', keyword friend here because he tried multiple times to befriend the fox, but the fox didn't see him anything other than a ningen, (Human) which he thinks they're not worth his time squishing them like the insects he thinks they are. But it doesn't mean Naruto wasted his time to befriend the fox. He might have not gained his friendship, but he did gain somewhat respect from the fox. Well, Naruto thinks he gained somewhat respect from the fox. The Kyuubi didn't really say he got his respect, but he did say he was the only ningen he could somehow withstand to in his presence, which Naruto just took what he could get and left if it at that.

After walking a while going through hallways, and turning corners. He sees up ahead the last corner he needed to turn in order to meet his big furry 'friend'. While turning, he started asking his questions. "Hey fox! Do you know where we are? Cause I'm kinda lost here and I have no clue.. to... find ... a ... way," after he turned the corner his words started dying out and his face started turning into a horror expression. The reason why, he sees the cage but that not what got him to stop. The metal bars that used to be the cage are all twisted. Like something or someone were trying to pull them apart. The gates looked like something went through them. Most of the bars are scattered around the floor, the left gate is lying on the ground, and the right one is barely hanging on its hinges.

Naruto immediately started looking around and occasionally calling out the fox to see if he is still inside his mindscape. After a while coming up with nothing, he started looking inside the prison, but still nothing. A while of searching, and his heartbeat rising each minute. He decided to get out of his mindscape to see the seal on his stomach in order to make sure it was still there. Also hoping that the seal on his stomach was still there. After taking another glance in the prison making sure he didn't miss anything. He disappeared from his mindscape and returned back outside.


(Out of his Mindscape and in the Crater)

After leaving his mindscape, he quickly grabbed the bottom hem of his long sleeve black t-shirt and lifted it up. Once he lifted it up, we could see his stomach which is quite toned and muscled on it with no noticeable traces of fat of any kind. Not the kind the muscles you get to lift weights, the kind you get by getting around and working your body to the limits your body could withhold. After quickly sending chakra to his stomach and waiting for the seal to appear, he got nothing. No black ink seal that is shaped of a sun on his stomach. No black ink on it whatsoever. Nothing.

Once Naruto lets go of his shirt, he put his hands behind him to steady himself from falling backwards when all of his energy suddenly left his body, leaving behind a bad ache in the bottom pit of his stomach from the shock of knowing the Kyuubi is gone. He couldn't believe it, the fox escaped. No. The fox didn't escape, if it did then how is he still alive if the fox escaped his body? He knew if the seal was removed the foxes youki would poison his body to the point of death and the fox would quickly do whatever the hell it wanted. Which would be,

(A. Destroy everything he sees.

(B. Go running away and find a hiding spot, because of Tobi's sharingan could easily control him again, which would turn him nothing but into his puppet.

(And C. Return wherever the hell demons and Biju came from. How does he know that demons and Biju have their own world? Well, a certain priestess by the name of Shion gave him a few lessons of their past history with a few demons that wanted to take over the world. How our ancestors fought them, killed, and drove them back to their own world.

Naruto knows the fox couldn't escape. Hell, even the fox knows it. After racking his mind trying to come up with an answer, he could only come up with one. Someone or something took the fox out. Now that he has time to think about it, he remembered the gates were inside the cage instead out of it. Which meant something punched through it. But how? What done it? Was it Tobi's doing? And how is he still alive? Ugh, too many questions and not enough answers.

He took a few breathing exercising again to calm himself down. After a moment of thinking it over he knew he could do nothing about it. Like the saying goes 'no use for crying over spilled milk'. The blond shinobi decided to try and focus the here and now. First Priority would be looking for his teammates, then it would be his whereabouts. He already got the clones looking out for those, so he decided to check out his armory, which would be his weapons stash in his kunai/shuriken pouches and his sealing scrolls.

Naruto took the scrolls out of the pockets in his shinobi cargo pants and unrolls them. He reads the Fuuinjutsu, (Sealing Arts Techniques) on the scrolls and Naruto could see he has plenty of kunai and shuriken still stash in one of his scrolls. Another one he has for storing his food, which he noticed is lacking quite an amount of food. He might have enough to last him for about a week. He made a mental note to hunt for food and seal the leftovers when he gets the chance. He read another scroll which contains clothing for men and women. The reason he had women clothing is to usually use them for infiltration missions he occasionally got from Tsunade baa-chan. There are other missions he uses them for, which would take too long to mention them all. Another scroll contained most of his shinobi equipment, which withholds smoke pellets, blood pills, chakra pills, ninja wire, healing ointments, medicine and a few more other items he has sealed in his scroll for his future missions. His last three remaining scrolls are used for storage in order to store away future items.

After he finished checking his scrolls, ninja pouches, and the shuriken holster on his right thigh. He gave a nod seemingly satisfied with the amount of shinobi equipment he possesses. Naruto started placing the items he took out and puts them back in their rightful places. Once finished, he picked himself off the ground and started doing a few stretches to get rid of the stiffness from laying on the ground for kami knows how long. After stretching his muscles and hearing loud pops signifying his bones are realigning now and then, Naruto stopped and lets out a satisfying sigh.

Naruto looked up to the sky to see what time is it by using the position the sun is in. He could tell it's a little after noon. With nothing left to do he decided to do a few warm-up exercises to kill time until one of his clones dispel to get the information he needed, or comes back with one of his teammates. First he got out of the crater he was in and after finding a good spot in the clearing he did his exercises. A few push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups and other exercises he usually does for his warm-ups.

