Kato's First Day

"Mommy, mommy look. That boy and that girl appeared out of no where and are standing in the middle of the street. Mommy look."

"Yes dear, I'm sure they...Oh my...where did they come from. And what's that behind them?"

Everyone else around us had started to notice them by this point and had started to ask similar questions.

"Is that girl a foreigner?"

"Who is that boy, why is he caring her?"

"What's going on?"

"Are they street performers?"

"Yah, that must be it."

"That was a pretty cool trick..."

"Mommy, I want to stay and watch the street performers, can we, please?"

"No honey, we need to hurry or well miss the train. Come along now."

As we left, I watched as the hole behind them closed, and they turned to walk down the street. I thought that was a pretty cool how they had done that, and I wanted so much to ask them. I just wanted to...


It had been a while since I had had that dream. It was ten years ago and I still remember it like it was yesterday, weird. I sat in bed for a few minuets staring at the ceiling, wondering what to do.

"Kato, are you up honey."

"Yah mom, I'm getting dressed."

"Okay, your breakfast is ready."

I climbed out of bed and started to get dressed for school. I grabbed my glasses and walked down stairs into the kitchen where the rest of my family was already sitting eating their breakfast. My father was sitting and reading the newspaper like he always did every morning, next to him sat my Onee-chan Shinobou. She was only one year older then me, but she always acted like it was more. My mom was in the kitchen cleaning some dishes.

"Morning honey, sleep well?" She asked as she turned around.

"Yah, I did." I sat down and started to eat my rice. I glanced up and saw my sister staring at me with a quizzical look on her face.


"What's with that look on your face?" She asked.

"What look?"

"That puzzled/happy look. Don't tell me you had a naughty dream last night. Agh, you are so immature, I sometimes wonder if we really are related."

"Now wait just a minute, I had no such dream last night at all, so stop jumping to conclusions like you always do." Although I will admit it was nice having that dream again. Seeing those two appear out of no where was by far the coolest thing I had ever seen.

"Shinobou stop teasing your brother. It doesn't concern you what kind of dreams he has, now finish eating both of you or you'll be late for school." My father said from behind his newspaper. I quickly wolfed down the last bits of my food and ran out the door before my sister could say another word to me.

When I got to class, I started to zone out and think about the dream I had from last night again. But just then, my teacher called out my name.

"Kato. KATO!"

"Uhh, yes Sempi?"

"I asked you if you know what today marks?"


"Well then, I suggest you pay a little more attention in class then, instead of staring out the window all the time. Now then, does anyone else in the class know what today marks?

Someone on the other end of the room raised their hand to answer. "Today marks the discovery of our sister planet."

"Correct, very good. Today marks the tenth anniversary of the day that the two children, by the names of Saito and Louise, appeared in the middle of Tokyo's Business District, through a portal to another world." I started to listen, because what out teacher was talking about was exactly what I had seen in my dream last night.

"Now, as you all know..." Okay, I've heard this story plenty of times, so allow me to retell it to you readers in simpler terms.

Ten years ago today, when Saito and Louise made their first trip back to this world, no one really thought much of it at the time. Those who did witness it thought of it ass nothing more then a simple parlor trick. But then, they started to make more frequent trips here, appearing in a different place every time. Some times on a street, on the roof of a building, in the subway. One time, even in the middle of a football field (this refers to soccer for you Americans). After this last sudden appearance, the media started to have a field day with these two, trying to track them down and gather information. There were even several large name scientists who wanted to study then, and their ability to teleport.

And then, somehow, I don't really know how, a small group of scientists in America were able to recreate the dimensional portal that those two used to travel. It turned out to be some sort of wormhole that was able to be created in any point of space at will. Now, the portal that they created was nowhere near as big enough for two people, let alone one person to walk through. But it was large enough to get a connection made with the other world. The portal didn't stay open for long, nor did the scientists know who they had contacted exactly, but a few days later, the two travelers appeared out of nowhere in front of the research facility. There, the scientists expressed their eagerness to learn more about how to travel between the worlds, and of the life on the other planet. They left for the other world and came back a month later, saying that they would like to come to some agreement with all the world's leaders at a peace conference.

Then, one year later, a UN meeting was set up, with all the world leaders from around the world at attendance, because by now, word of this other world and the two travelers had spread quite far. Appreciably at the meeting, not only the leaders from our worlds, but all the leaders from the other world as well were their in attendance. As one can assume, not everyone liked the idea of establishing a connection of communication between the two worlds. Some wanted to prohibit any further connection between the worlds, and go back to the way things were. But as it turned out, that would be impossible. Not only did we quite well know of the existence of their world, but word of the existence of our world had already traveled across their world as well. It was agreed that it was better to set up a connection and ground rules between to two worlds, due to the fact that since everyone knew the other planet existed, people would try their hardest to establish their own connection. And since it had already been done once, it was only a matter of time before it was done again.

