iDOChiha's POV

I had no idea why the kid Great-san had called Madara was staring at me. Perhaps he was ill and had trouble moving his eyeballs. But in any case, he was staring. I watched him step closer to me and then stand there awkwardly in front of me. He waved. I raised an eyebrow. He smiled. I nodded curtly.

"…hi," he said.

"Hello," I responded.

"I'm a loser from an alternate universe and I love you."

"…excuse me?"

"Nothing. I didn't say anything. You're imagining things," Madara laughed. He coughed. "…this is awkward. So, I'm Madara, and I'm sorry that I'm a loser…"

I shrugged. "I don't think it's fair to brand people as losers, especially people I haven't met," I offered.

Madera grinned. "So you don't think I'm a loser in this universe either?" he confirmed.


"Cool beans. Can I make out with you?"

"I would prefer if you didn't."

"But I still can, right?"

"Oh, OK."

Madara coughed again. "…Chihaya-chan?"

"Please call me Kisaragi until we have become further acquainted."
Madara nodded. "Kisaragi-chan?"


"Your sleeve is cute. Can I play with it?"

I blinked. "Pardon?"

"I want to play with your sleeve," Madara repeated.

I blinked again. "Um…OK…?"

Madara walked over to my left side and sat next to me, then he started flicking my sleeve up and down. I stared at him. He giggled.

"Your sleeve is cute."

"Thank you…?"
"You're gorgeous."

"…thank you…?"

Then my sleeve slipped off my shoulder, leaving my bra partially revealed. I blinked. Madara stared. Then he chuckled.

I blushed and pulled my sleeve back up. "W-what are you doing?"

Madara blushed. "I-I'm sorry…

I turned away from him. "If you want to see a girl's chest, go flirt with her," I ordered, pointing at Chihaya-san. Chihaya-san looked at us quizzically.

"What do you want?" she snapped. Madara cowered into my arm.

"She scares me," he hissed. "Like…a lot. You're sweeter."

Sweet. He thinks I'm sweet? That's new, I realized, glancing over at Madara.

"…hey, Chihaya-chan?"

"Uta-chan," I corrected.

"It suits you you beautiful woman."

"…thank you…?"

"Anyways…will you marry me?" Madara asked.

I blinked. "No," I answered simply.

Madara looked dejected. "…will you at least be my girlfriend and let me take you to the Karaoke Hokey-Doke-Poke to get some coffee?"

I shrugged. "I suppose…? But I won't become your girlfriend indefinitely. If anything, my boyfriend is my songs," I demanded.

Madara blinked. "Oh. OK. Let's go, then!"