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Chapter Three

"So how long are they going to stay here?" Bakura grumbled, looking at the two Yamis that were sleeping in the living room. The other two unwanted guests were in the room that was supposed to be Akefia's. Bakura didn't like the lack of privacy. He slightly remembered that he didn't give Ryou much privacy either, but that was different.

"Until the end of the month," Ryou answered, making breakfast. It was a Sunday and the others were sleeping in like they would do at their own home.

"Wasn't that just what those two said, because they wanted to avoid their Yamis?" Bakura asked, grumbling. This was the only time he had some time to himself without Akefia bothering him.

"Well, I'm not going to kick them out just, because you want them to leave," Ryou said as he flipped a pancake. "I don't like them here either. It was better when we were living together alone."

"Just the two of us?" Bakura asked with a soft blush on his face.

"Yeah," the other said, not looking at the other. "Just the two of us and Kefie."


Bakura slouched in disappointment. He shook his head to snap himself out of his thoughts. He reasoned that the only reason why he felt this way was because of how he was stuck in Kefie's body that was deeply attached to Ryou.

"You alright?" Ryou asked as he placed the plate full of pancakes in front of Bakura. "You don't look so well."

"Well, I'd feel better if I send the two to the Shadow Realm," Bakura grumbled. Ryou gave him that disapproving look and left it at that. "I won't do it."

"After this let's take a bath," Ryou said as he placed the pan in the sick. "So that way Marik doesn't use up all of the hot water."

"A bath? Wait you mean together?" Bakura asked, looking at Ryou.

"I need to conserve water since those four are going to raise my electricity and water bill through the roof," the other said as he shrugged. He looked at Bakura and noticed the soft blush that was spreading across the little boy's face. "Do you have a fever?"

"No, I just-"

Marik walked in with his hair in a mess and a yawn. He looked at the two and raised an eyebrow.

"What are you two doing?" Marik asked a he went over to a plate of pancakes. "Pancakes! This is great, Ryou."

He began stuffing himself with the food and Ryou only sighed.

"So when are you guys leaving?" Bakura asked, regaining his composure. "Soon I hope."

"Well if I go home now, I'll have to deal with Malik alone and my sister telling me she told me so," Marik replied, dismissing the idea. "I'm not leaving until Malik apologizes."

Bakura sighed deeply. He decided that he was going to play a little match maker since that was the only way that he was going to get the others out. He took Ryou's hand and brought him to the bathroom.

"I have an idea," Bakura stated.

"If it has anything to do with sending people to the Shadow Realm-" Ryou said, but he was interrupted with Bakura throwing his hands up.

"You think everyone of my plans include the Shadow Realm!" Bakura shouted. "It has nothing to do with the Shadow Realm."

Ryou raised his eyebrow. He decided that he might as well listen since it didn't have to do with Shadow Games or Shadow Realms. Ryou didn't like those things at all. He thought that Bakura was a huge gambler since he liked to risk his life so much.

"Okay, this is a plan to get them back together so they get out of our lives."

"So you're going to play cupid?" Ryou asked. "What do you even know about love?"

Bakura was going to say something, but the Hikari was right. He didn't know anything about love. He was focused on revenge for all these years that he didn't allow himself to feel anything like it. Hell, Akefia would know more about love than he did, but that didn't mean he wasn't going to try.

"Well, I don't know anything about love," Bakura said and smiled. "But I do know Malik and Marik."

"What are we going to do about Yugi and Yami?" Ryou asked, making a face. He wasn't sure whether he should listen to Bakura, but he supposed that it wouldn't hurt. "Yugi is very upset at Yami about the whole anniversary thing."

"Can we please work one couple at a time?" the other asked.

"Marik, can I talk to you?" Ryou asked as he dragged the other out of the house into the porch.

The other stared at Ryou with a raised eyebrow. He was glad that Ryou did that since he didn't want to stick around in the house with Malik trying to hit on him any longer. It wasn't attractive and Malik still didn't apologize to Marik.

"I want to help you get back together with Malik," Ryou said.

"What makes you think that I want to get back together with him?" Marik asked as he frowned. "That idiot probably doesn't even see me as a lover. He probably thinks of me as a sex object or something like that."

"Oh, well you're jealous of how he was looking at that girl right?" Ryou asked, trying to calm down Marik that seemed to get more and more riled up as they talked about the other Egyptian. "Well, wouldn't it be sweet if you get a payback for making you feel that way?"

"Payback? That sounds nice," the other replied with a grin upon his face.

"What are those two doing?" Malik asked, curious.

"Mama!" Kefie shouted out, clinging to Malik's leg. According to Bakura's plan, Akefia was distracting the others very well.

"What do you want, Kefie?"

"Well, are Ry and Ma dating?" Akefia asked, tilting his head cutely. "They spend a lot of time together."

"What? No, of course not," Malik said, looking at the door. He knew that Akefia shouldn't know anything really. He was only a little boy. But for some reason, there was a rage boiling in Malik's chest. "Marik is mine."

"But they look cute together!" Kefie exclaimed. "And Ma looks so happy. Why Mama so angry? Did I do something wrong?"

"No, you didn't do anything wrong," Malik said as he picked up Kefie. "You're getting heavier. Is Bakura making you fat?"

"I am not!" Bakura shouted. "Kefie eats more than I do."

"Oh there you are," Malik said poking the other's stomach. Bakura was very tempted to bite off Malik's finger, but he needed to continue with the plan. "Tell me. Is there anything going on with Ryou and Marik, like Akefia thinks?"

Bakura wanted to laugh. Malik expected him to tell him the truth?

"Oh, I don't know," Bakura said with a smile. "Marik seems ready to leave you for good."

"Take that back," Malik said with a growl.

"Well, you're not exactly trying very hard to get Marik back, are you?"

"What do you mean?" Malik asked, not understanding what the other was saying. He did try to get Marik back. Normally if he teased Marik enough, he would be running back into Malik arms. He shouldn't be here, wondering if Marik had fallen for someone else. He didn't want to admit it, but he was jealous.

"Well all that flirting isn't going anywhere," Bakura said. "Why don't you try doing something he likes? I don't know, like a date or something? He doesn't seem to think that you love him very much."

"I do love him," Malik growled out.

"Oh, and you express it with sex then?" the other asked. He shook his head at Malik. The other had no idea what was going on Marik's head. He understood that this would happen often in those dramas he saw on TV, where the man had no idea what was going on a woman's head, but the two were men. Bakura paused in his thoughts. Marik was too girly to be considered a man right now, so Bakura found himself pitying Malik.

"What are you suggesting that I do then?" Malik growled out.

"I don't know, ask him on a date?" Bakura asked. "Do you even know him outside his body?"

"Of course," Malik said. Why would Bakura ask that? Malik knew a lot of things about Marik. He was basically Marik since he was born out of Marik's suffering. But as minutes passed, Malik found that he didn't really know what was going on Marik's head. It was really bad if even he couldn't figure that out. "Fine, help me."

Bakura smiled as this was easier than he originally thought.

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