me: in three days i made 3 stories: loser like me, better than revenge, feaver is love

karin: im proud of you

me:i want to thank everyone who revewed for my first,second,third XD even if they don't have ff but they still read it and reviwed it so im happy

kazune : well of course your gonna be happy

me:also ummm well karin might be a little different and you'll see why in the chappy and michi do the dis and the other thing and it might be short so gomen'ne

michi: well pp-chan dose not own kk and so ROLL CHAPPY

new day basicly next day and kazunes pov

i got up and looked over at my alarm which should of went off by now

" thats funny im sure i put the alarm to 7:00(me: times about 9:30ish)"

i layed in my bed and wondered what got into me back then? my head started to hurt and my chest ached i wonder why.

i heard a song coming from the back garden, so curiosity took over me and i checked it out, only to find...kairn?(me: kazune goes to his balkenehow ever you call it)

karin was dancing tap balle(me:is that how you spell it?)but only to go with the music she was elegent but more or less and i saw th shii-chan,himaka and Q-chan(me:gome' n thats what i call them) watching her quite impressed.

himeka pov

i could tell that kazune was watching the song was loud enough. karin wanted to watch her do her cance to impress kazune which would be a wast of time knowing that kazune already likes karin but oh well.

kazune better ask her out soon but if she asks him first he better not brake her heart or i'll let my bugs on him

karin finished her dance and me shii-chanand Q-chan all clapped. she was panting and sweaty so i cleand her forhead.

"you were wonderfull back there i could tell you were really focused on the dance moves karin-chan. i bet kazune will defenetly fall for you."

"good work kain-sama you will surely impress kazune-sama"

"you were brillient hears my fish bisquet. hear~nya"

"hay whats up? why was karin dancing? and who is she trying to impress? also i think she wont want you bisquet cat"i heard kazune call

me: well thats done now i have to go

karin and kazune: goodbye

michi: RXR