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Real world:

"I know them!" Rukia cried as she stared at the T.V. "That's Captain Hitsugaya and his Lieutenant!"

Both Bradley and Charles knew this of course, and Bradley would've pointed this out if Charles hadn't insisted that they'd play dumb in order not scare Rukia.

Feeling very frustrated, Bradley went upstairs and gestured for Charles to follow.

"Excuse me, Ladies." Charles said as he went upstairs.

Bradley followed him into his bedroom.

Once inside, Bradley shut the door and locked it.

"We got a big problem, Mr. Doe. How are we going to fix this?" he asked as he shrugged in frustration.

"I don't know," Charles began. "I mean we could pay for their bail after we find out where they are."

"What about Danny and his Mom?" Bradley countered. "I imagine they won't take the fact that the people who broke into their house are now living next door to them. We have to tell them something."

"They can stay at your house." replied Charles as he folded his arms across his chest and frowned.

"How can I convince my Dad to take them? He saw them on the news! What are we going to do about Danny and his mom? We need to tell them because he may have summoned them and hasn't realized it yet." retorted Bradley. "We'll tell all of them." Charles explained.

"How? Will they believe us?" Bradley questioned.

"We'll show all the manga pictures." Charles said. "Anyway what's the matter with you Bradley?" he added as he raised an eyebrow.

At Charles's somewhat intensive question, Bradley exploded. "Why didn't you pick up?! I saw this and tried to call you. But you didn't answer. When I was finally able to get here I found out that you guys just left!" he finished.

"That was you who called?" Charles spoke as his face turned pale.

Bradley nodded in annoyance.

'Bradley, I'm so sorry." Charles said, sincerely. Taking a deep breath, he added "Look why don't we go down stairs and have a snack."

"What about-" Bradley began. But Charles interrupted with "We'll about that later after our snack." Charles said as they walked downstairs.

Just before, Charles and Bradley came down stairs, Nancy and Rukia were having their own conversation. "We have to get them out!" cried Rukia.

"How!" asked Nancy. "Danny and his mom think they broke into their house!" "We'll convince them to drop the charges!" Rukia replied somewhat desperately.

"What do suggest you we tell Danny and Ms Bell?" Nancy asked sarcastically. "That those two people who broke into their house, are really from another dimension and that Danny somehow summoned them by accident. That the kind of thing that would get us all sent to an asylum." Nancy finished with a frown on her face.

Rukia was stuck dumb. Nancy feeling terrible that her words put Rukia in this state, apologized at once and tried to get her to feel better. She had little to no success. She was still trying bring Rukia back to normal when Charles and Bradley came down the stairs.

Charles and Bradley found Nancy attempting to shake Rukia out of her shock.

"What happened?" questioned Charles as he approached Nancy and Rukia. "I said something that hurt her feelings, Dad, and now she won't snap out of it. I even told her I was sorry, and she still won't go back to normal." Nancy explained as guilt overcame her.

Charles sighed and said "Take her into the kitchen with us, hopefully a snack with cheer her up."

Nancy helped Rukia up and gently led her into the kitchen.

Meanwhile in the down town part of Nowhere, Marina and her little sister, fifteen year old Milly were watching the news.

Marina and Milly couldn't believe that burglary happened in their town.

Nowhere, was part of an area, that had very little crime.

Before they could dwell on the matter further, their mother called to them. "Girls it's time for gymnastics!"

Marina and Millie turned off the T. V., stood up, and hurried for the door.

Marina and Millie like most siblings shared just about everything, that included their love of gymnastics.

They even had similar appearances. While Marina and Milly both had black hair and green eyes, Marina had long wavy hair and Milly had short hair.

However Marina had one thing most people didn't have, she was quadruple jointed.

Marina never knew if it was from years of gymnastics trailing or if was a recessive trait.

She and Milly had come from a family of gymnasts. Their father, Matt had competed in gymnastic competitions when he was younger, and their mother's abilities had gotten her a college scholarship.

It had always been a dream of Marina and Milly's to one day be in the Olympics.

Ever since they were little, they had always had a semi-friendly competition to see who would end up in the Olympics first.