So an agreement was struck between all the leaders. A sort of "telephone" connection would be set up in order to be able to communicate with the two worlds. The original plan was to set up direct transportation connections between the two worlds, but there were a few snags in this plan.

The first problem was that no one knew how the public would react to strangely dressed people with odd technologies and ablates suddenly appearing out of nowhere and walking around. This was mainly a problem with the inhabitants of Halkeginia, who we found were still in the equivalent of our 18th century. They had just discovered the power of steam, and argued that the sudden burst of electrical and gas powered machines running around their world would send everyone into a state of panic.

The second problem was that the flow of time was different in the two worlds. Their time ran twice as fast as out time, meaning one year in this world, equaled two in theirs. So no one knew exactly how having a constantly opened portal would affect the flow of time and reality in the two places. For all we knew, it could tear it apart.

The third problem was that it was physically impossible at the moment for a portal to remain open at the moment. So far, we had only been able to keep a small quarter-sized portal open for about a minuet, and the larger portals that they used to travel were controlled by Louise, who could only keep it open for about the same amount of time.

So it was agreed upon that both sides would work towards setting up a smaller portal system, like a telephone, that would be opened up about once a month for a few hours at a time, during which we would be able to transfer information and knowledge between the two worlds. Both parties agreed to this idea, and also agreed that each "receiver" of the telephone, would be housed in a new Interdimensional Science Facility, that would be housed in unclaimed land space in both worlds. Here, scientists and politicians from all over each respective world would meet and gather information to share with the other world. This way, no one power could monopolies it and use it to corrupt the other world. This was agreed upon, and the two worlds went back to their respective worlds to begin preparations for the day to connect the two worlds. That day finally came one year ago.

Since the set up of the IPCS (Interdimensional Peace Communication System) we have been able to establish a fairly solid connection with Halkeginia, and been able to learn valuable information such as new medical practices, cooking techniques, and even some of the basis of how they are able to use magic. We were also able to solve two missing persons cold cases. It turns out that Saito was not the first person to be summoned to their world, two more before him were taken in the same fashion. The ones who summoned him were known as Void Mages, and were considered the most powerful of all. Though as to why they had human familiars was still a mystery, even to them. When the respective countries of who the abducted people asked for them back, all that could reply said no.

The first was Saito, who refused due to the fact that he now had a family there and would leave them under no circumstances. The second was a blond male who was from England. He to refused due to the fact that his master, the High Priest, had left him with the task of helping to watch over the people of his world before he died. The third was also a member of Japan, but could not answer the call due to the fact that she had died along with her master during his attempted rise to power as the sole ruler of Halkenginia. This riled our people up a bit for a while, saying that they had been brainwashed by their magic into thinking they wanted to stay there, and that Halkenginia had no right to keep them there. Connections shut down for a while after this, but were reinstated when it was proven that they really did want to stay there, and that if this ever happened, that that person or people would be given the chance to come back home if they wanted to. Every one felt this was a fair agreement, and once again started the IPCS back up. Since then, there has only been one account of someone being summoned to Halkenginia by a Void Mage, a Scottish orphan boy, who refused to come back. It seamed that the orphanage where he lived didn't have a very good caretaker, so he was much happier their. Apparently he became a bit of a Prime Minister for our world, and agreed to help with the IPCS, and the translation and transfer of information.

And that's about it, there haven't been a lot major happenings or discoveries yet due to the small gap of time through which we can communicate, so everything is still just getting off the ground. As for why we celebrate the union of you two worlds each day, I just don't get. True it's with another planet in another dimension, but we can't travel their yet. In my mind, our celebration is a little premature. What I would love to do it be able to travel there myself and see it with my own eyes. I've always wondered what that other world would look like.

"Kato. KATO!"

"Yes Sempi?"

"You were daydreaming again. I would like you to stay after school for detention today please."


"Aww man, I'm going to be sore in the morning."

"What did she make you do this time Kato?" I turned. I saw Mitskuni walking up behind me. "What are you doing here? Don't tell me you had detention as well."

"As if. One of the teachers asked me to help me sort out some papers. It ended up taking longer than he had planned."

"Oh, I see."