Truth be told, he wanted to keep himself occupied. Reason why, because he doesn't want to think all of the stuff that's been happening so far. Right now he is short of having a panic attack. Reasons,

(1st. The most important reason, his giant big ball of fluffy is missing. Naruto always thought of the fox as one of his friends. When Naruto met the Kyuubi for the first time while falling down a giant ditch, thanks to Ero-sennin, he thought of all the pain and torture he went through and decided to place all of the blame on the fox for coming to the village and attacking it. Naruto also thought of the Kyuubi as nothing other than a mindless beast that wanted nothing but to destroy anything in its path or whatever got in its way. Now, he knows better. After a few answers that had shown up, he now realized that the fox was innocent and had suffered much more loneliness than anyone could ever imagine. He tried to make it up to the fox by visiting more often to try to help him with the pain of loneliness. Which would be revisiting memories of Naruto's genius pranks and embarrassing moments he went through. Much to the foxes pleasure.

Right now, he couldn't help but feel the huge hole that's been left in him knowing one of his friends is missing. He meant that the fox had been with him since the day of his birth. Knowing that the fox is gone left a huge hole in him, it felt like a piece of his soul was missing. But he's not going to let that bring him down, he's going to use this pain he is feeling right now to drive himself to find his friend. He will find him, no matter what.

(2nd. His teammates are missing. Naruto has no idea if they are alright, hurt, or anything really. He knows they could take care of themselves, but he can't shake this feeling he has right now wondering if they are safe or hurt. If they are safe they're going to be looking for him and he is going to use everything he has to find his teammates and bring them back home to try and figure out what the hell has been going on.

(3rd. And last reason, he is completely lost. Naruto has no idea if the village is north, south, west, or east.

Right now all he could do is hope that one of his clones find something.


(Clone #31, 5 Miles Northwest From the Original Naruto)

After a while from given the task to find the original teammates, or any clues to find his Bosses whereabouts. We watched as clone #31 tree hopped through the middle of the forest looking for any clues he could find in order to accomplish the task he was given by his Boss.

After a while of searching, the clone heard a loud feminine scream from his right. Quickly turning right and tree hopping for another minute, he stopped on a branch and saw someone running through the forest. He couldn't get a good look through the lower branches below him, but he could definitely tell it was a woman. If the shape of her figure has anything to go by. She appeared to be holding her right arm with her left hand, quickly running as fast as her feet could carry her. Which the clone noticed she's definitely running faster than any civilian could, and in her right hand it appeared she's holding some kind of ball with the top part red, the bottom part white and a black horizontal line through the middle.

The clone quickly dropped to ground level and immediately takes out a kunai out of his shuriken holster on his right thigh with his index finger, spins it rapidly a few times with the ring part of the kunai, puts it in a reverse grip and takes a stance. The clone looked to the direction where the girl was running from to see if there were enemy ninja or bandits trying to capture the woman for slavery, or worse. To which he is going to make them PAY for it, and try to buy the woman more time to escape before it dispels and runs out of chakra.

The clone couldn't make another Kage Bunshin to dispel and send the information to his whereabouts to warn his Boss to come here. Because for some reason he has less chakra then he usually gets from his creator in order to do any of his Ninjutsu. He also doesn't want to dispel right away and warn his fellow comrades because the woman might get captured if he didn't stay to distract the enemy.

Making sure all of his senses are up and running, the clone waits for the enemy to come show themselves. After waiting for a few seconds and seeing nothing in the distance. The clone was about to turn go quickly catch up to the woman to see if he could help her if she's injured. From the way she was holding her arm there's a high possibility that she is. When he finds her, the clone would see if she has any injuries that are life threatening, if any, and help her stabilize. Then find a safe hiding spot for the woman in order to hide then quickly dispel in order to send the memories to the original to help the woman.

If it wasn't for his instincts screaming at him to quickly jump out of the way where he was standing.

After jumping over the attacker that burst out of the ground on his left doing a flip like corkscrew motion in the air and landed back on his feet. The attacker dug back underground before the clone could engage it, but the clone saw a glimpse of a snake like tail going down the hole it made.

Whatever attacked him it's fast. In order for it to quickly dig back underground over just a second and not sensing any chakra to use a ninjutsu to dig underground, it's fast.

Whatever it was, he could barely sense any chakra coming from it. Granted he is not a sensor, but he has been training to keep his senses top notch. He probably needs to be in his Senjutsu: Sennin Modo. (Sage Art: Sage-Mode) in order to sense it.


He would've face palmed if the situation wasn't so serious at the moment. 'Damn it, why didn't the Boss think of that?' The clone thought. Not only does Sage Mode increases the users abilities dramatically, it also allows the user to sense chakra much more easily.

The clone quickly focused back on the matter of hand. The clone tries it's best to his ability to sense the hebi like animal and slow it down if possible.

It's difficult trying to sense the animal. It's like a light going on and off every now then. The clone would sense it and turned towards the direction he sensed the animal, then it would just quickly disappear the moment he sensed it.

Sensing an attack coming up from behind him, the clone quickly dodged to the right and disappeared behind a bush just in time to dodge a flame like attack behind him. Trying to use all of his shinobi skills to disappear in his hiding spot as much as possible and trying to pinpoint the location of the enemy. He waits for whatever attacked him to show itself in order to attack it to try at least injure the hebi animal or slow it down as much as possible in order to buy the woman more time, because he had a gut feeling it's not going to be happy once it loses his/her prey.

He felt a bite on his shoulder and dispels because of the injury in a puff of smoke. The clone hoped he bought enough time for the woman to gain enough distance from her attacker.

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