Beautiful Betrayal

A/N: as you'll see this is AU.

She didn't like being alone with him. It tempted her, to fulfill desires that she hadn't been able to in a very long time. The way he sits across from her, just looking at her makes it a lot worse. Please get home early Tarrlok! Korra thinks desperately to herself although she knows very well that her husband never gets home early. Her foot taps nervously and her head moves back and forth, trying to avoid Noatak's gaze.

"Why are you so nervous?" he says. His voice surprises her since they had been sitting in silence for so long.

"Oh, no reason." Korra mumbles. She glances over and sees that his eyes are still locked on her. Why can't he just look away! She says to herself in anger. Did he know what she was thinking? Was he aware of how much she still desired him? Korra wasn't certain, it was often hard to tell what Noatak was thinking.

"Korra, I know you've missed me." He tells her causing her heart to beat faster. "Have you ever thought that maybe if we-"

"No!" she cries, "We won't do anything, we're over. I'm with Tarrlok now."

"Do you think I would enjoy betraying my brother?" he says, "We need closure, one more time and we're done for good."

"No, it won't work." Korra tells him. She did feel like there was something missing, but how could a lovemaking session with him fix that? He was surely playing some kind of game with her, always coming over at times when Tarrlok was just about to leave for work.

"Stubborn as always," Noatak states with a playful smirk.

She scowls, "Listen here, Noatak. I know what you're doing, I'm not stupid."

For the first time he looks away, "So I think it's safe to assume that you hate me now." Sadness can be heard in his voice. With a sigh, Korra reluctantly gets up from the chair. She didn't like him being sad since usually he was so strong and confident. Often when she saw that he was sad she would feel herself being so as well. She could never be sure he was playing her, but if so he was really convincing.

Korra walks over and sits down next to him, making sure to stay at a safe distance. "Please just understand, that I'm married to your brother now."

"I'm aware, but that's why I just want you one last time." he tells her, "So I can have closure and be a normal brother-in-law."

"I'm telling you it's just wrong and it also won't work." she states firmly.

"You're so irritating, Korra...all the things you have put me through, and you still insist on treating me like garbage." he says.

She frowns and gives him a hard punch on the shoulder. To her dismay, he didn't even flinch from being hit. "I do not treat you like garbage!" she hollers.

He looks at her with a strange expression, then his hand reaches up to caress her breast. Immediately she lets out a gasp and slaps away his hand, "Stop it, Noatak!" she says, a blush staining her cheeks. He continues looking at her, now seeming unfazed by her outbursts of anger.

"No..." Noatak mumbles, his voice very low.


"I said, no." he lunges himself to her, forcing her backwards on the couch. "I won't stop." Korra's blue eyes fill with fear as she looks up at him. He hadn't gotten rough with her in awhile so she wasn't expecting him to react in such a way. Before she could shout words of protest he leans in and kisses her full on the lips. Her dress is pushed up and she feels her legs get forced open so he's able to move in between them.

She turns her head away to escape his kiss, "Amon stop!" she cries, feeling the hardness in his trousers pressing against her. Korra beats her fists against him as hard as she can manage, but he only ignores it.

"Korra, calm down and listen to me for a moment." he whispers into her ear.

"Let me go and I will!" Korra yells as she tries squirming underneath him.

He laughs and gives her a light peck on the cheek, "I will...eventually." he starts rocking against her, his body aching with desire. She can tell and her's is too. "Please, Korra I need you. Just this once and I'll leave forever if you want." Her squirming stops and she looks up into his eyes, they read of not only lust but loneliness as well.

"Okay..." Korra whispers after a few painful moments of silences. It's the only way to end this, she tells herself.

"Thank you." Noatak lifts himself off of her slowly his eyes move from her face and down her body. "It'll all be okay real soon." he reaches for her panties and begins sliding them off. A small whimper escapes her once he has her panties removed. It had been so long since they had been so close like this, she's ashamed of how much he's able to excite her.

Biting down on her lip, Korra watches as he removes his shirt. "You're looking as good as ever." she says with a weak smile.

"Thank you," Noatak says, smiling back at her. He moves closer as he unbuttons his pants, freeing his hard manhood. Korra moans as he positions himself over top of her, the tip of his member pressing against her entrance. She's wet and ready for him, eagerly anticipating having his full length inside her. He stopped for a moment, not going all the way in as if to tease her.

"Put it in!" she begs as she rocks underneath him, forcing more of him inside her.

"Always the impatient one." Noatak says and then slams all the way into her. Korra moans in pleasure, her back arching slightly. Groaning, he begins thrusting in and out hard. After so long he finally had her again, the triumph he felt increased the pace of his thrusting.

"Oh yes Noatak! Fuck me hard!" Korra cries out. His hands press roughly against her breasts as he slams into her harder and rougher. The sound of her moans fill the room, their bodies moving together perfectly. Finally Korra felt that this was right, he was right, she had needed this for closure.

Soon they both reached their climax, a sense of freedom filling them as well. Noatak fell atop her, breathing heavily, planting light kisses on her neck. "I feel so much better..." he whispered. She brings up her hand so she can twirl her fingers in his hair.

"Me too," she says and she meant it.