I thought for a moment about what I wanted to do. For a moment I considered being that Star-chan or that MuraMako or that Hoshii just to see if they would figure out I was trying to be "annoying". In the end, I settled on "painting my nails".

I took a spot on the couch and opened my hand in front of me, examining my fingernails. Then I took an imaginary brush of polish and began to "paint".

"You're filing your nails!" Penguin-chan guessed. I blinked and wiggled my hand to tell her she was on to something. She nodded to show she understood and I returned to my "painting".

"Are you a Forehead-chan this time?" Hoshii questioned. I glared at her and rolled my eyes, then dipped my imaginary brush into my imaginary polish and proceeded to "paint" the nails on my other hand.

"A giant, flashing glob of soup!" Amazing-chan cried. "That's it!"

I shook my head briskly. How has no one guessed it yet? I thought. This one is easy.

Then Miki raised her hand. "Painting your nails. The forehead girl is painting her nails!"

"It's IORI-CHAN!" I snapped. "Geez, get it right! But yes, I was painting my nails so it's your turn." Huffing loudly, I went to my original spot on the couch next to Minase-chan, who turned to me and sighed.

"So they do that to you too, huh?" she muttered. "Annoying, isn't it?"

"Extremely," I agreed. "Alright, Miki, it's your turn."

Miki nodded. "Miki knows. Miki is going to go now. Can Miki use a prop?" she asked.

Miura-san thought. "Hm…sure, why not. As long as it won't completely give it away!"

"It won't," Miki promised. She looked around, finally settling on a small blanket lying length-wise on the top of the couch. "Can Miki use this?"


Miki lifted the blanket, spread it out on the floor, and sat curled up in the middle of it, and then pulled one side over her left shoulder and the other over her right. All in all, she looked like a girl in a ball covered in a blanket—which was really all she was anyways.

"A giant, glob-y sack of violet kangaroos!" Sexy-chan shouted.

Miki shook her head.

There was a long period of silence. Then Hoshii jumped up.

"Onigiri~nano!" she yelped. "Was Hoshii right? Is Miki onigiri?"

Miki jumped up also. "Yes! Miki was onigiri! Hoshii is smart."

"Hoshii knows."

Miki picked up the blanket and walked over to an empty spot on the floor, then grabbed a pillow and curled up in the blanket on the floor. After a few seconds, we concluded she had fallen asleep. Hoshii yawned.

"Hoshii is going to sleep too, after she goes." She walked into the middle of the room. "OK…this is Hoshii's act." She lay down in the middle of the room, closed her eyes, and fell asleep.

"Sleeping," Shijou stated after a moment. "Hoshii is sleeping. I do believe it is my turn now…"

Hoshii said nothing. With a sigh, Ganaha and Hibiki worked together to carry her out of the way of the next performer: Shijou Takane.

DoppelTaka's POV

It was Shijou's turn now. I watched her anxiously, determined to be the first one to guess her act. If I couldn't figure out what she was doing, how could I call myself a proper twin? She stepped elegantly into the middle of the room.

"May I use a prop?" she questioned Miura-san.

"As long as it won't give it away."

"I do not believe it will. Now, I need a volunteer…"

Ganaha flung her hand up.

"Ganaha. Please hold that pillow above your head and stand over there."

Ganaha gave her a thumbs-up. "No problemo!" she insisted, lifting the aforementioned pillow and going to the place Shijou had indicated. She lifted the pillow. Shijou turned and stared at it.

And she did nothing else.

"A giant…floating…energy mass…of guts!" Amazing-chan declared.

Shijou shook her head and lifted a hand to her head. She continued to stare at the pillow. For a moment I thought I recognized her posture, but I couldn't figure it out.

"Are you…watching the sunset?" Futami guessed.

Shijou closed her eyes and shook her head, then opened them again and continued to look at the pillow.

"Ugyaa, my arms are gettin' tired. Someone hurry and get it right!" Ganaha complained.

Shijou placed her other hand on an imaginary flat surface and smiled at the pillow.

It was then when I thought of where I'd seen that posture.

"You are staring at the moon," I announced, and Shijou nodded.

"Correct," she answered. "Takane, it is your turn now."

Ganaha dropped the pillow and ran to her seat, careful not to step on the sleeping Mikis on the way. I walked into the pre-determined performance area. Then I lifted my arms in a graceful arch above my head and placed one foot behind the other.

"A giant, swimming shark of peanut butter!"

I shook my head at Great-chan.

