All of his life, he'd never been free.

In his early years he'd had to bow to his father's orders. When he escaped with Angela, he was slave to her love. Then to his obsession with making money.

After Red John murdered his family revenge became his sole master; he dreamt about it day and night.

His memory palace became his prison. The way Charlotte's dimples showed when she smiled, Angela's soft moans as they languidly made love on the beach – all of his sweetest memories were permanently tainted by the lingering smell of blood and a creepy smile on a wall.

Even when he finally got his revenge, he found that he could never be free. Grief and guilt would always follow him everywhere – like pursuing Furies.

He thought about taking his own life, only to discover that he just couldn't. For someone else had unexpectedly got hold of his soul.

Teresa Lisbon was both his jailer and his savior, no matter how preposterous such a statement would probably sound.

As she slipped a wedding band on his finger he knew that she was never going to let him go.

Not that he actually minded being captive for once…