Despite their rivalry with one another, Marina had always considered Milly to be her hero. Milly was hard of hearing and Marina knew how much harder she had to work to be great .

Milly was only six. Marina couldn't imagine what it was like, to live in a world without any sound. Milly was very determined to live a normal life as possible.

That's what Marina admired about Milly the most was her determination.

These were Marina's thoughts as she entered the family car.

Milly and Marina jumped into the car and drove off to gymnastics.

"I can't wait for gymnastics class." Milly signed excitedly.

"Me too!" Marina signed back.

The two sisters spent the rest of the car ride looking out the windows at the passing scenery.

Time passed and they finally arrived at the gym.

In little time, Marina was practicing back handsprings on the balance beam.

During one of her flips, she lost her footing and fell off.

As her teacher helped her up, she intrusted her on keeping her footing.

Just as Marina was getting ready to get back on the balance beam, she heard a flipping sound.

Marina looked up as saw Milly let go of a trapeze that she was swinging on. As Milly glided through the air, she did a forward tuck and landed safely on her two feet on the safety mat.

Milly slowly stood as the sound of applause began to fill the room.

Marina felt a sense of envy that followed her all the way home.

Whenever Marina became envious of anyone, she acted cold to whomever caused her to feel that way.

After dinner, their mother, Elsa asked to speak with her alone.

Elsa and Marina went upstairs into the work-study, and shut the door behind them.

"Marina, what's wrong?" Elsa asked with a concerned look on her tanned face.

Marina sighed as she took a deep breath before she said "I am worried that I won't make it to the Olympics, that will Milly will beat me."

Elsa ran her left hand through her short dark brown hair and replied with a serious expression on her face"Listen to me, the both of you are good enough to make it to the Olympics. While at times it may look like some else is better than you, remember that you are just as good, if you not better."

Marina gave her mom a small smile and said "Thanks mom." Soon after Marina wrapped her arms around her mom's waste.

Then the two of them went down stairs to by themselves.

Later that evening Marina was watching a horror movie while everyone else had gone to sleep.

As she was watching the movie, she felt herself growing bored.

Marina soon closed her eyes and fell asleep.

Bleach world:

When she opened her eyes, she was surprised to find herself in an unfamiliar place, and a chaotic one at that.

"I better get the hell out of here!" Marina thought to herself, as she began to look for a place to hide.

She spotted the back-end of a nearby building and quickly hid behind it, as a group of people dressed in black robes rushed past the place were she was standing.

"What's with these guys?" Marina wondered, as many questions began to pop in her head all at once. "Why are they dressed in black robes? Are they part of some kind of cult? Why are they in such a hurry?"

Just then she heard a rushing sound above her head. Marina looked up and saw a huge ball of light floating in the center of the sky.

"Woah..." she mouthed silently as she stared at the sky.

"There's something magical about that ball." Marina thought to herself. As soon as she thought about the ball, it exploded!

She let out a gasp of surprise as the ball split apart into four pieces, each going into four different directions.

Sadly some people in black robes were nearby when Marina gasped.

They shrieked of "Ryoka!" and they charged at Marina.

With out wasting a second, Marina leaped over the people in the black robes. In mid-leap, she was struck down by something, and was captured.

Marina didn't know what was going on or where they were taking her, but she knew that it couldn't be good.

Marina was soon brought before a set of huge doors, and one of the people in black robes opened the doors.

There inside the room, where several more of those black-robed people. However the one that stood the most to Marina was the one at the end of the room.

He was an old man with an empty head of hair, a long bread and a cane.

"What is the meaning of this?" the old man roared. "No low-racking Soul-" he started to say. But was interrupted when the one that was holding Marina said "My deepest apologies Head-Captain! We found one of the Ryoka outside." shaking Marina a little."Hey!" Marina cried in protest. At this every one of those black-robed people turned to look at her.

"Silence!" shouted the Head-Captain. "You are already in deep trouble Ryoka! Do not make things worse for yourself!"

Despite the situation she was in, Marina was not impressed by the Head-Captain; in fact she found him annoying.

"Now tell me, where are the others?" Demanded the Head-Captain.

