me: this came from when i had a drink literally i had diet coke with normal vimto in it and the idea struck me nya

karin: well expect the unnexpected

me: well thank you karin that was thoughtfull nya

kazune: make it a kkfic of the kk seris

me: yes i will nya

karin and kazune: yes! (both blushes)

me: i DO NOT own kk or any characters that goes with it only my characters i own (see in profile) nya

michi: roll chappy

me karin and kazune: where dose he come from?

karin pov

it was hot so i was thirsty and i only had abit of orange juce left so i wolfed that down and still thirsty.

i decided to sit in the shade where it was cool.

"thirsty honney?" an angeletic but firm voice said (decsription on my profile)"by the way my name's consol serafeina . also hears a drink."handing the mysterious liquid to me and i greatfully expted but decided to drink on the way home. i left her walking into the bight sun.

i was haviving the delishious juce when i bumped into kazune which made me spill it onto the floor i growled at him but looked into his eyes and i stopped growling at him.

wow kazunes eye look so beautiful. how come i never notice it before? wait i know what im always feeling when im around him. yosh!now i know my feelings and it is defenetly not a crush and i will tell him when the time is right.

"kazune do you like someone?i know this is random but still im curious." i asked making a cute puzzled face

ha! i will look cute to make him fall for me. yosh! i will do my best without making it look suspisious.

"uhhh kinda she's nice and kind and full of determination i gess." kasune said and blushed "well lets go home then." and with that he rushed off

"wow weird"i said to myself

and i like him

kazunes pov

that was way too close for confort. i almost confessed to her that i like her, but what do i see in her? i wonder...

me: well that finishes that chappy

karin: yay i look cute

kazune: ohh karin your always cute

michi: r&r please