Gestu:Hey guys! Here's my second fanfiction 'Another Me?'. It's kinda of and AU so yeah...
Astral:The plotline is that Yuma is also a Number Hunter. Difference is that he is alone and was left at an orphanage 5 years ago, but later he ran away to find his real family. Only to find out they had died in a fire soon after they left Yuma. Now Yuma has been found by and is best friends with Kaito. He still know all of his friends though. Expect a lot of people to look different. Yuma is also not energetic and is a loner type of person. More shall be revealed later.
Yuma:Yeah! I-WAIT WHAT!
Gestu and Astral:On with the story!
Gestu:By the way, just like Vile, all bolded cards are mine!

"Go Doubt! End this duel!" a young voice called out. Moments later a female humanoid looking figure that was floating on the field was going from calmly sitting on her floating, double ended scythe, to an intimidating battle stance. She lunged forward at he duelist on the other end of the room.
"Nice try Yuma! I activate my trap, Hidden Dagger! This makes all battle damage infect both of us!" Just when Doubt slashed him and wind came everywhere and blew the one who called the attack, Yuma, away.
"Bwaahhh!" "Ahhhhh!" they both called out. The AR of the duel appeared to show what had happened as they were falling to the ground.
Moments after impact the AR faded back into the regular world. The one called Yuma sat up, showing his face more. Yuma had short black hair, messy and some of it sticking up, but to short to look bad. He also had to scarlet bangs the size of his head run down the right side of his face, they where slightly bent in the middle so it frames his face. He was wearing a design-less white button shirt, a simple pair of black jeans with and design of three blue moons connected to each other, and red sneakers that matched his eyes. His left eye thought was currently gold and several neon blue lines that looked slightly like an X over his eye. He also had a black-blade like duel pad on his left arm, due to his ZeXal Form.
The other one, Kaito as the AR said, stood up too. Kaito had sharp dark blue eyes that were usually cold and uninterested, unless he was with someone he cared about. I that case they would hold happiness and enthusiasm. Kaito's hair was black curled to a point, with light blue spikes that covered right in front of it. His attire was a black long-sleeved shirt with black and white stripes on the sleeves and a white logo on shirt saying Tenjo. He also had white jeans on. Due to his Photon Mode his left eye was red and the colors he was wearing turned to the opposite color. His eye too had several blue markings on is his eye. On his left arm was a white curved disk that served as a duel pad.
"Your rushing into things again Yuma." Kaito said after brushing himself up and offing him hand when he walked over, "You know could have used Doubt special ability... You did know that right?""S-Shut up Kaito! I got caught up in the moment!""What ever you Yuma, what ever you s- AHHH!" Yuma lunged at the older male, tackling him to the ground of the training room they were in.
"What part of 'shut up' don't understand!?" Yuma cried out with a pout on his face, attempting to noogie Kaito.
"Get off me Yuma!"
"I said get off!"
"...Ahem" They both stopped. At the electronic doors of the facility was Kaito's father. The creator of Heartland city, .
was a kind person, despite how he looks. He always had a smile on his face, he had black hair just like Kaito, except his were bushed out everywhere, with dark blue eyes wrinkles and small bags were forming from working so late. He was wearing a white lab coat, somewhat faded grey pants with an azure turtle neck. He had a standard duel gazer over his left eye.
"I'm interrupting anything am I?" Faker said, clearly trying his best not to laugh. Behind him came out Kaito's younger brother, Haruto. Haruto had light blue hair unlike his brother and father. His eyes were a bright silver, a sign of his powers, with a bright smile pasted on to his face at his brother's and his friend's silliness.
"Hahahaha! And you say I'm silly Onni-san!" He was wearing a plain white t-shirt and a dark blue sweatshirt with light brown shorts. He too had a standard duel gazer.
Kaito and Yuma blushed at the blushed at what they said. Quickly standing up and brushing them selves off, they looked away.
Faker chuckled. "Calm down you two. He was only kidding. Right Haruto?" He looked at the said boy, who only nodded his head childishly. "See? I was watching your duel, and it was excellent. But Kaito is right Yuma, you mustn't get to excited about winning, your opponent can make a comeback at any time."
"Alright, fine. I'll calm down." Yuma said with a pout. "But I mean who wouldn't get happy when they're winning?!"
"Many people will do that, and it perfectly normal. I'm not saying don't get happy. I'm saying keep a clear mind." Faker answered kindly.
"Oh... Alright. I'll try." Yuma said finally smiling. He saw Faker as a fatherly figure since he never met his real one. Faker has been taking care of Yuma for 5 years now and he always there for anyone, from homework to dueling strategies.
"Good. Now you three, its time for bed." Faker said.
"But-" they tried to retaliate.
"No buts. Now go."
"Fine..." With that the tree of them went to their rooms, just the floor above.
Kaito and Haruto shared a room, and Yuma had his right across from theirs. "Good night Yuma." Kaito said.
"Good night Kaito, Haruto." he answered. After that they went in, changed and went to sleep. Well the Tenjos did anyway. Yuma couldn't though. He had a omnious feeling.
'Oh well. It won't help If I just mull over it in the middle of the night.' With that thought he fell asleep.

You all want to kill me now huh? Well then, COME AT ME BRO! (I'll post all the history and cards on the next chapter. I'm to tired right now.)

Hidden Dagger:When battle damage is to be dealt to the player, both the opponent and the player take damage.