Mitskuni was my childhood friend. We had been going to the same school since first grade, and had always gotten along just fine. Some people thought that we were dating because of how we acted around each other. I saw her more as a sister, though I wasn't sure how she saw me. I never thought to ask.

"Hey, you want to go to that new bookstore that just opened up, it's on the way home?" Mitskuni asked.

A bookstore sounded like a lot of fun right about now. I could really use some new mechanical engineering books. Or I could see if they have that new book on steam locomotives that just came out. "Sure, I'd love to."

"Yah! Let's go, or well miss the train."

The new bookstore was amazing. Three stories tall, and every wall covered in books. Mitskuni immediately shot over to the shojo-romance section, I perused looking to see if they had anything I was looking for. I was able to find a couple of books on material engineering that could be useful, as well as one on robotics. I was planning on going to college and studying to be a robotics expert, so these books could be useful. I asked about the book on steam locomotives, and one of the store hands directed me over to it. I walked by the manga section on my way and found Mitskuni with her nose deep in a school romance book. I found the book I was looking for and started to head to the cashier when I heard it.

"Come..." I froze.


"Kato, are you all right?" Mitskuni was standing right in front of me.

"Did you hear something just now?" I asked.

"No, why?"

"Nothing..it's nothing."

"Haha, you must be working yourself to much, always reading those robo books. You need to lighten up more." She said as she slapped my back, mocking my glasses askew.

"Gee, thanks. But the same could be said for you and those romance books of yours." I retorted back.

"You're mean," she said with a pouty look on her face. "A young girl such as myself needs these books to tell her how to win a mans heart."

"What ever happened to just following your heart and doing what you feel will get his attention."

"Because sometimes that man is a big block head!" She screamed. Then it hit me.

"So who is it that you like. I doubt you would go to these extremes just out of shear pleasure." I said as I rubbed my shoulder

Mitskuni's face turned bright red. "No...I I I don't have anyone I like, so...so just stop asking, alright!"

"Ow, okay, fine. Come on, we need to pay for these books and catch the last train home."

By the time we got back to your neighborhood, it had gotten pretty dark out. As we approached the front of Mitskuni's house I turned to say good bye.

"Well good night Mitskuni, I'll see you at school tomorrow."

"Wait!" I stopped and turned around.

"What is it?" I asked.

"I...I lied earlier." She stammered.

"About what?"

"When I said I didn't have anyone I liked. I lied." She was starting to turn red again.

"Why are you telling me this?"

"Because it..."

"I summon..."

"Wait, did you hear that?" I said as I turned around.

"Huh, hear what?"

"The voice from earlier."

"No one was talking other then me. Please, listen, I really want to tell you this."

"Oh, yah, sorry, what was it you wanted to say." I turned back to look at her when I saw it. A large floating green oval, in the middle of the street, right behind Mitskuni. I thought my glasses might be dirty, so I cleaned then and put them back on. The green oval was still there. What was that thing? I started to walk towards it.

"Where are you going, I asked you to listen to me."

"Surely you can see that. That giant green oval there." I said as I poked it.

"I summon you, my familiar of power."

"What?" Then, I was sucked in.

The next thing I knew, I was falling, or what felt like falling, I couldn't tell, I was surrounded by the green. I had no idea what was going on. Then I saw a light up ahead. Good, a way out. I reached out for it with my hand, only it wasn't exactly a hand anymore, it had shrunk. I looked down at my arm and saw that it was starting to sprout black hairs all over it. What was going on? Black, white and gray hair was starting to cover my entire body. My clothes, glasses and book bag fell off and disappeared into the green swirl. Just then, I broke out of the tunnel and into the light. I squinted because it was so bright, and when my eyes adjusted, I was really scared.

I found I really was falling, and not just a short distance, but a long way down. I saw the grass quickly coming up to meet me, along with a large building that appeared out of no where. It almost looked like a castle. There were five pillars around the outside, with one more right in the middle, and walls and corridors connecting all of them. I had no idea what was going on, but I didn't like it. Please, please, please let this be a dream. Please let the teacher yell at me right now and wake me up. Please let my alarm go off and let me find myself in my bed I thought to my self. No luck, and the ground was getting closer by the second. So this was how I was going to die, falling to my death above some unknown area. Just then, there was another flash of light, this time blue, and everything stopped.

I was laying on the ground, smoke and dust swirling around me, along with my head. I tried to stand up, but my legs gave out and I flopped back onto the grass. I looked up and tried to see what was going on. My eyes were out of focus, probably from the ride I just took, but I could make out the outlines of what appeared to be people.

