How Things Turn Out

"They're not very happy about this, you know." Korra said, sitting next to the large bathtub that held her former enemy, Amon. She grabbed a washcloth and dipped into the water, then she moved it gently across his chest and onto his shoulders. "I'm sort of betraying them...but I just really want to be with you, Amon."

He smiled, his body ever so relaxed from the water and the way Korra gently moved the cloth along his skin. "Korra please, remember to call me Noatak now." he told her calmly, "And don't even worry about them." She smiled back at him, she remembered when he used to refer to her only as "avatar". The sound of him saying her name gave her a warm feeling that never got old.

"It still surprises me how handsome you are." Korra said as she observed his face. "And to think I used to have nightmares about you."

It hadn't been easy for Noatak to give up his Amon identity. Still having the beautiful young avatar was worth it, she loved him and he loved her. "Kiss me Korra," he whispered softly. Without a moment of hesitation, Korra leaned over the edge of the tub and pressed her lips against his. She grasped his shoulders, leaning over the tub more to kiss him more deeply.

Their lips locked together, there was an overwhelming emotional spark between them. Neither of them wanted to separate. Without really thinking, Korra lifted her leg over the side of the tub and soon she was in the water with him. She had, of course, still had her clothing on. Korra pulled back for a moment, and grinned.

"Always the eager one." Noatak said, and the two of them laughed together. She couldn't help but blush as well, since she was so close to his nude body and hovering just right above his manhood. "Looks like I didn't even have to ask you to join...but I think right now you might as well remove your clothing."

Smiling, Korra nodded in agreement. Using his shoulder as support she stood up in the tub so she could remove the wet clothing. Noatak watched her, filling with lust and desire as she removed piece by piece, exposing more and more of her bare flesh.

"Korra you're so beautiful..." he whispered as he gazed at her now exposed breasts.

A dark blush stained her cheeks as she knelt back into the water, on the other side of the tub. It would be easier to remove her shoes and bottoms sitting down. "Thanks...sweetie." she said as she tossed her shoes away carelessly, then began wiggling out of her bottoms.

"No need to thank me for saying the truth, you are the most beautiful woman in the world." Noatak said.

"Now you're just exaggerating." Korra said with a chuckle. She placed the rest of her clothing over the side and was now completely nude in the water with her lover.

"No, I'm not. To me you are in fact the most beautiful." he replied softly, "Now come here."

She did as she was told, moving over top of him and lowering herself down on his member. "Mmmm Noatak..." Korra moaned, moving her hips gently. His tongue moved along her breasts as she arched her back.

"I love you..." she whispered, as she increased pace.

"I love you more." he said followed by a soft groan. He reached up and playfully grabbed onto her ponytail, giving it a light pull.

Korra smiled and then whispered, "I don't even think that's possible."

a/n: I've decided to make this a series of Amorra and Amorralok stories. So I posted another story as another chapter here instead of having it posted separately as it was previously. Hope it doesn't bother anyone.