"What are you talking about?" replied Marina, perplexed. "There's just me." "Right?" she added as an afterthought.

"Do lie to us, Ryoka." The Head-Captain replied in a warning tone. "We are well aware that your friends have broken into the Sereitei."

"Look, I don't even know how I got here, and this is the first I heard of some break-in to this place." Marina began. "But let's get one thing straight, I'm not part of some break in. Why would I want to break in this place? I don't even want to be here!" she finished.

"Enough!" cried the Head-Captain. "Captain Kuchiki, Take her to where the prisoner is."

An emotionless looking with long black hair and cold gery eyes, who Marina supposed was Captain Kuchiki approached her and escorted her out of the room.

Marina was taken to a prison cell and thrown inside with a red-headed teenager.

Once Captain Kuchiki had left, Marina asked the red-headed stranger. "What are you in for?" Ichigo said nothing for a moment, wondering how could anyone be calm about being recently imprisoned.

"Fine, don't talk." Marina said as she turned away from Ichigo and attempted to look out the window.

"What's wrong with you?" Ichigo inquired unable to contain himself any longer. "You were just imprisoned by the Soul reapers, possibly forever. How can you be so calm?"

At Ichigo's words, Marina felt something inside her crumble. "What?" she replied, floored. "Forever?" she repeated, not fully comprehending what she had just heard.

"Yeah. Forever." Ichigo snapped back.

"No..." whispered Marina as she burred her face into her hands. "No, they can't do this. I want my mom and dad. I need my mom and dad!" she cried.

Despite having only just met this foreign girl, Ichigo couldn't help but feel a sense of empathy. Over the past couple of days, he had longed for his friends, his little sisters and his dad.

"Hey don't cry, it won't help." Ichigo said, wishing he could do more for this girl. "So, what's your name?" he added.

"I'm Marina. What's yours?" Marina replied. "I'm Kurosaki Ichigo" Ichigo said, with pride in his voice.

"Ichigo," Marina repeated thoughtfully. "What a strange name?" she thought to herself. Marina chose not to say this, instead she said. "Do you know where we are and what are Soul Reapers?"

Ichigo whipped his head around as soon as heard that last question. "You gotta be kidding me! You mean she broke into the Soul society completely by accident." Ichigo thought to himself.

Taking a deep breath, Ichigo then asked "How did you get here?"

"I don't know," Marina explained. "All I remember is falling asleep, and the next thing I knew I was in this ancient Japanese place. Then before I could figure out where I was, I saw this ball of light in the sky. It looked like a giant ball, before it broke into four pieces..."

"Wait a minute, you saw it too?" questioned Ichigo, with a mixture of shock, disbelief and hopefulness on his face.

"Yeah, do you know what it was?" questioned Marina. Ichigo paused for a moment to hide the look of surprise, before saying "I think it was my friends coming to save me."

"That's great!" Marina replied, beginning to feel glad. "You idiot," a negative sounding voice spoke in her head. "That means they're only going to save him, not you!"

"So how did you end up here?" asked Marina. "I was trying to save a friend from being taken here," Ichigo began. "Why would these people want to take your friend here?" Marina interrupted. "They wanted to execute her and kill me." Ichigo replied bluntly. Marina gasped. "That's horrible! Why!" she cried. "Because she helped me." Ichigo said.

"That's beeped up!" exclaimed Marina. "When I got there," Ichigo continued " I fought them as best I could, but this red-head named Renji nearly killed me." "What stopped he?" interrupted Marina. "Before he could kill me, this weird girl appeared out of nowhere."

"That's the name of my town." Marina ideally thought to herself.

"She must've been watching us the whole time and couldn't stand it any more. Anyway she just jumped on to his back and started screaming. However Renji threw her from him. Just before she hit the ground, she bumped into my friend and..." Taking a deep breath, Ichigo paused for a moment. "What happened?" asked Marina, wanting to know how it ended.

"The both of them literally vanished right before our eyes." Ichigo explained, not fully believing it himself. "You're kidding!"cried Marina.

"Then those two dragged me back, somehow convinced that I had something to do this with this!" Ichigo shouted in frustration. Marina looked at him with sympathy.