"Takane, are you swimming?" Penguin-chan guessed.

I shook my head.

"Picking apples…" Azusa-san murmured.

I shook my head again and lowered my arms, then did a quick plie' and lifted my leg to the side.

"Ballet?" Yukipyon suggested. "Takane-san, are you doing ballet?"

I nodded at her and smiled. "Yukipyon, it is your turn now," I told her.

She smiled. "O-OK! I think I know what I want to do…!"

iDOYuki's POV

I took Takane-san's place in the room and prepared to begin my act. Um…maybe I should…I know! I'll dig a hole! I was about to ask Miura-san if I could use my shovel for a prop, but then I remembered that she had said we couldn't use anything that would give it away. So I arranged my hands on an imaginary shovel. I started to "dig".

Immediately, I saw MuraMako-chan fling her hand into the air.

"You're digging a hole," she declared. I grinned and nodded.

"W-was I that obvious?" I stuttered.

She laughed. "Well, for me you were. I'm sure the other people who know you were thinking it too."

"I-I'm sorry! I should have chosen something harder…"

MuraMako-chan laughed again. "It's OK. We just got two or three hard ones in a row-well, aside from Hoshii's-so I think we deserved it." She stood. "My turn, right?"

I nodded. "I think so…"

MuraMako-chan nodded back and took my place.

"OK. Um, let me think…"

"Annoying!" Iori-chan gasped. "That must be it! You're annoying!"

"I haven't even started yet…wait, I-I'm not annoying!" MuraMako-chan snapped.

"Then, are you stupid?" Iori-chan asked.


"I think you're stupid. That's not it? OK…ugly? Are you ugly?"

"I-I am not!"

Iori-chan paused. "An annoying, stupid, ugly thing?"

MuraMako-chan growled. "I should just shove that pillow right in your face. Either that, or my fist. Tale your pick."

"Oh no, the stupid thing's gonna attack such a cute and innocent little girl?"

"'Innocent' my butt!"

"P-please calm down!" I begged.

"Yukipyon, stay out of this!" they both snapped. I squeaked. Yukiho-san chuckled beside me.

"Are they always like this?" she asked me. I nodded.

"Well…not always. For the most part they can get along, but if something is started between them, it usually takes a while to get them to stop fighting…" I trailed off.

"Hoshii thinks Forehead-chan should stop being mean to Makoto-kun, and Makoto-kun should stop annoying Forehead-chan because that's Hoshii's job," Hoshii announced. She yawned, having just woken up from her nap due to the screaming.

"Don't call me Forehead-chan!" Iori-chan shrieked. "When will you finally get it through your thick skull? It's Iori-chan!"

"It isn't if Hoshii wants to annoy Forehead-chan," Hoshii pointed out.

"You're annoying!"

"Good. That's what Hoshii wanted."

Finally, MuraMako-chan sighed. "OK, you know what? I'm just going to actually take my turn now. Oh, and if you make a suggestion I don't like, I'll actually hit you with a pillow." She smirked at Iori-chan, who lifted her chin defiantly.

"I'm sure you will," she hissed sarcastically.

MuraMako-chan gave her a half-smile, and then proceeded to stand still and do nothing.

"Are you M-Makoto-chan?" I asked.

She smiled at me. "Yukipyon, I haven't started yet. I'm thinking of which sport to use…I-I mean…! No…forget you heard that! OK…"

I giggled. She smiled sheepishly.

"Alright then, I think I'm ready."

I watched her play out what seemed like an entire imaginary baseball game. Ganaha cheered along a couple of times.

"A giant, rotating mass of skillet-wielding man-woman maniacs in a boat!" Amazing-chan yelled.

MuraMako-chan gave her a look that said "where the heck did you get that?"

"Swimming!" Haruka-chan called. "Are you swimming?"

MuraMako-chan put a hand on her hip and raised her eyebrow. "Really, Haruka? You really can't figure it out?"

"SHH!" everyone hissed.

MuraMako-chan waved her hand at us. "Yeah, yeah…I know…"

"SHHH!" we hissed again.

She shook her head slowly, smiling slightly.

Demon General stood and straightened her tie. "You were playing baseball," she said.

MuraMako-chan pointed her out. "Yes! How did you guys not see that? And why did I have to go through so much before anyone even tried to guess?"

"MuraMako-chan looked so cool while acting it out, no one wanted to interrupt," I offered.

She blushed slightly. "You guys are embarrassing," she muttered. "Demon General, it's your turn."