Charlene POV


"CHARLIE!" my mom yelled up the stairs. "SOME BOY IS HERE TO SEE YOU!" I opened my bedroom door a crack.


"He claims his name is Maybeck!" mom called. I squealed, throwing my door open.

"MAYBECK'S BACK!" I screamed, running down the stairs, my loud footsteps echoing through the halls. I leaped, skipping the last few steps, landing silently.

"Your boyfriend seems very nice," mom said, walking back into the kitchen.

"He's not my boyfriend!" I yelled, throwing open the front door. An African american boy stood in front of me, a tear shaped scar under his eye, his skateboard tucked under his arm, his usual smirk plastered on his face.

"MAYBECK!" I yelled, pulling my friend into a hug. His skateboard clattered to the ground.

"WOAH! OKAY! H-HI! Charlie!" he wrapped his big arms around me.

"I missed you so much!" I squealed, pulling away. "How was vacation?"

"Oh, it was great! It was so awesome to surf again!" he nodded.

"Great!" I smiled. We stood in awkward silence for a second.

"Hey, I heard about Philby," he said finally.

"You heard about the drunk driver?" I asked, surprised.

"Drunk driver? CUH-RAP! Where is he, is he okay?" he panted, speaking quickly.

I raised an eyebrow suspisiously. "He's fine, he just swerved and got a little scraped up. Are you okay?"

"Yeah! I'm fine! I'm okay! Yeah!" he giggled nervously.

"Maybeck, what do you know? Was it the voice?" I asked.

"NO!" he yelled. I crossed my arms. He sighed, dropped his chin to his chest, closed his eyes, and recited:

"His death burns

through Evil's great fire.

Only to be fixed by

a lover's desire.

Beware, Dell Philby,

your fate is against you.

Goodbye, Dell Philby

though no one will miss you."

He sighed and opened his eyes. My jaw dropped.

"Woah. Is that legit?"

He nodded. "The Voice said so."

"What is it supposed to mean?"

"I have no idea. But I have a feeling it's about death."

"You thinks Philbs is gunna die?"

"Well, has the Voice ever been wrong?"

My stomach dropped.

Maybeck POV

She couldn't be anymore colorful than she is right now. Her hair was pulled into tight pigtails with orange ribbon and an orange headband. She wore a tight orange tank top and orange basketball shorts. On her feet were knee-high orange socks and black sneakers. What is with all the orange? Her excuse would probably be something along the lines of: "Orange is the new black!"

"Your house smells nice," I quickly changed the subject. A smile grew back on her face.

"Mom's making brownies! You want some?"'

Jess POV

"Philby!" I gasped as house collapsed.

Smoke rose, and the fire went out.

"PHILBY, NO!" Willa screamed, charging at the ruins of the building.

"No, Wills!" Charlene grabbed her arm. Maybeck ran ahead of them and fell to his knees, digging through the rubble.

"PHIL! PHILBO, DO YOU HEAR ME?" he screamed, his eyes bloodshot.

I crouched next to him and helped him dig. Soon, we were all crawling through the ruins, the image of Philby's face before the building collapsed.

I sat up, sweating. "Jess, was it another dream?" someone whispered from behind me, and I screamed.

"JESS!" the person yelled, grabbing me. I screeched, turning and punching them.

"OW! JESS, QUIT IT!" the shoved me to the floor. I groaned, rolling onto my back.

"Sorry, Amanda. I thought it was someone else.

"Jess, was it another dream?" Amanda asked again. "What did you see?"

I shook my head. "Nothing important." I CAN'T TELL HER! SHE'LL GO CRAZY! This dream is a secret!