*"What is it?"*1

*"Can you see?"*

*"Come on, let me see."*

*"What do you think she got?"*

*"Hang on, the smoke is clearing."*

Okay, am I hearing them right, or are my ears messed up as well, because it sounds like they're speaking French. How in the world did I end up in France?! Okay, let's see if maybe one of these people can help me, though I doubt they would believe me. The real problem is the language barrier. My English isn't that good, and I highly doubt any of these people know Japanese, but here goes nothing. I opened my mouth to speak, but the next sound I made was the last one I expected to make.

"Meow." Was that me? No, it couldn't. Let me try again. "Meow, meow meow."

*"That sounded like a cat."*

*"Let me see, let me seeeeee!"*

The smoke and dust finally cleared, and my eyes adjusted to the light. My situation had just gotten a lot worse.

Oh my god. France has been taken over by GIANTS! There, standing in front of me was a crowd of giant boys and girls, all wide eyed with a look of amazement on their faces. I tried to stand up again and run, but when I did, this time I ended tripping and face planting into the dirt.

*"Oh, the poor thing, you must be frightened."*

I felt two hands reach down and pick me up off the ground with little effort, and cradle. When I looked up, I found myself looking into the eyes of a giant girl, who looked like she could be around my age. She was really quite cute for a girl her size. She had long black hair that flowed over her shoulders and down her back, and dark pink, not quite red, eyes. She was holding me in her arms like a little child, and was gazing at me with a calming look that a mother would give her new born baby, as if sawing welcome to the world. Now I wanted to know where on earth this new world was, or wasn't. Then I felt something warm pushing against my side, I looked over and saw she was pushing me up against her chest. It was so soft and warm. This wasn't turning out to be so bad after all. Then I felt a chill run down my spine. I looked the other way and saw about half the boys in the crowd shooting me looks of death at me. Apparently, who ever this girl was, she was popular.

*"So what are you going to name it?"* Some girl spoke up from the crowd. I still couldn't understand French, but I felt like that was directed at me.

*"I don't now yet."* The one holding me responded as she held me in front of her to get a better look at me.

*"Hey, look at the fur pattern on its back. They look like wings."*


Whoa! I was flipped over so I was now lying on my stomach, still cradled in her arms.

*"Your right. Hey, what about you name it Angle. You know, because they look like angle wings!"*

Before anything else happened, someone else swopped in and grabbed me out of the arms of the girl who was holding me. This time, it was a male student. He also looked about my age, maybe a year younger. His hair was light blue, and as long as the red-eyed girl's, but his was drawn back into a pony tail. His eyes were the same shade of blue as his eyes, and he had a large pair of glasses on. He was holding me at arm's length, and appeared to be inspecting me. His eyes ran up and down my body, making me feel very uncomfortable. Then he stopped and stared at my waste.


I had no idea what he said, but I wanted to know why he said it. I looked down and saw he was staring at my junk. I quickly crossed my legs and covered it with my paws so no one else would see it. Hold on, paws? I lifted up my hands again and stared at them. But they weren't my hands anymore, they were now cat paws.

What the hell's going on here!? I thought. I wriggled out of the boys grasp and fell to the ground. I sat up and looked around. I saw a fountain a little ways off, and made a dash for it. It was hard at first, and I tripped a couple times, but I eventually made it. I clambered onto the edge and looked down into the reflection. Only what was looking back wasn't me, it was a cat. I rubbed my eyes, there's no way this could happen, no way. But when I looked back, there was there was the same cat staring back at me. What's going on here, what happened to me, where am I?! So many questions entered my head at that point, that I must have fainted, because I don't remember much after that point, other then being consumed by darkness, and a pair of soft hands reaching out to catch me.

I was lying in my bed, so soft, it felt great. Everything had been a bad dream. I had never been pulled into a glowing green oval and traveled to a weird French-speaking area, where I had some how been turned into a cat. I was back home in my own bed, it was a Saturday, which meant I could sleep for a little while longer. I rolled over to look at my clock to see what time it was. Instead I see a girl standing in her underwear taking off her shirt.

"MEROW!" I scramble up and fall out of my bed. Great, apparently it wasn't a dream. I really had been pulled into a glowing green oval and traveled to...you get the picture. I rolled over and stood up, on my four legs, and managed to walk a few steps. This was starting to get a little easier. It was almost like crawling. When I looked up, I saw the red-eyed girl crouched over me and staring at me.

*"Well, look who finally woke up. You really gave me a scare there, I wasn't sure what had happened."* She had put a pouty face on for the last part of the sentence, which made me think she didn't like the fact that I had fainted on her.