"How long have you've been here?" Marina delicately asked, unsure how Ichigo would react.

"Several days." Ichigo replied bluntly.

"Umm, I forgot to ask something. I know that you've already been asked this question many times before, but what did the girl look like?" Marina inquired.

Before Ichigo could say anything, the girl in question appeared right before their eyes!

Ichigo and Marina jumped back in surprised, as Ichigo cried out "NO BEEPING WAY!"

Nancy blinked in shock, one moment she was lying in her bed, saying good night to Rukia, and the next moment she was in a prison cell.

Then without warning, she was grabbed by a pair of strong arms and pressed against the wall.

As Nancy fought to stay clear-headed she heard a voice shout"What the hell are doing? She's just a kid!"

"She's the one that got me into this mess!" she heard another voice retort.

As Nancy lifted her head to look at her captor, she saw an angry-looking teenaged boy with spiky orange hair glaring at her He was accompanied by a tan skinned teenage girl with long wavy hair looking her over worriedly. "What did you do to Rukia?" he yelled at her, causing her to finch. She remembered her mother yelling at her when she was drinking, sometimes it would be more than yelling.

Then she recognized him, he was Rukia's friend Ichigo, and he had seen her!

"Are you Ichigo?" Nancy asked, as her blue eyes widened in fear. "I' m sorry I got you in trouble! I didn't mean to! I swear! Please don't hit me! Please don't me!" she whimpered.

Nancy's words had an impact on Ichigo, he slowly let go of Nancy and she fell to the floor. Ichigo and Marina knelt at her side. "Hey, I'm sorry." Ichigo said. "I'm not going to hit you." he replied. Nancy only nodded in response. "What's your name?" Marina gently asked. "Nancy." the girl replied. "How did you..." Ichigo began to ask. Suddenly, two guards came rushing into the room. "We heard..." one of them started to say, but stopped when he saw Nancy.

"That's the girl!" both of the guards cried at once.

At the guards words, Nancy jumped up and pressed herself against the wall.

"OH NO! I'm in the lair of the psycho spirit cops!" Nancy screamed in her head. "Are they going to imprison me? What are they going to do to me?" she added as an after thought. The guards began to talk among themselves "Alert the captains, I'll fetch her." the first one said the other. Without wasting a second, one of the guards left the room.

"It's only a dream. It's only a dream. It's only a dream." Nancy began repeating to herself as she closed her eyes hoping she would be home again. Soon she heard gasps. Out of curiosity, she opened her eyes. To her displeasure, she was still in the prison cell. Outside the cell, the guard pull out his zanpaktou and began to unlock the door.

"Child," the guard began. "This will be the only time I will say this, come quietly or I'll be forced to cut you down with my zanpaktou. If you somehow with stand my blows, you will not with stand those of the captain's." he finished.

"Don't try anything." the guard warned Ichigo and Marina, as he stepped inside.

Fearful, Nancy attempted to jump on the bed, but she lost her footing. As she closed her eyes felt someone catch her.

Marina couldn't believe what was happening, first she had somehow ended up in this Japanese spirit world, and was locked up. Second, a strange girl had appeared in their cell, and now she somehow herself, Ichigo and this strange girl, had ended up somewhere else. She didn't even know where she was.

"What the hell!" Marina and Ichigo yelled, simultaneously

Just then the flick of a light switch revealed where they were. Someone's bedroom!

But that didn't surprise Ichigo as much as who was in it. "Rukia?" he said unable to believe it, as the words left his lips.

Rukia at first thought she must be dreaming. However, when she heard him speak, she stood up and approached him.

"Oh my god! I've been kidnapped by a little girl!" shouted Marina. "Hey I didn't kidnap anyone!" Nancy retorted. "Unintentionally." she added as an after thought.

"What's going on?" came Charles's voice as he entered Nancy's bedroom. Once he saw Ichigo he understood right away what has happened. "Nancy! You can't just summon the main character out of his own story! The universe might explode!"he asked. "Main character?" Ichigo wondered.

"Summon!" shouted Marina.

"Who's this?" he asked as he laid eyes on Marina.

"I'll tell you my name, when you'll me what's going on!" Marina almost screamed.

