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Duo watched bemusedly from his window seat as Heero marched about the lawn, barking orders to Wufei's men. The first shouting match between Heero and Wufei had been rather entertaining. Duo still wasn't sure what Zechs had told Wufei, but since then Heero seemed to have assumed command.

He certainly had been busy. He'd installed cameras throughout the hallways in the west wing where the family bedrooms were, installed security detail at a few entrances around the grounds, and even managed to convince Relena to keep the front door locked. Zechs had yet to tell Duo why all these extra measures were needed, but Duo assumed someone was after Zechs, or rather Milliardo, and by extension the rest of his family. Duo shuddered to think of any harm coming to his beloved brother and was glad he had Heero to protect him.

But it was a bit strange. Heero really didn't spend all that much time with Zechs, even when he wasn't busy setting up perimeter sweeps and whatnot. Instead he seemed to hover around the house and spend an awful lot of time watching Duo. Not that Duo minded, not at all.

Quite honestly, Duo would like to spend more time with Heero. He'd noticed that Heero had given him a rather blatant once-over when they'd first met and wondered what he had thought. Duo had long since figured out his own sexuality, aided by an embarrassing but honest conversation with Zechs when he'd reached puberty. And even if he were still unsure, one look at the Adonis that was Heero Yuy, he would've been entirely convinced. The perfectly messy chocolate brown hair and the shocking blue eyes in a perfectly chiseled face. The dark suit that he wore didn't quite disguise his well-muscled body and his handshake had been warm and firm. Duo had felt the sparks between them the instant they touched.

It was too bad Hilde had shown up just after, ruining the moment. She had rounded the corner, screamed with joy at finally locating him, and proceeded to glomp him, gushing about wanting to see all his new paintings. Hilde Schbeiker was a good art agent and discreet enough that the public was still unsure of his identity as Scythe, but she could be a little over enthusiastic over her appreciation of the artist. Duo had had to relinquish his hold on Heero's hand when he saw Hilde coming, not wanting the man to be run over the by the exuberant woman.

The meeting had proceeded from bad to worse. Heero and Hilde started a heated argument over the proper security protocol for entering the mansion. Heero insisted she could no longer just barge in whenever she pleased while she maintained her need to have full access to her client. Wufei had joined in, informing Hilde that he'd already made those rules clear, but ended with both parties glaring at the Chinese security captain. Eventually, Duo had excused himself to go back to work, leaving Zechs to referee the angry parties and sincerely hoped they wouldn't end up killing each other. Duo had learned through his brother later that, after a lot of glaring and cursing, Hilde had given in, agreeing to call before she came by on the condition that she would be allowed to have a key.

Duo gave a loud sigh as he heard a shout of "Heero!" from inside the house. Right there was the main reason he'd never been able to get close to the stoic Japanese man. It seemed his sister had become rather enamored of Heero and had yet to leave him alone for longer than an hour at a time. Relena came bounding out of the house as quickly as her high heels would allow, draping herself all over Heero as soon as she came within arm's length The only consolation Duo had was that Heero seemed entirely uncomfortable with the contact and carefully but expediently extricated himself. Of course that didn't stop Relena's advances as she continued to follow him as he moved briskly about.

Duo turned away from the window, feeling a bit sick at watching Relena constantly throw herself at Heero. He got up and slipped quietly out of his bedroom and down the hall to his atelier. In actuality, it used to be a storage room, but Duo had found it as a child, hiding in it when the spaciousness of his large new bedroom had scared him. It was still rather large - after all this was the Peacecraft mansion - but the smaller space still calmed him. After his parents had found him there on multiple occasions, they had emptied it and designed it to Duo's liking. It had become Duo's personal sanctuary.

A large sketch of Maxwell Church hung on one side of the door and a formal portrait of the Peacecraft family (plus one adopted Maxwell) was on the other. There was an old but comfortable red couch pushed up against a wall that had a messy collage of photographs and sketches that made up Duo's life. A framed certificate hung in the corner from the famous college of the arts proclaimed Duo Maxwell a graduate dating back a few years ago. The rest of the photos and sketches were dominated by the smiling faces of his loved ones. Solo, Father Maxwell, and Sister Helen were included, sketched lovingly from the memories of a child.

The next wall held bookcases full of Duo's favorite books and eclectic collection of records. An old record player was tucked into a convenient shelf, a present from Zechs to "cultivate his love of decent music." His words. The last wall was what Zechs liked to call Duo's "work" wall. Half-finished sketches and workups of ideas surrounded a large window that overlooked the forest on the edge of the grounds and a work table covered in paint splatters and supplies. A small sink had been installed the moment Duo had decided to start painting in there, with heavy duty soap and a number towels stacked below. A clean towel, having recently been changed out by a rather frustrated Zechs because Duo insisted on cleaning the small room himself, hung on the small towel rack beside it. A large cabinet that stood next to the door held all of his supplies and the easel that was not quite in the center of the room sat empty, waiting.

Feeling inspired, Duo pulled out some things to mix a color for his next painting, and it was suddenly very important that he mixed this particular cobalt blue that had been haunting him since a certain man had come into his life.

Finally finished, he stared at the mixture, and then up at the clock that mounted on the wall. Two hours had passed. He blinked at the paint again and abruptly moved away, the color filling him with a curious sort of melancholy. He washed his hands as he watched a few guards running about outside. Wondering absently at the exercises Heero had them doing, he made his way to his bookcases. Choosing a quiet jazz record and an old favorite book, he set it in the player and moved to the couch to read. Before long, Duo's eyes slid shut and the book was laid on the floor next to him as he curled up to take a nap.