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Chapter 2

I looked through the small circular window on the door to the choir room; all the usual ballerinas were there, carrying their change of clothing of their petite dancer shoulders. By the bored looks upon their faces, Madame Giry seemed to be lecturing them; most probably on the importance of being prompt for each and every rehearsal or practice. I groaned, I've only just got back and I've already messed up! I stomp my foot in annoyance at myself, the noise making a resounding thump on the old wooden floors; quickly attracting the attention of Madame Giry, her head snaps round to look at where the noise came from. Crap! I duck, crouching at the bottom of the door like a naughty child that's hiding from their parents.

You're being such a coward Christine, I tell myself as I shake my head, Man up and get this over with; being late is not a criminal offense.

I gulp and lift myself up and off of the grubby floor. I had always had a problem with confrontation. I would expect the worst in any situation, my large doe eyes would tear up and a red blush would flourish upon my cheeks in embarrassment. Meg could be so much more confident, she seemed to brush hurtful comments right off her.

I turn the heavy silver handle on the mahogany door, keeping my head down my dark brown curls fall in front of my now red face.

"Sorry I'm late, Madame." I say as politely as possible, Madame Giry was loving when she wanted to be but she liked to have a strictly professional relationship with her students to keep up her strict demeanour.

"Miss Daae, this is not acceptable. Do you not want to succeed as a performer?" Madame Giry asks, her sharp glare is pointed at me.

I fidget at the uncomfortable silence, before quickly lifting my head and pulling my hair back into a high ponytail.

"I do want to succeed, Madame. So let's not waste anymore of the lesson, Shall we?" I try to say as forcefully as I possibly can, but my voice cracks in the middle.

Her eyes narrow slightly, but she dismisses me with the flick of her wrist. Relief washes over me and I quickly join Meg who thankfully is near the back of the crowd out of our tutors view.

She sends me a sweet smile but quickly goes back to listening to her mother's lecture on the dances we will be learning for the next opera that will be shown at our theatre.

I stumble my way down the spiral stairs from the choir room, Meg's cheerful voice behind me is re-telling a funny story Silvie or was it Silvia had been telling her during practise. I nod my head and try to laugh in the right moments, but my mind is all over the place.

"Hello? Earth to Christine?" She pokes me hard in the back, knocking me out of my daydream.

"Ah! I keep telling you to stop doing that!" I mumble, rubbing my back.

"You were zoning out of the conversation, what other options did I have?" She says cheekily as she plays with her braid.

"I know, Sorry, I was just thinking about my dad. I might catch a taxi and go visit him during our lunch break"

Shock hit me as I realised I hadn't visited his grave in almost two months. I had been so busy during the summer with Meg I had barely thought of him. A strange feeling of guilt seeped into the pit of my stomach.

"Oh!" Meg stuck out her bottom lip and tried to attempt to do puppy dog eyes "I thought we were gonna go to that cute patisserie round the corner?"

I shake my head, "How about tomorrow? I'm not really in the mood today."

"Sure! Promise to text me okay?" She gives me a quick hug before skipping after the other ballerinas.

I smile sadly; I am being quite the outcast today, aren't I? I wonder if they still look at me as the little orphaned girl...

I shiver slightly at the thought and wrap my dark blue scarf around me in a pathetic attempt to comfort myself.

Making my way through the beautiful embellished doors of the opera house I squint as the now autumn sun shines into my pale face. After working at the opera house for a while you seem to become accustomed to its shadowy darkness and artificial light, to the point where you almost prefer it to the suns garish natural rays.

I hail a cab and slide into the backseat; my blue eyes look up and catch the drivers in the mirror.

"To the graveyard, please" I say trying to ignore is appreciative, slightly perverted gaze. He nods and tries to make conversation as he weaves through the Parisian streets.

"Its chilly out today, isn't it?"

I look out the window, my mood only worsening as my stomach rumbles with hunger.

"Yes, It is. Seems like summers officially over." I mutter fiddling with the buttons on my pale pink cardigan.

"It's going to be a long winter" He grumbles as he turns down the cobbled road that leads to the graveyard. I almost let out a tired laugh at the double meaning; I don't think my winter will even end

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