Gray and Lucy were glowering at each other from across the room, oddly going unnoticed by all the skilled magicians in between, as always. They do this subtly, but quite often.

You see, Gray had an interest in Lucy alright, since she was his love rival.

Gray has loved Natsu for a very long time, and when he brought her, the very second they came in contact, they hated each other's guts.

They knew that they both liked Natsu, and neither of them wanted to give him up.

The reason Gray gets in fights with him so much is because that is the only excuse Gray has to get close to him.

Speaking of fights, Gray and Lucy were interrupted by the same guy they were fighting for when he walked up to Gray.

"Hey Gray! Wanna fight?" Natsu asked, fights already flaming.

"Sure, fire-breath! You haven't showed your," 'beautiful' Gray thought "face for a while! I was thinking you got scared!" Gray replied, grinning.

His eye twitched when he saw Lucy give a 'you're-so-hopeless-you-have-to-fight-to-get-his-attention' look, but dismissed it quickly as to not arise suspicion.

Their little skirmish ended shortly and Natsu was up for a job.

They sighed at his eagerness, since he unknowingly picked one with a long train ride.

Natsu still hadn't realized he would have to ride a train for a very long time and was prancing around with Happy. Gray was in his underwear and looked at the pinkette lovingly. Lucy, noticing this, twitched and came up with an evil plan that was very unlike the usually cheerful and happy-go-lucky blonde.

Her face twisted into a smirk as she commenced the operation.

"Gray! Put a shirt on! You're always showing off your body! Though, now that I think about, wouldn't it make sense if he was showing off his body for the one he likes?" Lucy asked, making Erza think about this interesting reasoning.

"That indeed would make sense." She said, nodding.

"Gray lllikes someone!" Happy said with a mischievous glint.

Gray glared darkly at his love rival for bringing up this subject. She just smiled innocently.

They then noticed Natsu thinking about it. "Hey Gray, who do you like?" he asked.

Gray's breath stopped dead in his throat at the question.

All eyes were on Gray with curiosity, except for Lucy. His face quickly blossomed into a red rose. "I-its, u-um…" Gray stuttered, squirming bashfully. Out of nowhere, Juvia peeked out of the river they were walking by.

She was staring intently*murderously* at Gray making him even more nervous.

"I don't like anybody! Idiots! I can't believe you fell for that!" Gray answered, watching Natsu with sharp eyes to see his reaction to his words. Natsu pouted and moaned, obviously expecting an answer.

Gray smirked, killing two birds with one stone. Foiling Lucy's plan for him to be disliked and making Natsu give him such a cute face.

When the tension cleared up, they noticed they arrived at their destination.

The train station.