"Yeah, what is going on?" Ichigo added, narrowing his eyes.

"Look I just wanna say I'm sorry," Nancy began. "why don't you just sit down and I'll explain everything." she suggested in a calm soothing tone.

"You somehow dreamed yourself into Ichigo's cell and pulled him into our world in front of the Soul Reapers!" Charles yelled, sounding more worried than angry.

"Yes." Nancy replied in a shaky tone.

"You Fool" cried Rukia. "Now this has only enforced the notion that not only you and Ichigo know each other, but the two of you are emeries to the Soul Society!"

"What's Soul Society?" demanded Marina.

"We'll answer your questions when we find out just how screwed we all are!" Ichigo replied in a brash tone .

"Guys, Guys," Charles said as he raised his hands calmly. "May I remind you all that Marina here is the only one who doesn't know the whole story. So I seggest we bring Marina up to speed first, before we look into our own situation."

Some time later...

"So let me get this straight, " Marina said. "These guys are form another world." she stated while pointing to both Ichigo and Rukia. Both Ichigo and Rukia nodded.

"Somehow, myself, Nancy hey and some other kid named Bradley can somehow go to this world." Marina said, despite her growing disbelief.

Charles, Nancy and Rukia all nodded at once.

"Oh I see..." Marina began. "I'm having a one hell of a dream." she concluded. Charles resisted the urge to slap himself in the face or walk over to Marina and shake her shoulders.

Instead he chose to rub his temples.

Rukia however, slapped Marina in the face. "Imbecile! You've entered in the Soul Society though your sleep, spoke to Ichigo and the both of you were bought here by Nancy." cried she in annoyance. "Umm... Rukia... you don't hit people in the face when you're upset." Nancy said, nervously.

Rukia turned to glare at her, but Charles quickly said. "Kuchiki, Rukia. You maybe a soul reaper and you maybe a member of nobility, but if you hit another person in this house, You will have extra chores to do. Do you understand?" he finished in a no-nonsense tone of voice.

Rukia just ignored him.

"Don't say I didn't warn you." Charles thought to himself. "Now then. How are we going to get you home, Marina?" he asked.

"Forget that!" Marina interjected. "What am I going to tell my parents?"

"Hey, remember me?" Ichigo interrupted.

"One thing at a time." Charles replied.

"Are you sure this is it?" Charles asked as he drove towards the medium size white house.

"Yes." Marina said, her voice full of conviction.

She opened the car door, and approached her bedroom window.

"What are you doing?" Charles whispered. "What does it look like I'm doing?" Marina retorted. "Breaking and entering." Charles quipped.

Marina stopped dead in her tracks. "Well, what do you suggest I do?" Marina questioned.

"I'll ring the door bell, and tell your parents I found you sleep walking." Charles explained as he walked over to the front door.

"My parents aren't going to believe that." Marina said in an annoyed tone.

"Oh my god! How did she get out of the house?" cried Elsa. "How did you manage to bump into Marina?" asked Matt.

"I was out driving to clear my head. When I saw Marina walking in the middle of the street. I pulled over right away." Charles explained, concealing his smile.

"How we ever thank you?" Elsa asked, breathlessly. "Think nothing of it." Charles replied. "Now, if you'll excuse me I must be getting home."

He then went back to his car and drove home.

Soul Society

To say the head- captain was upset would be an understatement.


"Believe me, head-captain." the guard replied in a whimpering tone of voice. "The girl was here! I swear! She just disappeared and took the prisoners away!"

The captains began talking among themselves in worried whispers. "It appears we are dealing with something for more dangerous than Soul Society has ever encountered." Byakuya Kuchiki thought to himself.

Gin was both worried and amused at the same time.

"Parphas I have underestimated this mysterious child." Aizen thought.


Captain Kurotsuchi was not a man who was intimidated easily; but at Yamamoto's words, his eyes widened in terror.

"Yes, captain." was all he said, before he quickly left the room.

"As for the rest of you...FIND AND CAPTURE THOSE RYOKA NOW!" Yamamoto finished.

The rest of captains bowed politely and left the room. They knew it wasn't wise to further anger Yamamoto at the moment.

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