Let's do this! This is: Android Battle!

"It's like I'm paranoid lookin' over my back
It's like a whirlwind inside of my head
It's like I can't stop what I'm hearing within
It's like the face inside is right beneath my skin"


"Isn't today a beautiful day?" A black haired, black eyed girl in a yellow and red apron along with blue pants and a key on her back walks outside and sees the sun shining.

"A wonderful Saturday, isn't it, Nano?" An orange haired eight year old girl in a lab coat and blue eyes named Hakase says to Nano.

"I am so excited! Today is Friday, and I am going to hang out with my friends today after school today. Don't worry, Hakase. I will play with you tomorrow."

"Okay, you have fun now!" Hakase says happily.

Nano looks at her watch and sees that it is 8:25.

"I'm going to be late if I don't hurry!" Nano quickly says as she runs off.

"See ya!" Hakase says. "I feel so dirty. I think I am going to take a nice warm bath." Hakase heads into their house and closes the door. "Today is going to be nice."


Location: Area 51, California…

"Are the observations complete?" An observer says to his partner.

"He is acting strange when he hears a certain name. I am not sure why." The scientist says.

"What is the name?" The observer says.

"The name is… Nano Shinonome." The scientist says softly.

A man in a test tube with spiky black hair, red markings on his body, dark red eyes, and a key on his back starts screaming. "NANO!"

"Calm him down!" The observer commands franticly.

"Right on it." The scientist starts typing on the computer and soon the man calms down.

"What is this prototype's name?" The observer asks.

"The robot's name is Gekido: Test Subject number 100." The scientist says.

"Why do you call him that, Dr. Kashaku?" The observer asks.

"The reason is because he always is angry. I cannot find any traces of emotions. Gekido is Japanese for saying Rage. It is a simple name, but it's not like this one will last." Dr. Kashaku explains.

"Oh really now? Want to watch me?" Gekido says in anger.

He smashes the giant test tube he is in. Alarms go off and he starts slowly walking towards the scientists. Guards come in and start shooting at him, but he just deflects them with his wrists. He shoots a rocket at them and the soldiers get destroyed. He laughs and continues walking towards the scientists.

"Uhh, Dr. Kashaku? What was his directive?" The observer asks afraid.

He starts to sweat. "The prototype's directive was to be the best war machine. I think it worked." Dr. Kashaku says in a panic.

Gekido turns his hands into flamethrowers and starts burning the Laboratory to dust.

"I swear, I will find Nano Shinonome. Even if it kills me!" Gekido screams.

He turns his guns into machine guns. He already destroyed the observer.

"You're next, doc!" Gekido says as he points the machine guns at Kashaku. The doctor pushes a button on the wall which activates an emergency escape pod. Gekido looks up as he gets away.

"I could chase after him, but he's not the one I want." Gekido activates his rockets in his feet which elevates him up in the air.

"Where is she located?" He asks. He scans the area.

"Japan? It's quite away, but I will stop at nothing to destroy her!" Gekido flies away, but turns around for a moment.

"Oh yea, I almost forgot their present." He shoots a bomb at the base and it blows up the base. The flies away and heads towards Japan.

"I'm coming, Nano!" He screams.

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