Well I'm not to pleased with this situation either, just so you know. You at least seam to have some sense of what is going on here, because I would sure like to know. My stomach growled after that. I just realized that I hadn't eaten since lunch, and was starving.

*"I thought you might be hungry, so I brought you some cream."* She set a small saucer with a strange white liquid down in front of me. I was hungry, but not hungry enough to drink something I had no idea what it was. It looked like milk, but I wasn't sure. I backed away a bit, not wanting to get to close. The girl seamed to understand what this meant.

*"Do you not trust me. Here, I'll prove its okay."* I watched as she walked over to a small table in the middle of the room and pick up a small silver spoon off of it. She walked back, reached down, placed the spoon in the white liquid, and drank it.

*"See, nothing wrong with it."* She said with a smile. I waited a few more moments to see if anything really did happen to her, but nothing did, so I figured it was safe. With her still hovering over me, I slowly approached the bowl and lowered my mouth to it. It tasted just like milk, only it was richer. Cream? It tasted good, and after the day I had had, I gulped it down. Seeing as I was finally eating, this seamed to make the girl happier, and calm down a little. She stood up and walked back over to her bed to finish changing. I decided to finish my meal from the other side of the bowl. I may be a cat on the outside, but I was still a man on the inside, and I was not about to take advantage of this situation and look at a vulnerable girl just because of that fact. I slurped down the last of the cream and sat down. My stomach was full, and I was feeling sleepy, and gave a little yawn, which she must have heard.

*"Looks like someone was hungry, and after the day you've had, who could blame you."* She picked me up and held me in her arms again. The warmth of her body felt so good, it was making me even sleepier. Then I felt her hand run down my back. It felt really good. As she rubbed my head, I found myself starting to purr. I guess it was an involuntary reflex that came with being a cat. She walked over to the bed and sat down, her legs crossed. She placed me in her lap and continued to pet me.

Now I see why cats like this, it feels sooooo goooooood. She stopped petting me, so I looked up. She had put a stern look on her face, and was staring intently at me. I was starting to get a little uncomfortable.

*"You're not like other cats are you? You seam to understand human language."* I had no idea what she just said, so I tilted my head to the side to see if she would understand. She seamed to.

*"Do you understand me"* Now she spoke in what sounded like German. I tilted my head again. She seamed to understand this meant, "Please change your voice to a different language setting to continue this further conversation."

"Do you, u..und..understand me?" English! Finally a language I had some sense of. But it seamed she had just about as much sense of it as I did, so I wasn't sure how far it would get us. But at least it was a start. I nodded my head a little, and her eyes grew and lit up like lights.

*"I knew it, I knew it. I thought there was something different about you! Yes, this proves I'm like her. I have a familiar that can understand human language!"*

And were back to the French setting. Great, is there some way to keep it on English? Even if it's not much, it's better than nothing. She then jumped up and sent me flying to the other end of the bed and caused me to hit my head. She saw what had happened and picked me up.

*"Sorry about that, I didn't mean to. I guess I got a little too excited when you...you..*yawn*. Oh, looks like I'm just as tired as you are, we've both had a busy day, so how about we go to bed now. Oh, I should probably introduce myself before we go to bed. Though I would probably have better luck if I spoke in the language you understand."* She had stopped talking, and my head had stopped hurting, so I looked up at her. She sat me down on the bed across from her and then sat down herself, and then pointed at herself.

"My n...name, Clair." She stammered in English again. So her name was Clair, it was certainly a fitting name for her.

Nice to meet you Clair, my name is Kato. "Merow." Of coarse that's all that would come out, I was still a cat. Clair pointed to me, "Do you have name?" I nodded my head in response. *"Let's see if we can figure it out shall we?"* She sat there for a few moments just staring at me, I was wondering what she was going to do next. "Rupert?" And she pointed at me. I guess she was trying to guess my name, and this was her first try. If this was her first try, I didn't think she was going to get it any time soon. I shook my head, and she tried again. "Alfread, Henery, Berz..." She rattled off name after name for the next fifteen minuets, but none of them were my name. Things weren't looking to good, and I was starting to get tired again.

*Yawn* I looked up and saw that Clair was yawning and stretching herself. *"Sorry I couldn't guess your name, but I'll try again tomorrow."* She crawled to the front of her bed and got under the sheets. I stood up and began to walk to the edge of the bed. *"No no, I want you to sleep here."* And she patted a section of the bed right next to her. I guess she wanted me to sleep there instead of in the basket. I trotted over next to her and lied down. The bed was soft, and had a sweet scent to it. I felt Clair lay down next to me and stroke my back again. I quickly drifted off to sleep after that.