This fic is two things at once - a challenge to myself, and a story I had been toying with for a very long time. All concrit is appreciated, and if anyone has any questions, please ask! I like to think that I'm a very friendly person.

The Great Spirit of Manga and Anime looked down, and thought "Well, I suppose this one will do..."

Hannah was dreaming, a fairly standard dream comprised of cherry blossoms and wind, when a booming voice awoke her. "Oh, sweet Jesus, THIS is what you dream about? I'm starting to second-guess your suitability..."

"What, mysterious dream-voice, this is an extremely important moment in Tokyo Babylon! Wait, I can't usually speak during dreams... What's going on? Is this some form of lucid dream?"

"I suppose you could say that. YOU, Hannah, have been selected to give a dying world a second chance, although why you specifically is beyond me..." The voice boomed.

A girl with long brown hair stood from where she was sitting. "What do you mean, a dying world? Like, a sun about to explode of something?" Her blue eyes were inquisitive.

"Well, a close enough analogy, although crude. You see," It echoed through the silence, the unnatural wind having quieted. "every dream creates a world, and now one of these worlds has come under threat. We have chosen you to save this world, because we believe you have the skills and character necessary."

Hannah looked around, searching for The Voice, as she had named it, in vain. There was nothing but darkness, the cherry blossom tree and the boys underneath it having vanished. "Every dream creates a world..? What a nice idea. Still, what world will I be saving? Is it one with knights and princesses? Oh, this is shaping up to be an epic dream!"

"This is and isn't a dream, Hannah. What you decide here will change your life." The Voice became, if that was possible, even more solemn. "If you accept, you will be saving the Naruto-verse, as its fans fondly call it."

Hannah had been cowed by the previous declaration, but she still felt like she had to make her voice heard.

"Couldn't I save the Tokyo Babylon world instead?" She asked in a small voice.

"Silly girl, somebody's already done that. Where do you think Hokuto came from?"

Hannah went cold. Hokuto had died, to save her beloved little brother. She had no particular attachment to the Naruto-verse, having quit just after the beginning of Shippuden, because she had felt that the storyline was dragging.

But... This was a chance to have an adventure! At eighteen, she was applying for university, and she still felt as though she were waiting for the TARDIS to appear, or to stumble across a gateway into a new world. Could she really turn this opportunity down, if it was real? What would she regret more, taking a chance or letting it slip by?

"If I accept, what happens to me, my life? I have family here, I don't want them to wonder what happened to me!" She cried out. She loved her family, although her mother was always tired, and her sister was demanding. They were her family, and they meant the world to her, even though she was preparing to go to university.

"If you complete the quest, and save the world, we'll open a portal between them for you to use - you can go back and forth as you please. If you fail, you wake up, nothing lost." It promised.

"So, it's a no-lose situation..?" She questioned, unsure. "There's no way that this can go wrong?"

"You have my word." The Voice boomed. "If you die, you return here. Think of this as the Game Over screen, except instead of play again, you have the option to return home."

"In which case, I accept!" She had felt as though her life had been too dull to tolerate lately, endless amounts of studying and memorizing knowledge she was never going to get the chance to use. If she did this, maybe she could make a difference, and finally feel as though her life had some purpose.

Three hours later, she was beginning to regret her hasty decision.

"Yes, I'm not to tell anyone about my origins, I get it!" She hollered, fed up. "That'd be a really stupid thing to do, anyhow! 'Oh, hi, Hokage-sama, I'm from another world, and I'm here to save you all!'." She struck a mock superhero pose that Rock Lee would have been proud of. "No being a Mary Sue, no making all of the boys fall for me, I understand! It'd be weird having somebody else's face!" She protested. "Do you give everybody this lecture?"

"Yes, everybody gets the talk. Mary Sues kill dreams, don't you know, and nobody wants that. I suppose I was being overly cautious as the Naruto fandom is one of the largest, and creates some of the best dreams, but I see that I should have a little more faith in you." Somehow, The Voice gave the impression that it was sheepishly scratching the back of its head, despite the fact that it was non-corporeal.

"Alright, obviously we'll boost your stats to Naruto-verse average, and considering what a talented cohort you have, I suppose you can have one extra skill, free of charge - think of it as your initial skill, like in a RPG."

"Okay, so I get a RPG skill... Can I have a pet, a familiar of some kind?" She asked, suddenly excited by the idea of having her own Akamaru, or Dove-kun.

"What did I say about Mary Sues, Hannah?" The Voice reprimanded her.

"Right, right, sorry." She mentally thwacked herself.

"I take back what I said about having faith in you, just for the record. Alright, how about the ability to mimic sounds and voices? That would come in useful."

"Ooooh, does that mean I'd be able to sing? I can't hold a tune in a bucket, so yes, I'll take that one!"

"No, wait-! That's a Sue trait-!"

But it was too late. The bargain was struck, and Hannah fell into the darkness.