Hey guys I'm backs with another Camp Rock story. This is a squeal to Falling I would recomend reading Falling before you read Flying other wise you'll be confused. Anyways Reveiw and I'll give you a cokkie! :) Love Always Seddielover945.

Micthie PoV:

"Mitchie you better hurry up, or you'll be late for school!"

"Coming mom!" I shout checking my hair and crossing off another day on my wall calender. Three more days;just three more days till he comes, Shane oh how much i miss him, Its been almost three months since Caitlyn and I said goodbye to them in the airport. Three months since Iv'e felt his lips touch mine. I run down the stairs as fast a my legs will carry me. On the way I ctach a glimpse of Caitlyn's room from across the hall. There's clothes on the floor and her neon blue comforter is barley visable through the masive pile. I roll my eyes tipical Caitlyn.

"Hey slow poke I see you've managed to pick youself up out of bed." Caitlyn says as she pokes me in the stomach. I roll my eyes grabbing a peiece of buttered toast off of a plate.

"Come on Cait let's go." She nods following me out the door as my mom waves to both of us.

"Woah I say your room and its a huge mess."

"Yeah I know,but I just couldn't figure out what to where this morning,"

"Oh fine whatever you say." Caitlyn rolls her eyes picking up her pace so she can ctach up to my fast walking skills.

"Have you talked to Nate lately?"

"A little,but not much cinsidering their super busy." Caitlyn answers.

"I know Shane called me last night for like ten mintues that was all. Although I do understand,but it sucks."

''I know you feel girly,but just think about it three more days and we'll be in their arms." Caitlyn reminds me. We enter the school our backpacks bumping against our backs. I spot Sarah and wave. She smiles walking over us.

"Guess what guys I'm going to Camp Rock with you two this summer!" She yells. I could scream as Caitlyn as i give her a couple side hugs.

"Hey Losers guess who's going to Camp Rock this summer?" Katie says walkjing up to the three of us, My eleacted smile fades. Oh Boy!